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6 Best Ireland Online Bingo Sites (June 2024)

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Are you a bingo lover who would play every day if you could?

Online bingo rooms have taken the world by storm. They’re a great way to interact with fellow bingo lovers and win some cash, a real win-win scenario! There are hundreds of sites bringing people together from all over the world and giving you a sense of community.

Today we’re going to break down the 6 best online bingo rooms that people In Ireland can enjoy. These fun websites don’t just offer online bingo; they also offer a wide selection of slots and casino games if you need a break from bingo. Whether you want to play occasionally or find the best site for loyalty perks and regular gameplay, the perfect bingo room is waiting for you to win big!

1. Bingo Village

Bingo Village is relatively new, but it has an impressive offering considering its young age, and this includes 24/7 live chat & phone support.

The bingo that is on offer is some of the best that we have seen anywhere, players can choose from multiple fun and interactive bingo rooms including 90, 80, 75 and 50-ball bingo.

Players who want to play additional games on the side can choose from some impressive slots machines, including many with large progressive jackpots.

This is currently the top bingo room for Irish players.

To learn more visit our Bingo Village Review or visit Bingo Village.

2. Cyber Bingo

Established in 1996, Cyber Bingo is an exciting bingo room that draws you in the minute you see it. Open to users from all over the world, Cyber Bingo offers multiple versions of bingo and well over 300 casino games to choose from. They offer keno, slots, and many other options than most online bingo rooms offer.

This online game room provides lots of info to newcomers, as well. They have a games schedule that you can check daily and a detailed page of rules so users can make the most of what Cyber Bingo has to offer. You can also select your favourite numbers, such as important dates, and make your own custom bingo cards!

Cyber Bingo also has loads of high jackpots that users can claim in the bingo lobby. The lobby displays ongoing bingo games, and there are games around the clock. The online bingo room lobby also shows current prize amounts and progressive jackpot amounts. Bingo cards are cheap to buy and well worth it if you end up winning big.

To learn more read our Cyber Bingo Review or visit Cyber Bingo.

3. Bingo Billy

Bingo Billy is also a great option for the Irish. This online bingo room always has weekly promotions for loyal users. The jackpots are also quite large, and Bingo Billy displays the current jackpots on their homepage. This should get you in the mood to play one of their many bingo games and take home a nice payout.

Bingo Billy also has a loyalty hierarchy that comes with unique perks. The longer you stay with them, the better the perks are. The loyalty system lets you work your way up from newbie to VIP status, with the latter offering many perks.

It’s not so bad being a newbie either, and when you register, you can enjoy a bonus with your first deposit. Bingo Billy comes with classic online bingo, as well as a variety of other exciting online games. If you’re still not sold, you can check out testimonials from loyal VIP users who regularly receive gifts and bonuses.

To learn more read our Bingo Billy Review or visit Bingo Billy.

4. Bingo Liner

Bingo Liner is an excellent choice for Irish people looking to socialize with other online bingo fans. Like most online bingo rooms, it comes with a great chat room and a simple registration process. Similar to Bingo Cafe, the sign-up page greets you the second you’re on your website.

This online bingo room is also great for devoted fans who aren’t going to get bored of bingo. Enjoy classic games like 75 or 90 ball bingo, but you can also take a break if you want to test your luck with one of the many video slots. You can also play two games simultaneously, so why not take advantage of the slots while waiting for the next round of bingo to start?

Not interested in the money? At Bingo Liner, you can enjoy their casino, bingo and slot games for fun without worrying about winning money. That said, Bingo Liner gives new users a considerable advantage by offering $30 just for signing up, so why not test your luck and try making the most of this offer?

To learn more read our Bingo Liner Review or visit Bingo Liner.

5. Bingo Café

Founded in 2003, Bingo Cafe is a great online bingo room for people in Ireland. The website is straightforward to use and brings you to the registration page right away. After you register, you can go to the login page to play your favourite games and win big.

Bingo Cafe has many perks, including a live chat room with people from all over the world. You can also reap the benefits of being with an established brand that offers responsive customer support with fast payouts of winnings.

Users regularly win large sums of cash on Bingo Cafe, and the site is proud to display that info with a prize ticker that shows recent winnings. This is a great way to get new users feeling optimistic about winning their own money. Bingo Cafe also has pull-tab games, slots, and numerous casino games.

To learn more read our Bingo Cafe Review or visit Bingo Cafe.

6. Jet Bingo

Here we have a classic online bingo room that has been around for a long time. Jet Bingo offers a wide variety of games for people in Ireland, including exciting bingo and slot games. Many satisfied users regularly win cash and rave about this online bingo room.

For new users, Jet Bingo will 100% match your first, second and third deposits. This is more generous than other online bingo rooms. They’re also known for their friendly service, freebies and reliable payouts.

Jet Bingo may be the perfect online bingo room if you’re looking for a site that has some longevity. Not to mention the endless amount of games and interactive chat rooms that let you enjoy online gameplay with bingo lovers around the world.

To learn more read our Jet Bingo Review or visit Jet Bingo.

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