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10 Best PvE Weapons in Destiny 2, Ranked

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Looking to grind Destiny 2 with the recent Witch Queen expansion? In that case, you will definitely want to know which weapons stand out for PvE. There is a massive meta for submachine weapons in PvE, with the top two entries in this list representing that. However, we can't forget the inclusion of some awesome grenades and rocket launchers, alongside some top-tier rifles. No matter what weapon type fit's your style, you can find it here.

If you want to do substantial damage in PvE, combining any two options from this list will work extremely well. Get your whole squad with a roster of these weapons and PvE will feel like a walk in the park. So let's jump right in with the top 10 weapons for PvE in Destiny 2, ranked.


10. The Enigma

The only melee weapon to make this list, The Enigma stands out as a savior for PvE when you're out of ammo. The already high starting power makes it so you don't have to worry about damage output. It also comes equipped with a ranged attack and can be used as a shield while reviving enemies. However, its key feature for PvE is its ability to stun, which also works on Unstoppable Champions. If you want to get in tight and perform some great melee combinations, The Enigma is a solid choice.



9. Le Monarque

If you enjoy skill-based weapons then the Le Monarque is a great choice for PvE. The bow is incredibly strong with equal starting power to The Enigma. What's even better is the amount of modding Void has brought to the Le Monarque this time around; this especially allows it to shine in PvE this season.

It possesses great Champion Utility, with its Anti-Barrier ability this season. Can't forget to mention it also falls under the 40% damage increase to all red bar enemies as an exotic primary. Now equip it with Poison arrows and you're getting a +96% damage output with Poison that ticks for 8 counts.



8. Witherhoard

If you need to do some quick and powerful splash damage, the Witherhoard has been a go-to choice since its inception. It's great for its ability to do large area damage with a lingering damage effect. This effectively lets your squad come in and quickly clean up waves of enemies and the same can be said for bosses as well. Place a shot of the grenade launcher into the heart of a boss, then focus fire with your squad and you will be spewing out the highest DPS in the game.



7. Eyasluna

Hand Cannons are always super fun to use and a great option for a sidearm. The Eyasluna is particularly well-suited to PvE due to its large range of trait combinations. Any combination of Rolls works effectively with this weapon, with most performing well for both PvE and PvP.

Some of the current favorites are Outlaw + Kill Clip, Outlaw + Headstone, and Rangefinder + Snapshot Sights. If you use any of these combinations on your Eyasluna, PvE should be a lot easier managed.



6. Krait

While Auto Rifles aren't the current Meta, there are still some that are an exception like the Krait. It performs very similarly to the Funnelweb, however, you get the added benefit of more range.

The weapon is already improved by having Overload Mod for this season, which is great for Champions or Bosses. For PvE, you'll definitely want to add some perks to buff how the Krait plays. Subsistence + Headstone or Overflow + Vorpal Weapon are some go-to choices.



5. Dead Messenger

When it comes to PvE, Grenade Launchers can be crucial for clearing waves of enemies. Right now, one weapon that is proving to do that best is the Dead Messenger. A huge feature that makes it useful in PvE is that it doesn't shoot just one but three energy waves with a single shot. This makes wave clearing really just a breeze.

You also have to admit that the gun is one of the most stylish with an even better appearance in-game.



4. Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Perfected saw huge damage boosts for the Witch Queen making it a very viable option for PvE this season. Not only doe's it benefit from a 10% damage boost for being a pulse rifle, but it also gains the advantage of a 40% damage buff to all red bar enemies for being an exotic primary.

Nanites are also a crucial feature that helps the Outbreak Perfected stand out. It will soften wandering opponents who come into touch with it, and it works well against groups of opponents since it will spread between them. Now combine this with the Witherhoard, and you will be doing some serious damage across the board.



3. Gjallarhorn

Brought back by popular demand, the Gjallarhorn is an old fan favorite. Although it may not live up to its former glory in Destiny 1 due to its incredibly broken state, this weapon still packs a punch. It currently stands as the most superior rocket launcher to use in the game and should definitely be included by at least one person in your group.

It comes in handy in so many situations making it extremely versatile for PvE. If you're in need of a wave clearer with high damage output, the Gjallarhorn is a necessity.



2. Osteo Striga

Submachine gun appears to be the meta when it comes to PvE in Destiny 2. The Osteo Striga, in particular, is adding to the submachine gun meta with its amazing capacity to clear hoards. The weapon's projectiles will track targeted enemies, making it a pretty fun gun to mindlessly spray.

You will definitely want to equip the Toxic Overload perk for PvE as final blows and precision hits will spread poison amongst enemies. This work's awesome for clearing out waves and by stacking multiple Toxic Overload hits, you'll see waves of enemies drop far quicker.


1. Funnelweb

Head to head with the Osteo Striga is the Funnelweb. Both of these weapons are a must-have for PvE but the Funelweb if used properly, simply dominates.

There is an extensive perk list for this weapon with most combinations functioning well for PvE. If you really want to see its full potential in PvE then the Volatile Flow mod equips it with Volatile rounds making this weapon an absolute beast for all PvE scenarios.


So what weapon will you be adding to your loadout for Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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