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PlayStation Plus: 5 Games You Should Play Before They’re Gone



There has never been a better time to capitalize upon the value of PlayStation Plus. That said, the games available through this service are not always around. Therefore, players must manage to make time in their schedules to play them before they are removed from PlayStation Plus. No one likes missing out on a title because they did not have the time to play. That being said, here are our picks for PlayStation Plus: 5 games you should play before they're gone.


DOOM is a game near and dear to many FPS players' hearts. The fast-paced action of this shooter is one that indeed causes players to get addicted to its rapid ravenous gameplay. Players unfamiliar with the series will find themselves slaughtering various types of demons on their way through this title. With a blood-pumping soundtrack and many ways to defeat your foes, DOOM is a reboot that lives up well to its namesake. PlayStation Plus can introduce many fans to the Doom series through this title, which was instrumental in developing first-person shooters.

Players looking for a metal-laden exhilarating experience need to look no further than this title. This game provides the player with an experience that always manages to get them pumped. The soundtrack to this game is also vital to its success. The music compliments the gameplay perfectly, featuring heavy metal perfect for slaying demons. So if players are hesitant to pick up this title, have no fear, as DOOM is worth the time. In conclusion, DOOM is one of the finest FPS games on the market that you should pick up on PlayStation Plus before it is gone.


4. Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is an absolute marvel to behold. First of all, the graphics within the game are stunning with its interpretation of the island of Tsushima. Whether the leaves are meandering through the winds or the beautiful ambiance created by traveling through the forest, this game nails the atmosphere in which it is set. Players play as Jin Sakai, a samurai seeking to regain his land from the Mongols. Players are immediately drawn into this world through its characters and world.

It is within this world that the gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima shines. To begin with, the swordplay within the game is so stellar that fighting even the lowliest of enemies feels terrific. Whether players are attacking a Mongol camp or an assortment of enemies out in the world, it always feels stellar. It is this addictive combat loop that keeps the player hooked while they enjoy the tale of the main character Jin Sakai. This game is a sight to be seen and is a fantastic example of what aesthetics and attention to detail can do for a title. Therefore, players should pick up this title before it leaves PlayStation Plus if they haven't already.


3. God of War

God of War is a masterful continuation of the God of War series. Firstly, the change in pantheon and location allows the game developers to explore a new world of lore for their game. Furthermore, this new location attributes itself well to exciting mythology seldom seen in mainstream gaming. Finally, featuring the Norse pantheon prominently within this title, God of War shows this new cast of characters and familiarizes the player with the new Norse landscape.

This is not the only place where the game developers made the changes to the series work for them. This adaptability can be seen in the Leviathan Axe, a weapon that replaces Kratos's iconic Chains of Olympus. In addition, while the game may take place In a new land, there have been changes to the combat system that make this title feel fresh but still very familiar. Another way this game separates itself from its predecessors is its focus on narrative and character development, as Kratos and his son Atreus are fleshed out quite well. Both characters have their moments to shine throughout the story. Overall, God of War is one of the PlayStation Plus games players should play before they are gone.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is the definitive way to enjoy Guerilla Game's masterpiece. The game features both the base game, which is phenomenal in its own right and its highly praised DLC, The Frozen Wilds. The DLC sees Aloy go into The Frozen Wilds, an area that adds a substantial amount of space to explore a game that already has a sprawling map. Along with the new location, there are new people to meet and new creatures to hunt and tame.

People who enjoyed the base game will find more to love within the complete edition of the game, from new weapons and tactics that players can use to take down more significant and dangerous prey to a storyline that delves deeper into the Banuk tribe within the world. All in all, if players enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn, then having the complete edition within PlayStation Plus means that there is just more of the game to enjoy at little cost to the player.



1. Returnal

Returnal is a game with a unique style and flavor. The roguelike FPS game pits the player up against many different types of alien species. Players must use various armaments to defeat these foes and find out what is going on on the planet they are stranded upon. Returnal is unique because it uses the death loop caused by the players to weave its story piece by piece. With the map and various enemies changing with each respawn.

It is this ever-changing gameplay that lends itself well to Returnal ‘s replayability. So no matter how often you have run through a particular section of the game, there are always new surprises to discover. In addition, enemy locations and loot movement change during each subsequent run-through. As a result, Returnal features ever-evolving gameplay that keeps the game fresh. Added to this is Returnal‘s stellar shooting mechanics, which feel fluid and responsive. In short, Returnal is one of the best PlayStation Plus games players should enjoy before it leaves the library.


So, what’s your take on our picks for PlayStation Plus: 5 games you should play before they're gone? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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