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5 Things You Should’ve Known About Horizon Zero Dawn

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Waiting for Aloy’s experience in the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West (which is expected to be released this year) is torture. At one point, Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) was supposed to be a co-op title, but the story-driven, single-player experience is what we needed. 

Dutch-based Guerrilla Games mentioned multiple times that Horizon Forbidden West will focus on side quest content and side character interactions, more compelling than the first game. In the post-apocalyptic world, Aloy will have more time to spend with each character she meets, allowing the players to form a deeper relationship. Her skill tree will be split into six distinct playstyles: Infiltrator, Machine Master, Warrior, Trapper, Hunter, Survivor.


As intelligent as we may be, the action RPG (role-playing game) Horizon Zero Dawn has things we should know about the video game. If the green-eyed Aloy (a character based off of Hannah Hoekstra, a Dutch actress) did not take care of her red hair, it probably would look like an anemone, but it sets her a part from other video game characters.

For those who prefer a different hairstyle for Aloy, it would not hurt for the developers to introduce a character customization in the sequel. Last year, Ronda Rousey cosplayed as Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy, in a hair tutorial. This is a list about 5 things you should’ve known about Horizon Zero Dawn.


5. Horizon Zero Dawn and The Netherlands: 

46 million euros that were invested in Horizon Zero Dawn, by Guerrilla Games, made it the biggest and most expensive form of media ever produced in the Netherlands.


4. Aloy Is A Clone: 

How many of you would feel comfortable with a clone of you around? In Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy is the generic clone of Dr. Elisabet Sobeck (a 21st century roboticist and engineer). The machine Hunter, Aloy was created by GAIA and GAIA is the governing artificial intelligence of Zero Dawn. Without GAIA, the restoration of life on the Earth (when the Faro Plague attacked) would not be possible.

Aloy’s birthday is on April 4th, 3021, at All-Mother Mountain.


3. A Reference To Jazz Jackrabbit: 

Arjan Brusse (one of the co-founders of Guerrilla Games) worked on Jazz Jackrabbit, back in the 90s. In Horizon Zero Dawn, after meeting War Chief Sona, there is a mining camp. A Metal Flowet is near the mining camp and beside it, are two rabbits, hopping around. The two rabbits names are Jack and Jazz.


2. The Health Plants: 

To fill up your health bar, you will need five to six health plants. Unfortunately, for your convenience, you will not see a green icon. Instead, you will be stuck guessing what will benefit Aloy in the wilderness. Majority of the health plant are tall, red flowers. In the wintry areas, there are short, blue flowers, that are health plants.


1. Override Machines:

You can override nearly every machine to aid you in combat and in order to ride more machines, you need to complete cauldrons (mini-dungeons). Each cauldron you complete allows you to override a new set of machines.

Hack a PSI Cauldron and you will have access to strider, charger, and broadhead machine types. Not every machine can be mounted. If the machines can be hacked, they will defend you, until the override wears off or they die. If you seriously did not know that you can hack machines in Horizon Zero Dawn, now, you know.

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