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Ghost of Tsushima introduces us to a myriad of specialized shinobi armors and weapons, a lot of which were famously used during the Mongolian conquest over Japan during the late 1200s. True to the source, Sucker Punch's action RPG paints a visual representation of the horrors that once claimed the island of Tsushima. Its chosen armor, too, might we add, also knocks incredibly close to the real-life literacy that we're able to access today.

Anyway, it's only natural that any one particular warrior would want to unearth the best armor for the sake of driving back the Mongolian empire. Question is, what is the best armor in the game? Or better yet, what armor integrates the best perks that will let you roam Tsushima like the legendary Ghost you were destined to become?

5. Sakai Clan Armor

One of the best suits of armor you can receive during the main quest line is the Sakai Clan Armor, a family heirloom that boasts both boosted damage and health. On top of this, its wearer can also receive the additional benefit of being able to strike down twice as many enemies during standoffs, and increase the chance of terrifying those within proximity by up to 10%. So, if you'd much rather avoid taking any unnecessary trips around Tsushima, then you can go ahead and grab this one just from mopping up the main quests.

You can get your hands on the Sakai Clan Armor in the Act II quest “Ghosts from the Past,” which serves as the closing chapter of the act. Just before beating this quest, you will have to complete “From the Darkness,” another tale that rewards you with a legendary suit of armor for completing. Decisions, decisions.

4. Gosaku's Armor

As tempting as it may be to stick to the main quests and accept whatever armors tie in with their rewards, there is a benefit to taking on other tasks. Specifically, the mythical tale side story titled “Unbreakable Gosaku.” Although it does require quite a bit of additional legwork in and around Tsushima, the reward for completing it is most definitely worth the time and effort.

If you can acquire all the keys and clear the required Mongol encampments, you will receive Gosaku's Armor, a sturdy set of gear that grants its wielder the power to inflict unbelievably high stagger damage. Plus, for every kill that's bagged, a section of health is restored, which makes the suit  not only one of the most powerful in the game — but perhaps the most reliable, too. And so, if you're planning on sticking around Tsushima for the long haul, then it's certainly worth entertaining.

3. Ghost Armor

As far as signature gear goes, the Ghost Armor claims the top spot for being the most memorable and eye-catching out of the lot. It's effortlessly stylish, to start, and not to mention absolutely loaded with quality perks that can help you in battle around Tsushima. An example here would be its ability to reduce enemy detection by 25%, as well as boost your chances of terrifying nearby enemies, a fractured form which renders them completely useless in combat.

Getting your hands on the Ghost Armor isn't overly difficult, so long as you stick to the main story and shovel through its acts. You will receive the armor during the Act II closing quest “From the Darkness,” which will launch automatically when you speak with Yuna. There are no additional requirements for wearing the Ghost Armor.

2. Mongol Commander's Armor

It may seem like a step in the wrong direction, but the fact is, the Mongol Commander's Armor is one of the best-suited attires that Jin can acquire in the entire game. Why? Because it gives you the ultimate advantage in battle: the ability to blend in with enemies and plot your first strike. Although not exactly invisible to the naked eye, per se, it does give you a major stealth boost, allowing for you to roam Tsushima without drawing any real attention along the way.

On top of its stealth boost, the Mongol Commander's Armor also gives you a huge health upgrade, and even reduces the chance of onboarding a fatal blow when in combat. To get your hands on this sturdy piece of gear, you will need to complete the “Fit For the Khan” side quest in Act III. You can begin this quest by speaking to the man in the Jogaku Temple, near one of the houses.

1. Sarugami Armor

As it stands, the best armor in Ghost of Tsushima is the Sarugami Armor, a highly powerful set that gives its wearer the ability to carve up fatal combos whenever a perfect parry is executed. The fact that this can be used three times in a row means large batches of enemies can be cut down without whittling down any additional stamina.

Of course, the downside to having such armor in your inventory is that you'll have to be pretty darn good at parrying. This is a hit-and-miss counter attack that can vary in difficulty depending on the enemy. If, however, you're a dab hand at it, then you won't find a suit of armor better than the Sarugami Armor. You can unlock it by beating the “Legend of the Black Hand Riku” quest in the Iki Island DLC.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any suits of armor you'd recommend to a newcomer? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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