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5 Best Weapons in Splatoon 3



Splatoon 3 has just celebrated its super successful launch on September 8th, 2022. Players may wonder which inky incarnation of wonderous weaponry will grant them victory. Are you a player that prefers style over substance? Perhaps the Splatana Wiper is up your alley. A fan of the ever-popular duel wield? Well then, the Splat Dualies will do you justice. Maybe you are a returning player from Splatoon 2 who revels over the Rollers? Regardless of which Weapon type you prefer, We have you covered with the 5 Best Weapons in Splatoon 3.


5. Splatana Wiper

Making its debut at a Nintendo Direct on the 10th of August 2022, The Splatana adds a samurai-like flair to your splatting abilities. With the ability to wipe your adversaries off the map with this weapon through an array of slashes, the Splatana Wiper is a hit among players. Armed with a focus on the mobility of the weapon at the forefront of its design. Players are able to get into the backlines of opposing teams and reek havoc.

While it is true that the Splatana Wiper lacks the range of some of Splatoon 3‘s other weapons, it makes up for it with devastating close-range damage. Able to combine the quick strikes with more powerful ones makes this weapon formidable on the Splattlefield. This can be paired with speed-increasing abilities to great effect. Making for an agile yet aggressive target for your foes. It also contains a special ability in which players will use an Ultra Stamp to stomp the competition. All in all, the Splatana Wiper is perfect for players who want to get up close and personal with their opponents making it formidable to say the least.


4. Tri-Stringer


The Tri-Stringer is a bow and arrow that is equipped with many abilities to complement its kit. With a great advantage when splatting from a distance, the Tri-Stringer has become a fan favorite rather quickly. This is not solely because of the feeling of the bow but also its utility. With the Tri-Stringer being the only weapon that can spray ink horizontally at a range this makes for a great area denial tool. While this might sound rather perfect for some players, the Tri-Stringer is not without its weaknesses.

Scoring a dead-on hit is very difficult with this weapon, and it can easily be countered at close range by even a semi-competent player. Its sub weapon is Toxic Mist, a spray that slows opponents and reduces their ink level creating an opening for the Tri-Stringer to shine. The Special of the Tri-Stringer, however, is staggeringly effective. The Killer Wail ability is a tracking ability able to track players' movements from great distances to secure the splat. Altogether the Tri-Stringer is an excellent weapon for those who want to stay at a distance from their opponents and cause massive damage.


3. Splat Brella

The Splat Brella is a close-range weapon that resembles a shotgun blast. The Splat Brella allows players to rain down on their enemies with great vengeance while also remaining fashionable. Being one of the main weapon types from Splatoon 2 the Splat Brella is back in Splatoon 3.  With the ability to charge the frontlines with its cone of fire, the Splat Brella is devastating at close ranges. Available for purchase once the player has reached level 5 from Ammo Knights, the Splat Brella is a strong pick.

More of a supportive weapon, the Splat Brella is able to shield allies from enemy fire. While this is a great ability, it is offset by the fact that the effective range on the weapon is very close. This makes matchups with the weapon a pain to deal with ranged opponents. Being paired with specific Gear Abilities can offset this, however, making for a utility weapon that is unmatched in its usefulness to the team. With that being said, the Splat Brella is a niche weapon that should not be missed by players.


2. Splat Roller

The Splat Roller is useful for players who want to play the objective in Splatoon 3. Namely, splatting as many areas as possible this is able to be accomplished by using the Splat Roller. While the range of the weapon may not be significant, its ability to provide ink coverage for your team is invaluable and cannot be understated. Being able to be paired with the Stealth Jump and Swim Speed Up Gear Abilities makes for a great combination.

The Splat Roller is able to be purchased extremely early. With its first iteration being able to be bought at level 2. This weapon allows for players to zone out control of the map and cover great amounts of area with the Splat Roller. This lack of range is offset by its Curling Bomb. The Curling Bomb is able to be thrown and bounces off the environment to be detonated by the player. The utility is also important with this weapon as it gives the player a shield they can use for themselves or their team when they see fit. In the end, the Splat Roller is a fantastic weapon type returning from Splatoon 2 and is one of the best weapons in Splatoon 3.


1. Splat Dualies

The Splat Dualies are an inkslingers dream. Containing the ability to work well from range and provide a high rate of fire. The Splat Dualies are arguably the best weapons in Splatoon 3. The Splat Dualies have an area denial suction bomb that allows for players to throw off opponents. Available to be purchased from Ammo Knights at level 3. Splat Dualies offer great close-range combat capabilities. This, coupled with their high mobility, means that players can get around the map rather easily to finish their foes.

While the Splat Dualies are the best weapon type in the game, they aren't flawless. With a limited radius in regards to turfing the place, Dualies are a more combative weapon as opposed to utility. With all that being said, though, the Splat Dualies give players access to the Crab Tank, which is able to launch a lot of ink and missiles at players to great effect. In conclusion, it is our opinion that the Splat Dualies are the undisputed king of Splatoon 3.

So, what do you think of these five Splatoon 3 weapons? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.  

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