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5 Best Games Like Albion Online

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Albion Online is a medieval fantasy sandbox MMORPG that combines fun, adventure and economic power to create an epic experience. It is one of the few games that give players the liberty to pick what they want to do and who they would like to be in the game. For instance, all the items and equipment in Albion are made by players; they enjoy the freedom to craft, trade, collect and concur throughout the open-world map.

There are several games similar to Albion Online, some of which may not be free. Nonetheless, there are quite a few good free ones, such as Aion and Runescape, that also feature the same concepts as the game. Stick around to find out which titles would be the best alternatives to the game. We have narrowed the list to five best games like Albion Online.


5. Ashes of Creation

Starting off our list of games like Albion Online is Ashes of Creation. Ashes of Creation may be one of the best alternative MMORPGs for Albion Online available today. Aside from the location-based player-driven economy, the game has an amazing building system. In addition, Ashes of Creation features impressive crafting schemes that allow players to fulfill each of their survival needs.

Players can use various exciting forms of transportation to get around the game's open world; this also includes naval means. Like Albion Online, the game lets players create a character of their liking and venture into the type of adventure of their choice; meanwhile, they engage in building, trading and exploring. Similarly, the game features a massive PvP warfare which most combat fans may find impressive.


4. Fractured

Games Like Albion Online

Fractured is an open-world sandbox MMORPG that incorporates its combat mechanisms with entirely interactable environments. Similar to Albion Online, it features both cooperative and competitive combat systems, which also makes it a good alternative for the game. Players venture into whatever game activities they choose, be it fighting, crafting, mining or scavenging. 

The major difference that can be noted between this game and Albion Online is that Fractured requires players to pick between one of three different races; Beastman, Human or Demon. These races define which societies players will live and interact with. The game features a much deeper narrative and gameplay that will definitely be a bonus to Albion Online fans. 


3. RuneScape


RuneScape is an MMORPG that first came out in 2001 originally as a browser game. The game takes place in a fantasy world known as Gielinor, divided into different cities and kingdoms. In RuneScape, players have a variety of transport options, from magic spells to medieval charter ships. With each region comes different kinds of monsters, quests and resources for players to grab.

To begin, players have to customize their playable character to an avatar of their choice. Since RuneScape does not pursue a linear storyline, players choose their own goals and objectives. They first go through a tutorial before beginning to play; thereupon, they can fight and seek training from advisers and tutors who can be found in the random towns they explore. Players may pick between either fighting against NPC monsters or completing individual quests. Similarly, they can increase their experience points by engeaging in mini-games with other participants. Like in Albion Online, players get to interact with each other through trade, text chats or participating in in-game activities, some of which involve PvP combat while others require cooperative teamwork. 


2. Skyforge

Games Like Albion Online

Skyforge is set on a planet named Aelion and unlike most of the games on this list, this game has an added twist of science fiction. Players explore Aelion in the form of an immortal being who seeks to become a god in order to protect the planet from external attacks. Instead of the traditional character development format that occurs as players level up in RPGs, Skyforge features a different mode. This format allows characters to progress based on the total amount of stats they have. This way, instead of them being locked into a single class choice, they are able to advance and switch between 17 variant classes any time they like. Similarly, the more points players get, the more rewards they gain. For instance, they get additional gear and equipment as well as gain access to more followers. 

An additional progression system is featured once the character becomes a god; this feature also allows players to increase their character's power. Each location in Aelion has variant enemies, storylines and missions. The planet has three core areas which includes The Divine Observatory. This is where players gain access to a hologram sphere that allows them to travel to different places across the planet. Also, it is where players connect to PvP matches. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and other major platforms.


1. Aion

Games Like Albion Online

Aion is a Korean MMORPG that combines exciting  PvP and PvE in its fantastical world. The game features an abundance of skills players can earn; however, characters can only progress in a particular order. Here, players can only perform their acquired skills in a chain ranking, whereby the most powerful skills are the ones located farther up the chain. The gameplay involves both cooperative and competitive matches, most of which revolve around the Balaurea and Abyss, locations considered hot PvPvE zones. These zones contain several castles that are under the control of respective Legions. Players can claim control of these castles by fighting against other players or AI-controlled characters. 

The Legions controlling the castles collect tax from the residents within their class. PvE battles allow players to raid and loot from opponents to acquire weaponry they can use in other battles. They can form teams of upto six members to assist each other in battle whereby if won, the rewards of victory are split among the group. Like Albion Online, Aion allows players to showcase their crafting skills by participating in different skill sets. These include seven different forms of craftsmanship. Although players can learn all seven forms, they can only become Masters in two. The game has multiple expansions and tries to feature more interesting zones with each release.


Which game from the list above do you think is the best game like Albion Online? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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