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Games on Steam: 5 Underrated Indies of 2020

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Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we take a trip down memory lane to present you with some of the last year's hidden gems that you might've missed.

If Found…

If found is a striking visual novel that revolves around making connections. In it, you will relieve numerous memories of a girl named Kasio, which all take place in December of 1993, before the black hole destroys the world. The game has a gripping and emotional story, interwoven with a magical musical score that sets up a unique atmosphere. With its powerful message, If Found… gives an accurate representation of what you might experience as a part of the LGBTQ community.

If Found... gameplay

Relieve and erase Kasio's memories Steam

Umurangi Generation

Next, how about a weird, sci-fi, photography game? In Umurangi Generation, you take the role of a courier working for the Tauranga Express. Your job is to take photos, which will be judged by their composition, content, and colors. The better they are, the more money you will make. Oh, and be sure to explore the levels thoroughly, to unlock new camera equipment, like better lenses. Umurangi Generation has a very distinct visual style and a story that is told throughout the environment, without any dialogue. Even if you are not interested in photography, its level of detail and uniqueness can easily entertain you for hours.

Umurangi generation gameplay

Welcome to the future, it sucks. Steam


If we had an award for the cutest game of 2020, it would definitely go to Carto. This charming adventure/puzzler follows the young girl as she travels back to her Granny. Luckily, Carto has special powers that let her manipulate the world around her. As you unlock new pieces of the map, you will be able to rearrange them, which will unlock new paths. The game is packed with quirky characters and features vivid hand-drawn environments. All in all, this ain't the most challenging puzzler, but its heartfelt story and charm will quickly win you over.Games on Steam: CartoSteam


Creaks is the latest puzzle adventure from the creators of Machinarium. As the ground started shaking, you started feeling something unusual happening in the walls of your mansion. It's your task to investigate this new world filled with weird creatures and furniture monsters. Thanks to the amazing visual style Creaks looks like it came right out of a child's imagination. The game is filled with interesting puzzles and was a delight to play till the very end.

Games on Steam: Creaks

Creaks is a mix of beauty and creepiness Steam

A Summer's End – Hong Kong 1986

Lastly, we have another amazing visual novel. A Summer's End is a love story set in Hong Kong, where you will follow the adventures of Sam and Michelle. The game draws a lot of inspiration from cinema and anime, which is most obviously represented in the visuals. A Summer's End also has a realistic and touching story that works in tandem with synthwave music to deliver one of the years most unexpected gems.

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