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Elden Ring: Best Samurai Armor

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Elden Ring Best Samurai Armor

Soulslike games are best known for their challenging levels and endurance. Elden Ring is no short of that. The action-adventure game is seemingly an advanced form of the sub-genre. As such, making progress in the game is daunting. With extremely tough bosses to conquer, wielding the most potent weapon is not enough.

The samurai class in Elden Ring provides dynamic range fights and melee combat to up your game. It is a chance to upgrade your stats, including agility, vigor, intelligence, arcane, and endurance. However, to become an Elden Lord, you must equip yourself with the proper armor. With plenty of armor to choose from, you need to consider the stats of each and how it makes you look. We can't have the mighty katana-wielding master appear average. That said, here are the best Elden Ring: Best Samurai Armor.


5. Black Knife Set

How to Get Black Knife Armor Set in Elden Ring Black Knife Armor Set Location

The Black Knife Set is quite famous for its relationship to the Black Knife assassins. The renegades are responsible for the collapse of the Elden Ring after stealing the Rune of Death and killing Marika's firstborn. Also, its stealth-enhancing items are remarkably favorable.

The set consists of four armor pieces; Black Knife Hood, armor, gauntlets, and greaves. The chest piece increases your stealth tactics by muffling footstep sounds. Moreover, the chest piece also contains a transparent cloak with a hood. 

The set's average damage negotiation is 20.6 and its average weight is 21.8, with good stats including:

  • Physical-22.5
  • Strike-21.6
  • Holy-22.5
  • Lightning-13.5
  • Robustness-108
  • Vitality-54
  • Focus-54

You can find the armor set in Consecrated Snowfield, which is unlocked toward the end of the game. To access the area, you will need the Secret Haligtree Medallion, then proceed to Liturgical Town.


4. Land of Reeds Armor Set

Elden Ring | Land Of Reeds And White Reed Set (Samurai) | Where To Find Armor Set

The Land of Reeds armor is one of the most common sets you'll come across in Elden Ring. It's the first set you'll start with as you join the Samurai class. The armor contains iron strips that are fastened together. With fur being a typical detail used in armor during medieval times, Elden Ring allows you to customize your Land of Reeds Armor by removing the fur. Alternatively, you may opt to retain it for a more legendary appeal. There are four pieces to the armor set; chest armor, helms, gauntlets, and leg armor. 

The armor set has an average damage negation of 22.8, an excellent stat for protection during melee combat. Moreover, the set gives your character a heroic Samurai look. Furthermore, the armor weighs 19.8 and has a poise of 120, which gives you the advantage of less staggering when attacked by the enemy. Other stats the armor bears include:

  • Physical-19
  • Strike-20.6
  • Holy-23.6
  • Lightning-25.8
  • Robustness-13
  • Vitality-120
  • Focus-130

You can locate the sets in the Isolated Merchant's Shack in the Dragonbarrow section. The merchant will sell the entire collection to you for 4500 runes.  


3. Ronin's Set

Elden Ring: How To Get RONIN Armor Set - Fast & Easy Amazing Armor Location & Guide (Iron Kasa Helm)

The Ronin's Set is undeniably one of the greatest armor sets in The Elder Ring. It is medium armor with a fair damage reduction and is slightly lighter than other medium armor sets. This is the set for you if you're looking for a chill samurai vibe for your character. The set includes Roni's armor, greaves, gauntlets, and iron kasa. With an average damage negation of 25, this set is slightly better than the previous Land of Reeds Armor set. Although with a weight of 21.1, it is heavier

To get Ronin's set, you need to complete Yura's quest line in the game. Although you'll see Yura wearing the armor, you won't get it by killing him; the only way is by going to the Mountaintops of the Giants and completing the quest. Here, Yura will transform into Shabiri, and you can later find the armor in the Zamor Ruins. Other statistics you may find favorable include:

  • Physical-23
  • Strike-23
  • Holy-25.6
  • Lightning-28.3
  • Robustness-125
  • Vitality-140

2. White Reed Set

Elden Ring | How To Get The White Reed Samurai Set

Also known as the Armor of the White Reeds, this set is made from banded iron plates. It is a popular piece of gear among the Inabam head disciples of legendary swordsman Okina. The set is one of the most popular and sought-after armor sets, arguably due to its appeal, despite being an item you'll find much later in the game.

The set comprises four armor pieces; Okuina Mask, White Reed Gauntlets, White Reed Armor, and White Reed Greaves. You can locate the armor in Spirit Caller's Cave, deep in the Mountaintops of the Giants. However, you will need to complete a series of quests to collect the entire set. Furthermore, you'll need a stone sword key to access the cave. You can purchase the key from the merchants or the twin maiden husks. Finally, you can obtain the Okina Mask by defeating Bloody Finger Okina at Mountaintops of the Giants. 

Although the set has a higher poise of 16, its damage negation of 22.7 is remarkable. The Okina mask also delivers a good immunity boost of 159. However, it reduces your focus. More stats include:

  • Physical-20.6
  • Strike-22.1
  • Holy-22.1
  • Lightning-25.8
  • Robustness-100
  • Vitality-120

Overall, the set is fantastic despite the hassle it takes to obtain it. 


1. Briar Set

Elden Ring: How To Get Amazing BRIAR ARMOR Set - Fast & Easy - Secret Armor & Boss Location Guide

The Briar set has the best overall stats of the previous sets. It perfectly balances physical defense and magical stats, although it is considerably heavier. You may not achieve the Samurai look with this set; players with a blood build can pull off this look. The set comprises four armor pieces: chest armor, helms, gauntlets, and leg armor. 

You can access the set after defeating Elemer of the Briar, the final boss in The Shaded Castle. Hereafter, you can purchase it from the Finger Reader Enia in Roundtable Hold. Furthermore, the Briar set is more effective in battle and has a higher poise than other sets. Moreover, you can inflict damage on your enemy when you dodge rolling into them. You can also alter this set by removing the cape. 

The Briar Set has an average damage negation of 25.5 and a weight of 25.2. although it is considerably heavier. Its level of protection surpasses that of other armor sets. Moreover, its higher poise makes it suitable for ranged fights and melee combat. Additional stats that the Briar set contains include:

  • Physical-25.6
  • Strike-23.2
  • Holy-24.4
  • Lightning-24.1
  • Robustness-140
  • Vitality-80

Notably, combining Bloodhound Step with the armor set can inflict more damage on your enemies. 


So, what's your take? Which of these samurai weapons in our Elden Ring: Best Samurai Armor do you like best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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