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Beginner’s Guide to Splatoon 3

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Splatoon 3 is live, and the splatting is in full swing. This is a competitive game that has a heavy focus on multiplayer matches. Your goal is to win the Turf wars by taking over as much area as you can. You do this by covering it in ink using a variety of weapons.  If you haven't played Splatoon in a while or are new to the series, then you likely need some help starting out. While there is a tutorial, you are thrown into the action pretty quickly. Luckily, this beginner's guide is here to walk you through the first few hours of the game.


Your First Match

When you start the game, you have two choices. Go into the tower to play in turf wars or go into the sewer to try out the single-player. If you like most players, you probably headed straight to the tower and found yourself in a turf war. You also likely noticed that there were only two maps that the game was cycling through.

The process of getting into your first map is a bit quick, so here are some quick things to note:

  • The maps change each day.
  • Matches take three minutes each.
  • You can choose to stay with your team after each match.

You will want to get enough matches under your belt to level yourself up to rank four. At this rank, you will be able to use the clothing shops back in the square. Before you can rank up quickly, though, you will need to know how to win in matches. While your team will play a huge part in just how good you do during a match, there are some tips to help you succeed. Even if your team doesn't win, you can still rack up a decent sum of points.

Here's how to win matches in Splatoon 3 easier:

  • Points are accumulated for every bit of ink you use to cover the map.
  • Be sure to cover the starting area. It will count in the total coverage count at the end.
  • Keep watch on glowing enemies. This means they have their ultimate. If possible, take them down before they can release it.
  • Alternate between human and squid/octo form to ensure your tank stays filled.
  • Plan out your ultimate. You don't want to deploy them inside of an area your team has secured.

Most importantly, Splatoon isn't a game just about killing your opponents. Your task is to cover the map in ink, but you will see many players concentrate on chasing down members of the opposite team. Since this usually means spending less time covering the map, it actually ends up hurting the team. You should also watch where you launch when you respawn, as you can take more strategic positions after being wiped out. Keep in mind that when your team wins a game, you get a boost in points. This means that you can buy more gear and that you will level up even faster.


Best Weapons in Splatoon 3

While some weapons do feel better than others, recommending weapons can be hard. This is due to the different playstyles of the individual players. For example, I flourish with dual wielding, while many other players stick to the roller in matches. You can try out every weapon, so be sure to see how they feel before you buy them. You can check them out by going to Ammo Knights in the plaza. Some weapons won't unlock until you hit certain ranks, and you will have to take your time buying all of them.

One of the biggest things to look at with your weapon is the ultimate bomb type that comes with them. Ideally, you want a combination that you can smoothly use with your gun. For example, the crab tank is powerful, but if you're a defensive player, you will find the shield more comfortable for your style. You also may find that the sticky bombs are much more useful than the basic ones. It's up to you to try out each combination to see what fits.


Being Stylish

One aspect of Splatoon 3 that you should never skip is the clothing. Clothing is essential as it gives you buffs in battle. While you don't need to worry about learning every single ability combination like the pros, you do need a bit of a boost to keep up in casual matches. Clothes can give you boosts like helping you respawn quicker, move quicker, or even speed up your ink refills. It can be easy to see how having a good combination of these boosts can make games easier to win.

There are three pieces of gear that you can change in the game:

  • Hats
  • Shirts
  • Shoes

Each of these is purchased using points that you accumulate from playing games and Salmon Run. Most of the time, these clothes are cheap, and they will also come with an ability. By wearing the clothes and playing in matches, you can unlock the other two slots as you level. You are also able to customize your clothing slots by talking to Murch next to the battle tower. You will need ability chunks to do this, but just buying your first clothing sets, for now, is a good start.

Like in most competitive games, these small edges can mean the difference between life and death in close matches. For example, a roller main with boosted speed can run you over just a bit quicker than normal. This can mean that you have less time to shoot them before they reach you. On the other end of things, quicker respawning can ensure that you get back to your team quickly. This is especially important during tighter parts of the match where you are fighting over areas.

So, what do you think of these Splatoon 3 tips? Do you agree with our beginner guide? Are there any things we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.  

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