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Best Characters in Foamstars

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Characters in Foamstars

Heads up, Splatoon fans! Brace yourselves for a thrilling new contender in the arena of party shooters. Foamstars is the new sheriff in town that draws inspiration from the beloved paint-splattering Splatoon. However, instead of ink, you use foam to take down opponents in soapy combat, leaving you bubbling with excitement.  

One of Foamstars' standout features is its diverse roster of characters, boasting eight unique personalities ready to join the fray. Better yet, seven of these characters are available right from the start. But you will need a battle pass to access the eight.  Notwithstanding, the game has various modes for you to try out these characters and find the best fit. But if you're angling for a head start, we've got you. Here are the best characters in Foamstars for a bubbly lead. 

5. The Baristador

The Baristador in Foamstars

The Baristador is a charming coffeehouse owner armed with a long-hose coffee breaker for dealing long-range damage. This character has three skills: Latte Art Royale, Super City Roast and Bitter Drip. Latte Art Royale is his ultimate ability that lets you shoot laser foam from a top-down perspective. This comes in handy when aiming for a specific location. All you need to do is throw a Toraja high up in the sky and pick a circular area to release the foam laser. This consequently clears a path for your allies. 

Speaking of allies, you can carve out a passageway for them to slide on using the Super City Roast. The ability shoots foam around your area, amplifying your team's mobility before it explodes. Finally, Bitter Drip unleashes a wall of foam in a straight line, which you can use for cover. To top it off, his Superstar Skill complements all this by creating a massive AoE blast, which leaves a tremendous amount of foam behind. Unfortunately, you don't get access to the Baristador from the start. But unlocking the character is an easy feat. You get this character as a reward after reaching level 3. 

4. Tonix

Tonix in Foamstars

If you want to dominate the medium-range battlefield, Tonix is the perfect choice. Armed with her trusty Burst Rifle named Her Majesty Queen Soda, Tonix unleashes bouncing foam bombs that wreak havoc on unsuspecting foes. Her expertise in auto-attacks makes her an invaluable asset for those favoring a defensive strategy on the battlefield. 

Described in-game as a “Genius Inventor” with an insatiable curiosity, Tonix has a knack for transforming scrap into formidable weapons. With this skill, she can summon a robotic ally capable of barraging nearby enemies with three powerful blasts of foam.

Tonix's arsenal doesn't stop there. With her Ms. Fizzy Turret II ability, she can deploy a turret set to automatic mode, effectively locking down critical areas of the map and providing essential cover fire for her team. Additionally, her bubble beastie, Squash, is excellent at hunting down adversaries. Simply toss Squash into the fray and watch as it unleashes a series of small explosions before tracking its target and delivering a devastating final blow.

3. Soa

Soa in Foamstars

For the most part, you could say Soa is the face of Foamstars. The character has been primarily used in advertising the game, owing to her all-rounded features. Indeed, she is a great character to start off with as you get cozy with the different mechanics the game offers. As a close-range fighter, Soa is armed with two close-range guns that deal tons of damage. 

Her love of dance is also a highlight, meaning she is quite agile on her feet. Using her Bubble Step skill, you can quickly dash out of harm's way, letting you jump in whichever direction you see fit. But that's not all; every jump leaves a barrage of bubble shots. Moreover, her Spiky Beat ability lets you throw a large explosive while taking cover. This explosive can stick to walls, and the ability enables you to throw it quite far. Her ultimate ability, Gotta Crush, encapsulates her in a spiky shield you can use against enemies. However, it can be quite slow when approaching enemies, plus it breaks after taking in damage; the best way to use its formidable state is by sneaking up on opponents. Thankfully, your character won't get eliminated while behind it.

2. Penny Gwyn

Penny Gwyn in Foamstars

Like the Baristador, Penny Gwyn is excellent at firing shots from afar. Her weapon is a PNG-90S assault rifle, making her perfect at medium range. Besides dealing tons of damage, it comes with impeccable accuracy, making it easy to aim. Penny's tactical prowess shines through with her signature ability, the Toboggan Bomb. This skill allows her to carve a foam path forward, obliterating adversaries unfortunate enough to cross its trajectory. It's the perfect tool for clearing enemy positions and maintaining battlefield control.

She comes with three bubble beasties: Slider, Waddler and Emp. Waddler counts as one of her abilities, the Penguin Squad. With this, you can summon Waddler, who then unleashes shots of foam in the direction it is facing. While this foam may not hit your enemy, granted that Waddler may be facing away, it is still useful in the game. Her Emperor March ability summons gigantic penguins that slam face forward onto your opponents, throwing them off the stage. 

1. Mel T

Mel T in Foamstars

Say hello to Mel T, the ultimate powerhouse in Foamstars, worth every penny of premium access. For starters, Mel T boasts a high damage output. She uses a rocket launcher as her primary weapon, making it easy to lock down on targets with missiles. Upon impact, the rockets deal a ton of damage, touching nearby people.

With her Sweet Campaign ability, she can summon Candy, who unleashes lasers or ice cream instead of foam. You can also call her a foam airstrike, thanks to her Sumptuous Promo ability. Yet, the pièce de résistance of Mel T's arsenal is undoubtedly her Force Beam Tasting ability. With this, she can shoot a massive beam across the map, eliminating any opponent it touches. It's a move so devastating that it's like taking candy from a baby, leaving her foes reeling in its wake.

So, what's your take on our picks for the best characters in Foamstars? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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