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5 Things We Want in Ghost of Tsushima 2



Ghost of Tsushima was perhaps one of PlayStation's finest achievements to come out in 2020. Even with collosal names running alongside its launch, the Japanese action-adventure tale somehow managed to one-up the frontrunners and come out on top, shipping around 20 million copies in its first year on the market.

Not long after developer Sucker Punch Studio celebrated the groundbreaking success of the game, a sequel was nudged into ignition, leaving hungry fans on a breadcrumb trail leading to an entirely new story-driven experience. Since then, not a great deal has come to pass, which means we've had to speculate on what's to come in the near future, rather than go on fact, in which we have no evidence to back anything at all. But as far as pipe dreams go, as well as things that we'd genuinely want to see in the sequel—now that's another story altogether.

5. Bring back multiplayer

Given the fact that Ghost of Tsushima is predominantly a single-player experience, and that it relies on one-to-one immersion, having something as weighty as a multiplayer mode does feel a little out of the question. And to be fair, it's not as if Sucker Punch need it, considering the game was praised on an international level from launch, with 20 million shipped units to show for it.

That said, the Director's Cut did make way for such a thing, in the form of Legends, a four-player multiplayer mode. And boy, what a breath of fresh that was. So much, that we actually wanted a whole lot more of it. Now, given the fact that Ghost of Tsushima features a wide range of epic battles, we do have to beg the question of whether or not a mode with a much wider scope would be fathomable. Possible, yes. But it all depends on whether Sucker Punch has the ambition to pull it off. 100v100, anyone?


4. Boost the epic battles

While on the subject of epic battles, it would be a good move for Sucker Punch to expand on such a thing. Because let's face it, the majority of battles fought in Ghost of Tsushima were reliant on smaller stages. And while we don't condone stealth in any way, shape or form, we do have to request a little more—if only to extract the impeccable combat that Sucker Punch carved to perfection.

Going back to those 100v100 multiplayer battles—something similar in an offline campaign wouldn't go amiss, either. Although the original sequence did have something of the sort once or twice, we would love a bit more. Or, to be honest, a lot more, seeing how much praise the first few received back in 2020.


3. Populate the island

As visually appealing as the island of Tsushima was the first time around, a lot of the game's criticisms did hone in on the population, or lack of it in the setting itself. That isn't to say Tsushima was reduced to a barren wasteland with barely any life whatsoever—because it wasn't. Though, we'd be lying if we said protagonist Jin Sakai was the one and only ghost on the island. When really, the vast majority of its land was borderline paranormal.

In and around the Hot Springs, you'd occasionally encounter one or two wandering townspeople. Out in the open world, you'd be lucky to find so much as a travelling merchant. And at times, that led to us feeling a little somewhat, I don't know, abandoned. A ghost, rather fittingly. That's something that needs changing in the sequel—not the visuals, which, may we remind Sucker Punch, are in need of no overhaul whatsoever.


2. Branch out to Iki and beyond

While Sucker Punch's take on Tsushima is every bit as beautiful as its real-life island is, the fact is, there is still plenty for the devs to explore in and around the connecting chain of islands. Iki, for example, can be located just south of Tsushima, and is ripe for the taking, so long as Sucker Punch know what to do with it, and how to incorporate it into the narrative.

Say it releases as post-launch DLC, then that's a whole other region to explore, one which can effectively add another side story with a helping of quests, characters, and hidden temples to discover. And if that's us casting our eye a little too far out, then we'd happily settle for something like Iki in the base game—even if it's only featured for a short while to help keep us on our toes.


1. Make Tsushima worth exploring

Besides the obvious fact that Tsushima was packed full of stunning vistas, the actual taking part in its scattered activities was almost non-existent, to the point of having us running amok for something to do between main quests without a goal in sight. And so begun several hours of trying to find something worth checking into, if only to max out on the hours before putting old Jin Sakai back on the shelf to gather dust.

Of course, Tsushima did have its selection of monuments and famous landmarks to unearth, but that's about it. But as far as fleshed out side stories went, you basically had to sit on the hopes of stumbling upon something when hopping between main objectives. And, like the Ghost himself, it was rare you'd find something worth seeing with your own eyes that wasn't just another wallpaper-worthy panoramic view.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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