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Bingo Village Review – Is it Legit? (October 2023)

A Premium Bingo Room With 24/7 Live Chat & Phone Support

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Payout Speed: 1 to 5 Days

Best For: Aussie, Canadian & UK Players

When it comes to selecting the best bingo room, there are numerous aspects that you need to keep in mind. Obviously, your primary concern is ensuring that the platform will be legitimate and safe to use. After that, you need to make sure that it has payment methods that you can use, as well as helpful customer support, just in case. It would also be appreciated if it offered support for mobile devices, but depending on your lifestyle, responsibilities, and habits, this may or may not matter to you. Then, and only then, should you consider the available games after ensuring that all other aspects of the platform are to your liking.

A lot of players tend to ignore the necessity to ensure that the bingo site is safe. Impatient to start gambling, all they look for is the available games and perhaps deposit methods. This lack of research is what the scammers are counting on when launching fraudulent platforms. Even if the best-case scenario is where the platform is not fraudulent, chances are big that you will randomly select a bad bingo site. To ensure that this does not happen, we are reviewing the best platforms out there to point the way toward them, as well as to show you what they have to offer. Today, we are interested in a platform called Bingo Village, so here is everything that you need to know about it.


  • 24/7 Live Chat & Phone Support
  • Immersive Bingo Rooms
  • Smart Phone Compatible


  • No Dedicated App
  • No Sports Betting
  • USA Prohibited

Licensing & Regulation


Bingo Village is an online gambling website launched in 2022. The platform is owned and operated by a company called Mangus Solutions Ltd. The platform is officially licensed in Curaçao. The company Mangus Solutions also owns other casinos apart from Bingo Village, with these other platforms also being licensed by the government of Curaçao.

It is worth noting that there have been no recorded complaints about the bingo site, and no incidents of any kind, which is encouraging. The platform is easy enough to use, with a fairly simple and clean design. This ease of use will likely go a long way for onboarding new gamblers who have little to no experience with online casinos, as it helps the casino’s website feel friendly, welcoming, and non-intimidating.

The platform is transparent when it comes to its privacy policy, and it has a lot to offer, including plenty of bingo games, high jackpots, slot machines, and other benefits. It claims that its goal is to serve as its users’ “daily escape to fun, friends, and exciting jackpots.” It also offers a certain progression system that will have users “build up your property over time and move up levels to bigger homes and prizes and rewards.” In the end, the platform offers entertainment through gambling, which is all that any gambler wants.

Bingo & Casino Games


When it comes to games, Bingo Village does not have its own, but rather, it uses games supplied by its partners — software developers such as Parlay Entertainment and Mobilots.

When it comes to bingo players can choose from multiple fun and interactive bingo rooms including 90, 80, 75 and 50-ball bingo. This is by far where the site excels.

That being stated the platform also offers a nice selection of casino games.

Once you enter its platform, you will find some of its games on the home page, offering a quick access to some of the more popular options. However, the full game library can be found by clicking on the Games tab at the top of the website. This will lead you to a new page where a number of categories will be offered, including Bingo, All Slots, New Games, $100,000 Jackpots, Video Slots, and Classic Games.

Most categories offer precisely what their names suggest, with Bingo offering bingo rooms, All Slots offering slot games, and alike. The New Games section offers newly added games, and Classic Games offers other casino games that don’t fit into any of the other categories, such as blackjack, video poker, and different variations of these games.

Of course, in order to play any of these games, you will first have to register on the platform, and then verify your identity, so that no underage players would be able to access the website.

Payment Options


Apart from having to register and verify your account, you will also have to deposit some funds into it in order to start placing bets. Usually, online gambling platforms find themselves with a choice of listing as many payment options as possible, or trying to focus on the most popular ones in the area they are targeting with their service. With hundreds of payment methods around the world, even narrowing it down to only the biggest and most popular ones would still leave the casinos with dozens of them to list, which is not an option that all platforms can take, especially not the smaller ones.

This is why Bingo Village only lists a few options when it comes to payments, but that still includes the largest payment providers in the world. Right now, you can deposit funds on the platform using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Bitcoin. The inclusion of the world’s oldest and largest cryptocurrency is a welcome surprise, and it opens the casino to the crypto industry and its users. But, other of the listed payment methods are also major heavy hitters that hold large portions of the market, especially when it comes to Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

So, even though the platform only has 6 supported payment methods, the ones that it chose to add are pretty much the best possible options.

When it comes to withdrawals, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100, while the maximum is $3,000 per week, and $10,000 per month. As for the withdrawal methods, they are different from deposit methods, and they largely depend on the gamblers’ location. For example, US players can make withdrawals via check, Bitcoin, and Money Gram. Canadians can use checks, Money Gram, and Bank Draf, while other players, regardless of the country, can use Money Gram, Bank Draft, and Bitcoin. However, everyone will have to pay a fee during withdrawals, which is $30.

Customer Support


When it comes to customer support on Bingo Village, this is one of the things that the platform has done excellently. Customer service is important because it is the only place where users can turn to in case they have problems, questions, and alike, and Bingo Village made sure that its agents will always be available.

You can contact customer support via email, live chat, or phone call, with support agents being available 24/7. There is also a FAQ section of the website, although it is rather basic. Still, you might find answers to some questions, especially if you are still new to this type of platform and don’t have a clear idea about how everything works.

Mobile Availability


One more thing that we were interested in checking out is whether or not Bingo Village has mobile support. As you know, mobile support is an important thing for a casino because not all of its users can sit in front of their PCs and play games on a desktop throughout their day. Many are constantly on the go, either because of work, a busy social life, or for some other reason. Of course, there are also those who prefer to use mobile devices, which is hardly surprising in this day and age.

Fortunately, Bingo Village is, in fact, available on mobile, and while the platform doesn’t have its own dedicated app — its website is still mobile optimized, so accessing it from your tablet or smartphone is still possible. That way, the casino has ensured that it will be available for a large portion of the community that would otherwise be completely excluded.



Bingo Village is relatively new, but it has an impressive offering considering its young age, and this includes 24/7 live chat & phone support.

Bingo Village has chosen to focus on quality rather than quantity, which seems to be the case in most, if not all, aspects of the platform and this includes the number of games and the bingo offerings.

Most importantly, the bingo on offer is some of the best that we could find anywhere, and this is why we anticipate a bright future for this bingo site.

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