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Rise of the Ronin vs Ghost of Tsushima



Rise of the Ronin vs Ghost of Tsushima

caFor gamers who love to experience remarkable action inspired by ancient wars, Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima qualifies to be the action RPG of all time. The game portrays the events of ancient Japan during its first Mongol invasion, creating a perfect picture of the war heroes' lives. But does it capture the moments better than Team Ninja’s 2024 creation? Let’s find out in this comparison of Rise of the Ronin vs. Ghost of Tsushima

What is Rise of the Ronin?

TMNT: The Last Ronin (The Game) - Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games

Team Ninja introduced their action-role-playing game Rise of the Ronin on March 22, 2024, presenting tactical games’ fans with an exciting addition with intense combat. Sony Interactive Entertainment published the game, and its gameplay was pioneering on PlayStation 5. With Rise of the Ronin, players embark on a phenomenal journey happening amidst the 19th-century war in Japan. The game takes sword-fighting lovers 300 years back to the Japanese tyrannical rule era. This immerses them in epic combat whose thrill is way above most games alike.

Notably, Rise of the Ronin doesn’t follow a rigid story for players, allowing you to curve your path as a free samurai ronin for hire. Let the story unfold before your eyes based on your decisions and the allies you make along the way. You can play the game in multiplayer mode or face critical decisions and complete the missions in single-player mode. 

What is Ghost of Tsushima?

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Ghost of Tsushima launched originally in 2020 for PlayStation 4 before Sucker Punch Productions dropped a PlayStation 5 version in 2021. A Windows adaptation would later become available on March 16, 2024. Like Rise of the Ronin, players control a samurai warrior out to protect his island of Tsushima amidst the Japanese Mongol invasion. But unlike the nameless warrior in Rise of the Ronin, you play as Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima features intense melee combat and is among the few action-adventure games that let players choose how to engage in battles. Much of the action happens in a single-player mode in the original title. However, players can also catch the title’s multiplayer mode, which is available for the game separately. 


Rise of the Ronin vs Ghost of Tsushima

Rise of the Ronin’s story focuses on the historical events of ancient Japanese wars and invasions. The game takes place at a time when Japan opened its doors to foreign powers. The foreigners would then enter Yokohama, Kyoto, and Edo in the 19th century. However, the country would turn into a political strife, culminating in war. The war was fueled by the Edo Shogunate and the resistance group that opposed the Western invasion and influences.

The events place the Blade Twins at the front of the resistance movement, the Veiled Edge. This occurs after their family is murdered by the Shogunate’s undercover agents, the Oniwaban. Ghost of Tsushima is also set in ancient Japan, inspired by samurai cinema that focuses on Japan's events during the Tokugawa era, making the games pretty much similar. 


Combat comparison

Embark on a third-person perspective action reminiscent of the Japanese colonial period with Rise of the Ronin and Ghost of Tsushima. In the former, you play as a nameless ronin. He is one of the Blade Twins that fights alongside the Veilded Edge resistance movement.

With the Blade Twin lost and the Veiled Edge destroyed, you become a clanless warrior and a sword for hire. Exchange your help with leads to your Blade Twin, and use stealth to sneak up on foes to assassinate them. You will engage in fast-paced combat, much like in Ghost of Tsushima, tactically parrying enemies and launching different combat styles to strike the opponents.

You and the enemy have a health bar called the Ki gauge, reflecting your stamina or the enemy’s. Your Ki will power all actions, from blows to blocking or dodging an enemy’s strike. And if your health bar runs out and you block an enemy’s strike. This bewilders players momentarily, setting them up for more strikes. Ghost of Tsushima is no different, playing on the large in-game map as the Tsushima island samurai, Jin Sakai. Armed with the mighty Katana and traversing the island on foot or horseback, Sakai can confront foes head-on, delivering fatal assaults on multiple enemies. 

Although the playthrough has many similarities with small character-driven stories piecing up to a larger historical narrative, the gameplay feels more immersive with Ghost of Tsushima. Sakai can switch fighting styles depending on the enemy type, has diverse weaponry, and has the freedom to decide whether to fight honorably or unleash dishonorable attacks. You can switch from water stance to stone stance, moon stance, and wind stance. Eventually, you unlock the ghost stance that kills foes with a single assault. 

Game Modes


Rise of the Ronin provides fans with a beacon of excitement as they traverse the map on horseback or in a glider. You can switch the game's difficulty between three levels in single-player mode. A three-player coop mode is also available. For Ghost of Tsushima, the epic showdown comes only in single-player on the masterpiece. However, Sony Interactive also published Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the title’s coop multiplayer mode with difficulty levels of story, survival, and rivals. 



Described as one of the most ambitious projects for Team Ninja, Rise of the Ronin achieves the color and graphics that best portray Japan during its darkest times. You will love the customizable player characters from the game's onset. After the selection, you can equip your Ronin with various weapon types to match different playstyles while traversing the expansive open-world Japan.

You will also love its side story choices. Each story grants players the freedom to join or fight against some non-player characters that impact your story. Sucker Punch intended to create a game focusing deep on melee combat, which explains why Ghost of Tsushima has a large arsenal of weapons. From kunai to firecrackers, smoke bombs, and wind chime bells, Sakai has everything he needs to protect the island. It's quite a feature-rich title with a larger open world that slightly beats Rise of the Ronin.


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Team Ninja does a great job with Rise of the Ronin, from creating an expansive open-world action-adventure title that comes close to its creation, Nioh. The story perfectly captures the events of the Japanese Edo period. But even though the titles closely relate, Ghost of Tsushima will carry the day in a Rise of the Ronin vs Ghost of Tsushima analysis for its captivating gameplay. 

So, what’s your take on our Rise of the Ronin vs Ghost of Tsushima comparison? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments. 

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