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5 Best Call of Duty Zombie Easter Eggs You May Have Missed



Call of Duty zombie easter eggs

In Call of Duty's Zombie modes, Easter eggs aren't just hidden surprises; they're like buried treasures waiting to be discovered. As you battle through hordes of zombies, stumbling upon these secret gems adds an extra thrill, turning the game into an immersive adventure packed with unexpected surprises.

These secret surprises add excitement and mystery to the maps, making players want to explore every corner. Even though these Easter Eggs aren't necessary for winning, they show that the game creators put effort into making the experience interesting. Could you have missed some of the amazing surprises in the game? In case you did, we got you covered. Let us explore the best Call of Duty Zombie Easter Eggs you may have missed.

5. Der Riese Fly Trap

CoD Zombies Origins - Der Riese: The Fly Trap Easter Egg & Hidden Messages (Part 5)

In Call of Duty: World at War Der Riese map, there's a cool Easter Egg called “The Fly Trap” that many players might miss. To start, you've got to turn on the power in the map, and then things get interesting. Look around for three hidden radios that make a weird static sound when you get close. Activate all three radios, and guess what? You're in for a teleportation ride to a secret room. In this room, there's a chamber with a fly trapped inside. It's a bit creepy, but that's the charm of Zombies.

Now, here's the catch, unlocking The Fly Trap doesn't give you some superpowers or crazy weapons. Instead, it's more about the experience and the storytelling vibe of the map. Notably, Der Riese has this spooky experimental theme, and finding the fly makes the game more immersive. It's like the game designers left this surprise for players who love digging into the details. The whole process of activating the radios and ending up in a secret room with a trapped fly might seem like a small thing, but that's what makes Call of Duty so awesome. It's not just about shooting zombies; it's about exploring, discovering, and enjoying these little hidden stories that make the game unforgettable.

4. Shangri-La Music

"Shangri-La Easter Egg Song" Tutorial! "PAREIDOLIA" (Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles)

Shangri-La is one of the iconic Call of Duty: Black Ops maps. It offers a fantastic musical that brings more fun to the intense zombie-slaying action. Players must locate three meteorite pieces scattered across the map to kick off this melodic quest. Once found, they activate an ancient device that triggers a unique song composed by Kevin Sherwood, a staple artist for the Zombies series.

Now, you're not just battling the undead; you're doing it with a rhythm. As you progress through the rounds, the beat intensifies, creating an epic soundtrack to your survival. Wondering where the fun is? The fusion of gameplay and music is the beauty, making every zombie encounter feel like a cinematic experience. Additionally,  it transforms the atmosphere of Shangri-La, infusing it with a mystical ambiance. Thumbs up to the game developers' commitment to crafting a rich, immersive environment. So, the next time you're playing on Shangri-La, keep an ear out for the musical Easter Egg – it's an orchestra of chaos that adds a memorable twist to your zombie-slaying adventure.

3. Buried Time bomb

"TIME BOMB" Equipment in "Buried" Gameplay! How To Get It & How It Works (Vengeance DLC Zombies)

Buried, The Call of Duty map, set in an underground Western mining town, offers an intriguing element called the Time Bomb. This device is a game-changer, allowing players to manipulate time within the game. Once you find and deploy the Time Bomb, it creates a temporal anchor.

Here's where the strategy comes in. Let's say you're progressing through rounds, and things are getting intense. You can activate the Time Bomb to set a marker at that moment. If your team faces a dire situation later, you can trigger the Time Bomb to rewind the game state back to when you set the marker. It's like having a redo button, giving you a second chance to avoid a sticky situation.

The Time Bomb adds a unique tactical dimension to Buried, encouraging players to think ahead and use it strategically. Whether you need to revive a fallen teammate, recover lost perks, or retry a failed objective, the Time Bomb offers a fantastic way to alter the course of the game. It's a small but powerful device that enhances the innovative and engaging features that make Call of Duty: Zombies mode a beloved and enduring gaming experience.

2. Call of Duty Zombie Easter Eggs- Call of The Dead Music

"Call of the Dead Easter Egg Song" Tutorial! (Black Ops Zombies Avenged Sevenfold Easter Egg Song!)

Call of the Dead, a fan-favorite zombie map in Call of Duty: Black Ops, is renowned for its captivating musical Easter egg. This hidden gem takes players on a musical journey featuring the iconic rock band Avenged Sevenfold. Players must find three meteorite pieces scattered across the map to activate the Musical. Once the fragments are located and activated, a powerful song by Avenged Sevenfold, titled “Not Ready to Die,” starts playing. The music enhances the gaming experience and serves as a reward for players who embark on the quest.

The involvement of Avenged Sevenfold makes the game exciting and a memorable feature. The combination of intense zombie survival gameplay with a rock soundtrack elevates the atmosphere, providing players with a unique and thrilling experience in the chilling setting of Call of the Dead. The Musical Easter Egg proves the developers' creativity, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the Call of Duty: Zombies mode.

1. Verrückt Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear on Zombie Verruckt

In the Call of Duty: World at War map Verrückt, players can discover mysterious Teddy Bears. Players can find hidden Teddy Bears scattered throughout the map in various locations. When interacting with these cuddly companions by shooting or knifing them, they trigger different audio cues, such as giggles or a child's voice saying, “I'm always watching.”

The Verrückt Teddy Bear is intriguing and surprising to the gameplay. Additionally, it encourages players to explore the map thoroughly. Though not directly impacting the main objectives or gameplay mechanics, this hidden feature showcases the developers' attention to detail. Plus, it shows commitment to providing players with a rich and immersive experience in the unpredictable world of Call of Duty.

So, what's your take on our picks for the best Easter Eggs in Call of Duty Zombies? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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