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5 Most Popular MMORPGs in 2022

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MMORPGs are quite possibly the most popular genre of video games. The widespread success of these games is largely responsible for how much content they have to offer. There is an in-depth story, extensive character creation, and usually an enormous world to explore. They're the type of games where the more you put in, the more you will get out. Take that with a grain of salt as the more you invest yourself, the more addicted you may be to some of these titles.

It's not often a new MMORPG comes out and knocks off current standing titles. The fanbase for already established MMORPGs usually keeps the game running long after its release. Because of this, it can be hard for new MMORPGs to stand out unless they have something original to offer. However, there is a solid list of old and new MMORPGs that are holding popularity in 2022. So, if you're ready to invest in worlds that are more comprehensive than you can imagine, then prepare for the five most popular MMORPGs in 2022.


5. New World

Believe it or not, New World is an open-world MMORPG from Amazon Games. Inspired by a fantasy of exploring new worlds in the 1600s the game sets you on the supernatural island of Aeternum by shipwreck.  Instead of choosing your character and class from the get-go, New World starts everyone off as human. Don't let that turn you away just yet. The game is designed this way so that players develop a character throughout the game that is unique to their playstyle and interest.

As you begin to level up in New World you come across three factions and inevitably have to choose which one you will ride with. You have The Marauders, The Syndicate, and The Covenant. They all appeal to a certain playstyle and will most likely group players who are building similar characters. These factions will also set you into wars or skirmishes between opposing factions in real-time PvP. And with a daily concurrent player count of around 150,000 players, these battles happen often and can get pretty intense.


4. Old School RuneScape

This game needs no introduction as it is one of the godfathers of MMORPGs. RuneScape has been around since 2001 and is still seeing over half a million players daily. Players didn't seem to like the change the game's developer, Jagex was making, so in 2013 the company remodeled their 2007 version and it forever has been known as Old School RuneScape. Letting you feel all the nostalgia that you yearn for from your childhood MMORPG.

With the game standing for over two decades, it has a ton of content and lore to immerse yourself in. On top of that, the game's developers are still updating the game weekly by constantly adding new quests.

Step into the open world of Gielinor as a Warrior, Ranger, or Mage. Which essentially stands for melee, ranged, and magic. From there the world is your oyster with how you want to explore and develop your character. There are over 200 main quests and tons of new weekly quests. It doesn't appear the community is dying down anytime soon, so don't feel like you are joining the party late.


3. Path of Exile

Developed by hardcore gamers, Path of Exile is a dark fantasy MMORPG. The game is absolutely free, which is surprising given the amount of content available. Path of Exile is most popular for its in-depth character customization, class building, and crafting. There is a gigantic passive skill tree that lets you develop certain attributes for your character. Alongside that, are support, trigger, and skill gems that are used to shape your character's powers.

In the game, you can choose from a Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow, or Scion class. From there you will step out and explore the open world of Weaeclast, which is full of different magic and items to build your character with.

The game has even grown so popular there is a competitive league for PvP. Here you can compete and battle against other players for valuable in-game prizes. Path of Exile really has content for hours on end and should be picked up by anyone who loves both dark fantasy and MMORPGs.



2. FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn

The original Final Fantasy XIV tanked as a game. This ended up being good in the long run because Square Enix remade the game which is now known as A Realm Reborn. If you have enjoyed Final Fantasy in the past then there is a good chance you will enjoy its MMORPG. The genre doesn't separate the game from all the things its fanbase knows it for. Epic stories, boundless environments, likable characters, all in the same beautiful art style the games are credited for.

The classes are known as jobs or roles and they help determine your starting abilities. You can choose from a total of 20 different jobs that focus around a tank, healer, and melee, or ranged DPS build. From there the game can get pretty complex as there are a variety of ways you can build your job. Don't feel overwhelmed though, as the story is equally long and in-depth. This isn't to scare you away, but to let you know there is a lot you can invest yourself in with Final Fantasy, as it is a series built on strong narrative and deep content.


1. Lost Ark

At the top of the charts is Lost Ark. What originally started as a Korean MMO has seen massive success now in North America. It is one of the most played MMORPGs currently and definitely one you should check out if you love the genre. The game is said to take a similar style and feel to Final Fantasy XIV and Diablo. The game is currently free and has been the most trending MMORPG as of recent.

The five main classes are Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assasin. These classes all have three tiers of customization to how you want to develop your character and their abilities. Prepare to encounter huge opponents and fights that are spread out across seven continents. All with their fair share of new enemies and tasty loot. Beyond that, you can explore chaos dungeons, epic long-from quests, and giant raids between factions.


So what MMORPG are you most excited to try out? Let us know in the comments or over on our socials here.

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