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5 Best Abilities in Foamstars



Soa: Best Character Abilities in Foamstars

Shooting enough foam to cover more ground and weaken your opponents is the secret to winning at Foamstars. You can do this using your weapon, called a blaster, which is unique and different from the other characters’ blasters. However, the blaster alone wouldn’t suffice; you need more “foam power” and unique attack strategies to take your opponents out. This is where abilities come into play.

Essentially, an ability in Foamstars serves the same purpose as a blaster: shooting foam. However, abilities are more sophisticated than blasters, enabling you to shoot more foam in unique and creative ways that give you an edge over your opponents. The eight characters in the game have three unique abilities each, and some are more effective and impressive than others. Here is an overview of the five best abilities in Foamstars.

5. The Party’s Over: Rave Breaker

The Party’s Over: Rave Breaker Ability

“The Party’s Over” is an appropriately named ability because it can enable you to eliminate multiple opponents when used properly. It works by throwing a Roly-Moley that pulls nearby opponents and sucks surrounding foam into one spot.

The idea behind this ability is to gather your opponents together, making them easier to target and setting them up for quick elimination. Notably, Rave Breaker uses a weapon that fires foam continuously, enabling you to bombard your opponents and cause tons of damage after deploying this ability. Moreover, the Roly-Moley also sucks up foam from the surrounding areas, slowing down opponents trying to escape your grip.

Interestingly, Jet Justice also has a closely similar ability, known as the “Jet Vacuum Sphere.” However, instead of a Roly-Moley, the character shoots out a graviton in a straight line. Moreover, the graviton explodes into a huge splash of foam after drawing your opponents in, causing some damage. The idea behind this ability is pretty much the same. Overall, it makes sense, considering that Jet Justice uses a shotgun-style weapon ideal for close-range combat.

4. Gotta Crush: Soa

Gotta Crush: Soa Ability

Soa is arguably the most popular character in Foamstars, partly thanks to her impressive abilities. Her ultimate ability, known as “Gotta Crush,” is unique and quite effective.

“Gotta Crush” creates a huge hamster-like bubble with spikes all over it and has a pair of menacing eyes. The bubble forms around Soa, shielding her from attacks by her opponents. Moreover, she can move and jump with the giant spiked bubble as she chases and crushes her enemies down. Finally, the bubble bursts into a huge splash of foam, covering the surrounding areas and causing considerable damage to her opponents.

However, it is worth noting that the bubble is vulnerable to shots from opponents, making it last shorter than it should. Moreover, the bubble moves relatively slowly, giving your opponents enough time to escape; however, jumping is quicker and more effective.

3. THX GG: Agito

THX GG Ability: Agito

Agito can unleash a huge menacing shark called “Kirimaru.” The foamy shark tracks and hunts opponents, causing significant damage when it catches up with them. Moreover, the shark explodes into a huge splash of foam, causing significant damage to opponents within the blast range.

This impressive ability is known as “THX GG.” Its only shortcomings are that the shark is a bit slow and has trouble moving over large obstacles. Notably, “THX GG” is closely similar to another ability called “Emperor Match.” Essentially, “Emperor Match” does the same thing but uses an emperor penguin instead of a shark.

Interestingly, this ability enables Agito to overcome his limitations associated with close-range combat. It is also worth mentioning that Agito himself also turns into a shark-like form and dives into the foam using another ability known as “Deep Blue Gank.”

2. Galactic Bubble Shield: Jet Justice

Jet Justice: Foamstar Character

You need a place to escape or hide when the action gets too heated on Foamstars. Fortunately, you can always deploy the “Galactic Bubble Shield” when playing Jet Justice. This ability creates a huge energy-powered shield that blocks your opponents’ foam shots, keeping you and your teammates safe. Notably, this ability is especially handy when playing in multiplayer mode.

However, you can shoot through the shield from the inside, enabling you to sustain attacks on your opponents from a secure position. However, you can use another of Jet Justice’s abilities, known as Cosmic Dive, to jump over the shield and crash down on your opponents.

Besides blocking shots, the energy shield also enables faster energy regeneration for your weapon and other abilities. This is convenient, considering that Jet Justice’s shotgun-style blaster takes some time to regenerate.

1. Force Beam Tasting: Mel T

Force Beam Tasting: Mel T Foamstars Abilities

Mel T is a locked character and can only be unlocked by buying the premium version of the battle pass. However, she is well worth the price, considering her awesome weapon and abilities. Overall, “Force Beam Tasting” is her ultimate ability.

This ability works by firing a wide and continuous beam of ice cream at your opponents. Notably, you can move the blaster firing the ice cream beam while it is energized, enabling you to target moving opponents. Overall, anyone caught in the beam’s firing range sustains considerable damage. Interestingly, you can take all of your opponents out by deploying this ability in an open setting without obstacles for them to hide behind.

This is the most powerful ability in Foamstars for several reasons. First, it deals tons of damage and is capable of taking opponents out with one shot. Second, it has a long range and wide scope, enabling you to target multiple opponents with one shot. Finally, it spreads ice cream all over the place, enabling you to cover more ground.

It is worth noting that all abilities discussed in the list are ultimate abilities, also known as Superstar Skills (SSS). Notably, energy regeneration for these abilities is slow. Moreover, you can only deploy them once or twice per match. To this end, it is prudent to use them sparingly and strategically. Fortunately, each character has two other ordinary abilities that are more sustainable.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the best abilities in Foamstars? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 

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