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Foamstars: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Gameplay in Foamstars

Foamstars is a multiplayer third-person shooter which sees players fighting with suds. This bubbly shooter features not only unique character abilities for its characters but also unique mechanics surrounding the foam itself. This places great emphasis on things such as teamwork and communication, map control, and much more. This gives the game more depth than meets the eye initially. So whether you have been checking out Foamstars for a while or are new, there is something here for everyone. That said, enjoy Foamstars: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Aid Your Teammates

Foaming with Teal and Pink Foam in Foamstars.

Our first tip on our list of the best tips for beginners in Foamstars is to aid your teammates. While this is a tip that often goes unheeded in multiplayer titles, in Foamstars, teamwork is paramount to success. This is due not only to the nature of the gameplay but also to how each character and their abilities interact with one another. For those unaware, in Foamstars, players will have a multitude of different weapon types to learn. Each of these weapons has their own unique strengths and weaknesses that have to be compensated for.

This makes aiding your teammates a great way to get ahead. If, say, you are engaged by an opponent at range, perhaps your teammates have a sniper rifle in order to help. This will not only free you up to do more damage up close, but But it will also do a great job of controlling the threats around you. Additionally, players can utilize their abilities in tandem with one another to become incredibly powerful for a short period. All in all, aiding your teammates is a phenomenal first step and one of the best tips we can give beginners in Foamstars.

4. Utilize VerticalityAgito, a character from free-to-play third-person shooter Foamstars.

The next entry on today's list is one that players often neglect. Here, we will cover how to utilize verticality to your advantage properly. In Foamstars, players are able to not only build massive walls of foam but climb these walls as well. This makes engaging enemies from unexpected angles a great way to gain the upper hand in a firefight. Additionally, you can use this alongside your teammates to really surprise your enemies. This makes flanking very effective, as well as using the height of your foam wall to both protect you and give you a new vantage point to attack enemies.

Also, there are more practical reasons to utilize this tip. These reasons include things such as how the shooting mechanics in the game work. In Foamstars, the player's attacks are arced, which makes gaining height on an opponent extremely effective. This ensures not only your safety but also makes it so that you can survey the battlefield better and rain down foam on your opponents. All around, utilizing verticality is one of the best tips for beginners in Foamstars.

3. Learn Every Character

MeIT, a brightly dressed character with platform boosts in Foamstars.

Our next tip is one that, arguably, will take the most time investment on the player's part. Here, we recommend that players learn every character in the game. The roster in Foamstars is quite varied, with several of the game's characters having unique weapons and abilities. This makes learning these characters well within your time, and the reason for that is pretty straightforward. The more you know about a character and their abilities, the easier it is to use that character and, in turn, fight against them. If you, for example, know that your opponent is equipped with short-range abilities, then keep your distance.

This will not only ensure that you are able to keep your opponents at bay but that you can punish them for their positioning mistakes. Also, learning every character can be rewarding. This is due to the fact that the abilities of each character have managed to shape the battle in their own way. Luckily for players, there is a safe area to practice with these characters, which makes learning them a breeze. For these reasons, we consider learning every character to be one of the best tips for beginners in Foamstars.

2. Learn Each Ability

A Rubber Duck who is a DJ in Foamstars.

For the next entry on our list, we will cover how learning each ability in the game can be immensely useful. For players who are unaware, in Foamstars, players are able to practice with various characters before loading into a match. This gives players a safe environment to learn not only how each ability works but also how to use them in a match best. Learning every ability in the game will not only give you a distinct advantage over your opponents but will also ensure you are never faced with something you don't know how to handle.

Additionally, the mechanics of each ability are spelled out quite plainly in their descriptions, making them intuitive and easy to understand. This means that players who wish to excel in the game only need to learn the situational usage of each ability. In doing so, you will be able to not only aid yourself but your teammates as well. This issue is due to the power that communication and coordination have in the game. In short, learning each ability in Foamstars is a great tip for beginners to follow.

1. Utilize Map Control

Sliding through Foam in Foamstars.

For the final entry on today's list, we will cover map control. Learning how to control the map in Foamstars is incredibly important. This is due to the nature of the game's combat. In Foamstars, players are highly incentivized to foam up an area. Doing so not only allows players to traverse that area easier but makes it more difficult for opponents. This makes locking down specific areas incredibly useful. Learning the hotspots on each map that players flock to will surely aid you quite a bit. As with other tips on this list, this can also be used in tandem with our other entries.

A coordinated effort to control the map not only denies the enemy team breathing room but also aids your success overall. There are many ways to control the map, either through your base foam weapon or your abilities. Each of these abilities, particularly your Ultimate abilities, has an incredible impact on the space around you. This makes using these mechanics to your advantage extremely advantageous for the player. To close, map control is exceedingly important in Foamstars, making utilizing it one of the best tips for beginners in Foamstars.

So, what's your take on Foamstars: 5 Best Tips for Beginners? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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