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5 Best DOOM Games of All Time, Ranked

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One of the first games that comes to mind when thinking about run and gun shooters is the Doom series. Evidently, that's because Doom is the founding father of the fast-paced action-fueled style of FPS games. When the first Doom released in 1993, it broke the conventional manner of FPS games, which was rather a slow playing and straightforward experience. However, Doom, 1993 countered this by taking a step in a completely different direction. It's this notion that has been the long-running success of the series, but it ponders the thought of what are the best Doom games of all time?

Since all Doom games have flourished off of its constantly unhinged style, we're curious to find out which game has done it best. That is, blowing up demons in space with RPGs, or even crushing them with your bare hands. The franchise's games accomplish this in a variety of ways and now it's time to rank the titles that did it the best. From storyline to shotguns, here are the five best Doom games of all time, Ranked.


5. Doom 64

Doom took over the Nintendo 64 in 1997 with its coveted release for the system. Despite the fact that it was a spin-off of Doom II's later events, it received good accolades even with it not being a primary entry in the series. It just goes to show just how much the fast-paced FPS style of the Doom was appraised by gamers. Evidently, the game's iconic feel is something that N64 players were clawing at the chance at. However, it's something fans of the original titles weren't too excited about.

What was a refreshing experience for N64 players, was a bit of a dragged-out concept for lovers of previous titles. Which really is the success and downfall of Doom 64. The game included everything that had driven it so far, but it lacked much in the sense of creativity, making the experience new for some but tedious for others. At the end of the day, the game was still a success and propelled the Doom series to new heights, earning its spot on our list.



4. Doom II

There may be judgment for Doom II falling this early, but it's not knocking the game by any means. Being the second title in the series, Doom II didn't disappoint. What it really did was improve an already fantastic game by elaborating on what made it great in the first place, rather than completely changing its approach. This was done with a variety of enemies, level designs, and the inclusion of new and notable weapons, like the Super Shotgun.

Even the storyline picks up right where it left off, with a relatively remodeled narrative. You know, where you kill a goliath boss, close all the portals and make a great escape all in time for dinner? It's the classic style of the game that players love, and even though it was just slightly improved upon, fans still went head over heels. You can credit the game for not flopping the series and rather furthering it, but it didn't bring much of anything new. Despite this, the game was a great inclusion and deserves recognition for continuing the series' notoriety.



3. Doom Eternal

Best Doom games of all time

The latest installment to the Doom series was Doom Eternal in 2020. The game played right off the success of 2016's Doom which gave the game a very similar feel. The game is overfilled with action-packed shooting and new mechanics which acted as a double-edged sword. The gameplay was certainly satisfying, but it felt significantly more complex than prior Doom games, which excel at keeping things as basic as possible.

With that, there was a much bigger emphasis on the storyline this time around. The ending made the whole experience worth its time, but sometimes the story felt a bit dragged out. Doom Eternal is a great mark in the series, and it very well could be considered one of the best Doom games of all time, but the credit deserves to go to the games that delivered the original experience first.



2. Doom (1993)

Best Doom games of all time

The original Doom changed everything with its release. It may not have been the first to do FPS, but it changed how the genre was looked at entirely. Games started incorporating the fast-paced style approach, earning them the title of “Doom Clones”. Any game that can earn the notoriety of clowning games as clones of itself, must've been an impressive title. Which Doom was, but it's true success stems from its originality.

Not enough credit is given to the original Doom for taking the unbeaten path and doing it so successfully. Breaking video game standards is usually an unaccepted practice, especially at a period when the conventions were being established. Although the game may not have the glorious features that expand its thrilling game-play in later titles, the game is evidence that taking a risk pays off. So while Doom 1993's gameplay may not be the most impressive of all, its self-accomplished feats make it one of the best Doom games of all time.



1. Doom (2016)

Best Doom games of all time

Taking the number one spot is 2016's Doom. Nostalgia was high for the game, which worked out because id Software had outdone themselves by delivering everything gamers wanted from the original. 2016's Doom truly felt like an original game, however with AAA money and new-age graphics, which was the case. The fact that the devs were able to execute the style and keep the same feel with an entirely new and updated engine is almost more impressive than the game that resulted from it.

Everything was on par, from running around and blowing one demon head off to the next. Plus the “Glory Kills” still stand out as the best Doom-esque feature to be added across all of its games. From pleasing old fans, to even garnering new ones, 2016's Doom was a title that succeeded in every area. Its release re-sparked the love for the series, easily granting it as the best Doom game of all time.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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