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What is The Sandbox?

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The blockchain has once again spun its cogs and churned out another Metaverse to gawp at. Come 2023, and this newfound platform could just pave the way to everlasting digital success for both creators and crypto collectors alike. But what is this virtual world we speak of, and how is it playing its part in the evolving structure that fortifies the blockchain universe? Well, let's explore it.

The Sandbox is a product sewn from its two sibling releases, both of which were well-received on a global scale, each being made for iOS and Android. Combined, this new world allows for its users to delve into a map without limits, where imagination truly is the only boundary. Featuring an easy to follow interface and a simple yet elegant design, it evolves into a quirky Play-To-Earn entry that possesses all the raw qualities to stack high on the blockchain.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox New Official Teaser 2021 - Gaming Virtual World with NFTs on the Blockchain

Think of The Sandbox as an all-in-one creative toolkit, in which players can craft, chat, and most importantly, monetize their assets in any way they they see fit. On the surface, it is an island builder that gives you the reins to assemble whatever your mind churns out. Look a little deeper, and it becomes so much more, with all the added functions to make it one of the biggest blockchain games on the web.


So, what is LAND? Well, it's exactly what it says on the tin: land, plain and simple. Through the in-game currency (SAND), creators can buy-in to their own portion of the world and make it their own. That, of course, means being able to shape it to your own design, fill it with decorations and all kinds of rarities, and showcase your creativity in a uniquely crafted piece of land.
Furthermore, creators that own LAND can, of course, sell and rent it out to other users. With a little research, the owner of the set LAND can negotiate a price with a potential tenant, or sell it outright on the in-game marketplace or a third-party site. Sites The Sandbox associates itself with are mainly OpenSea, and Rarible, two NFT exchanges that deal with LAND and in-game assets.

What Are The Sandbox (SAND) Tokens?

The Sandbox uses a single currency to help keep its cogs turning: SAND, an ERC-20 token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

SAND, of course, is what users need to acquire in order to purchase land, assets, and in-game NFTs. The token also plays a major role in the governance system, and helps evolve the platform in general. Without said token, players are unable to progress any further and make enough of a kingdom to flip a profit. So, think of it as the butter that greases the cogs of the game.


Prices 2021/2022

At the time of writing, The Sandbox (SAND) token sells for $4.89, which sinks just a little lower than its usual $5.20 marker. At its peak, which was around November 2021, the token sold for just under $8. Although the currency is on a steady decline since last year, it is expected to rise again.

Of course, with the game being in its alpha state, its coin price is likely to escalate throughout 2022. As for when the game goes live, which players and investors are banking on seeing come to fruition in 2022, it could mean the token topples over its induction price. For more information on purchasing and storing SAND, please see below.


SAND Use Cases

The Sandbox first launched back in 2012 on iOS and Android.

Being the gel that meshes the blockchain and all in-game activities together, SAND does of course play a major role in the overall structure of the game. But let's quickly recap the main use cases of the token now.

  • NFTs in the in-game marketplace
  • Governance System


SAND Token

Token Name$SAND
Total Supply3,000,000,000
Launchpad Hard Cap3,000,000 USD
Total Allocated to Binance Launchpad360,000,000


How to Store SAND

When it comes to storing the game token, MetaMask serves as the primary wallet, giving users the flexibility to send, exchange and retrieve with ease. In order to store your SAND, you can simply create an account and follow its on-site instructions, which can be found here.
While MetaMask is the one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets on the Ethereum blockchain, there are plenty of alternatives one can use to store and exchange currencies. MetaMask being the obvious choice, users can also set up accounts with Bitski, and Venly (previously known as Arkane). The Sandbox enables users to import and export SAND via each of the three platforms. For more information, you can view the embedded links above.

How to Buy The Sandbox (SAND)

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To learn more visit How to Buy The Sandbox.

How to Transfer Tokens to Play

The Sandbox asks that players establish an account with one of three cryptocurrency wallets in order to enjoy the full experience: Venly, Bitski, and, of course, MetaMask.

Having one of the above wallets connected to the game itself means users can easily sell and trade LAND and assets on the in-game marketplace. Players can also trade NFTs on third-party handles, including OpenSea. For more information on how to store your tokens and use them for in-game activities, either see above in the ‘How to Store SAND' section, or see here.


You can, of course, follow all of the updates for the game over on the official social handle here. The Sandbox launched its alpha version in November 2021. Little information has been given regarding its Beta since releasing.

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