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5 Best Games Like 10 Minutes Till Dawn

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If you enjoy wave-attack games or have any prior experience with Vampire Survivors, you are highly likely to appreciate 10 Minutes Till Dawn. This is because the two games share a lot of similarities, only that 10 Minutes Till Dawn is much bigger and more thrilling. Here, players take down an ever-increasing horde of enemies as they try to survive through the ten-minute timer. The monsters killed drop XP, which players collect to upgrade and level up their characters to acquire more evolved abilities. There are a variety of upgrades to choose from on the main menu, as well as diverse character options for players. The map is infinite, granting you access to unlimited thrill. 

Once you have played 10 Minutes Till Dawn, you are likely to crave more games of similar design. In this article, you will find the five best games, like 10 Minutes Till Dawn, carefully sorted in relation to design, graphics and gameplay. Keep reading to find out more.


5. Viscerafest

Although a fantasy sci-fi, Viscerafest has plenty of similarities to 10 Minutes Till Dawn. From the droves of enemies players face to the complicated levels featured. The game has a tone of exciting mechanisms within its gameplay that make it one of the most fitting substitutes for 10 Minutes Till Dawn. Players move through each game level wielding powerful weapons that help take down dozens of enemies.

With new types of enemies introduced in each level, players must stay agile and skillful as they move through the game. Similarly, they have to survive by controlling the use of resources such as health, armor and ammo. Anyone who enjoys fast-action gaming is sure to appreciate Viscerafest.


4. The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil | JinZ

The Lesser Evil is a daunting shooter game where like in 10 Minutes Till Dawn, players must survive enemy attacks for a set duration. In this case, players must survive ten nights of troubling attacks, with each coming night getting tougher than the last. These ten nights represent ten levels where players are placed in a room to defeat spawning enemies amid problematic conditions. 

Each night players experience a different curse; these range from changing on-screen colors and decreasing screen size to having slippery floors. All these curses make survival all the while challenging. In each level, players face variant enemies while a formidable boss awaits in the end. Although the curses make it tougher to survive the nights, the game is quite straightforward and easy to complete. 


3. Monolith

8-BIT ENTER THE GUNGEON IN SPACE!! | Let's Play Monolith: Relics of the Past | Part 1 | PC Gameplay

Monolith is an action shooter game featuring fascinating exploration. Players roam through an abandoned facility via a ship in search of past treasures. The game promotes fast-action strategies where players face daunting enemies throughout their adventure. They go through layers of floors as they progress into the depths of the facility. The enemies get faster and deadlier as players advance through the levels; similarly, they get to upgrade and unlock better weapons as they move up through the floors. 

Monolith features smooth controls that allow for easy maneuvering and steady movement through the tight spaces players have access to. For attacks, the game offers seven weapons that can host variant modifiers in different unique combinations. The game’s only significant flaw is that ammo runs out too fast, leaving players vulnerable to attacks; however, after each level, the weapons are replaced with fully loaded ones that come with one free hp. The game’s visuals are just right for its genre, not to mention the thrilling audio that makes Monolith all the more exciting.


2. Battle Planet – Judgement Day

Battle Planet – Judgement Day Gameplay (PC Game)

From developer Threaks, comes a rogue-lite shooter game called Battle Planet- Judgement Day. The game features fun planetary battles involving hordes of alien enemies that must be taken down in order to progress. Players assume the role of a most-wanted criminal whose freedom from the authorities depends on his abilities to clear his path filled with hordes of pestering aliens, police and military. The game features an ariel view that reveals players on a planet surface that moves with the players’ motions as battles take place. First, players must escape a transport ship after it crashes with prisoners on board, then try to get away from their ever-persistent pursuers. They have to survive endless enemy attacks in a loop that requires serious maneuvering skills to overcome. 

Players can enhance their attacks and impact on enemies when they upgrade their weapons after each round. Nonetheless, great speed and agility are required to defeat the massive bosses. Like 10 Minutes Till Dawn, this game involves the mastery of mobility and evasive schemes. This is primarily due to the small space one must reserve as enemies encroach all around. Battle Planet – Judgement Day is a fine substitute for 10 Minutes Till Dawn, and any fan of the game will have as much fun playing it.


1. Tesla Force

Tesla Force Gameplay (PC HD)

Tesla Force is an action-filled top-down shooter game featuring everybody’s favorite scientist, Nicola Tesla. Players venture into a sciency adventure armed with coils and more enemy-zapping inventions. Tesla Force is designed with the type of gameplay that transcends any kind of limits seen in similar games on the list. In this case, players select the type of mission they wish to take; and receive both the rewards and consequences that come with their choice. For instance, one can decide to challenge the vicious Elite Monsters and receive immense rewards or seek less formidable enemies for less impressive rewards. Players can choose to play as either four scientific heroes, which include Tesla, Marie Curie, H.P Lovecraft and Mary Shelley. They can use variant weapons to blow through crowds of enemies to make way for their progress.

Tesla Force features levels that are randomly generated which ensures the thrill of the game stays alive; besides, the storyline is also as captivating as it pertains to Tesla. In his attempts to provide mankind with free energy, Tesla opens a portal at the Wardenclyffe Tower, which opens the way to a doomed reality. Players are tasked with restoring the world to peace as monstrous creatures ravage through the portals. After selecting which missions to partake in, they also select suitable weapons to bring along to defend against the horrifying creatures stalking their every move. Like 10 Minutes Till Dawn, the game features a solid amount of upgrades making sure it never gets dull.

Which game from the list of video games above do you think is the best game like 10 Minutes Till Dawn? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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