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Lies of P Review (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC)

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Lies of P has recently been released, and with it comes a lot of opinions on the game. The game manages to not only pay homage to many titles within the Action-RPG genre. But it also manages to do so in a way that feels genuine and inventive. Simply put, this is not an easy task to pull off. And yet the game does a wonderful job of not only immersing the player within its world and narrative. But also does so while maintaining a great sense of identity throughout. It is this identity that manages to shine through the many homages to other games within the genre. As well as allusions to literary works sprinkled throughout that serve to bring the world of Lies of P to life. With all of the formalities out of the way, we hope you will enjoy our Lies of P Review.

A Wholehearted Homage

Starting off our first section of the Lies of P review, here we will cover the overall feel of Lies of P, and then delve into further details later. Firstly, the world within the game is really well-realized. In addition to this, the characters within the world all seem to have their own motivations. Each of these seems to be bubbling just under the surface for players to discover. Learning more about this game's characters and how this world came to be is one of the more subtle, but crucial aspects of the game.

Utilizing the fable of Pinocchio as a base not only gives the game a great sense of narrative grounding but also pays homage to the tale's darker origins. This is great, as oftentimes, this is a title that has become somewhat altered through the passage of time. From the game's opening moments, players are quickly thrust into a world that is full of darkness and the macabre. It is the unraveling of this world's mad mysteries that make up a great part of Lies of P.

The framing of the mechanical puppets in this world is simply fantastic. These puppets, both in their design, as well as their origins, simply beg the player to learn more about them. However, it is quickly noted how different the player character is from other puppets. This does a phenomenal job of not only introducing the norms of the world but also does a great job of marking the main characters as unique. Aiding this feeling of macabre mystery is the winding and creaking city of Krat, which plays a major role in the game. Throughout the player's journey, you will familiarize yourself with its many corridors and alleyways. To the point where they become a part of the story.

Marvelous Mechanical Madness

In this section, we will cover many of the game's design elements, as well as the influences that shaped this game. It would be wise to begin this section by saying that this is a title that undoubtedly wears its influences on its sleeve for all to see. The world of Krat is one that, despite having many similarities to many game worlds we have seen in other Action-RPGs. Still manages to stand out in quite a few ways. This is not only due to the characters present within Krat. Each of these serves to add intrigue and interest to the city. But also the design of the city itself.

The winding nature as well as the interconnectivity of the environments are no doubt highlighted. This makes it so that as players get familiarized with their location, they will be able to recognize distinct landmarks. This really helps when navigating through the game, as each environment flows into the next. The art style of the game also helps invoke both an unsettling feeling of the game's world. And it also manages to aid the storytelling within the game as well. It does this in a few ways, such as bringing players to key locations in the narrative in order to see events play out. This inherently creates a connection to both the characters present, as well as the location.

This type of passive storytelling style also reaches into the game's characters as well. Each of the game's characters seems to have an intriguing amount of mystique to them. This makes players want to go throughout the game's world in search of answers. Players can see the ramifications of both their actions, as well as other puppets within the world. All in all, the world of Krat feels very much alive.

The Many Murderous Marionettes

In our next section of the review of Lies of P, we will discuss the various enemies present throughout the game. As is the case with many titles inspired by titles such as the Souls series, there is a great emphasis on the boss characters within Lies of P. Each of these bosses manages not only to test the player's knowledge of game mechanics. But also to teach players more about the game world as a whole. The player's first taste of this feeling is likely within the Scrapped Watchmen boss fight. Within this fight, players are able to see the sheer ferocity of these puppets gone awry. Throughout the game, there are also many optional bosses that do a great job of teaching players more about the game world.

Tucking these side challenges away just out of sight of main encounters is great. This is due to the fact that it not only ensures that the player has access to this side content easily. But also does so in a way that does not impede the main journey. As players learn more about the game's world, they will soon be tasked with saving many characters from puppets in Krat. In doing so, players are slowly drip-fed the narrative in a way that feels rewarding and satisfying.

Lies of P is a game that brilliantly incorporates player choice into its narrative as well. Players are able to, at certain points, choose to lie to many characters in the game. This will have ramifications for the player, as well as the narrative later. This is great, as it brings more variety to the game, as there are multiple conclusions for the player to reach. Each of these conclusions is satisfying in its own way, greatly rewarding multiple playthroughs of the game.

Balanced But Brutal Battles

In the next section of our review of Lies of P, we will cover the many brutal battles of the game. Lies of P is a game that does a great of balancing its bosses, as well as the general combat of the game. This can be seen in the plethora of weapon choices that players have throughout the game. Each of the game's weapons manages not only to feel unique but have its own niche uses. This is great, as it gives players a reward for varying their arsenal of weapons. Obtaining these weapons is also relatively accessible as players simply use the main currency of the game to obtain them.

The player's first few outings against the bosses of the game prove to be your typical fare. These are mechanically simple fights that allow players to learn them rather quickly. In doing so, it does a great job of teaching players the ins and outs of the game's combat system. A combat system that is really rather forgiving for new players to the Action-RPG genre. The forgiving nature of the game's combat can be seen in the fact players can regain health by attacking enemies, rewarding more offensive play.

Many of the game's bosses have a few unique mechanics that make them stand out among the game's roster as well. This is great, as it keeps many of the game's major battles from feeling similar. Aiding in this feeling of freshness are the great side bosses within the game. While optional, these bosses offer much more of a technical challenge than some of their mainline counterparts. This makes them great for completionists. No matter which way you play, Lies of P is a game that rewards you for every lesson learned.

What Lies At the Core of Lies of P?

Wrapping up our review for Lies of P, we will now cover what lies at the core of this marvelous marionette-filled menagerie. One of the game's strongest aspects is the attention to detail that is paid throughout its world. This love for attention to detail also spreads into the character writing. This makes each character interesting enough to not only want to learn about. But also makes the player willing to put in the legwork to learn more. This is not only a testament to the great writing within the game itself, but also how believable a world they have managed to create.

In conclusion, Lies of P is an absolute masterclass on how to maintain your distinct identity. All the while paying homage to other works. It is for these reasons, as well as many more that we consider the game a stellar outing by developers Neowiz Studios and Round8.

Lies of P Review (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC)

Lies of P: A Macabre Masterpiece

Lies of P is a title that not only brings with it the weight of its influences. But manages to carry that weight spectacularly well. The game from a mechanical standpoint is incredibly solid, and aesthetically it is one of the more striking games in recent memory. With that being said, here is our review of Lies of P.

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