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Best Alchemist Build in Remnant 2

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Best Alchemist Build in Remnant 2

Remnant 2’s archetypes are a well-rounded bunch, and part of their camaraderie is the Alchemist. He takes on both support and utility-oriented roles. In the former, they help supply powerful buffs to allies in battle by giving them vials and consumables. In the latter, they protect their allies against fatal damage, among other benefits like reviving downed allies, increasing fire rate, and converting scrap to ammo.

At his core, the Alchemist thrives on supporting his team. So, his build also needs to maximize his ability to prove useful in high-stakes battles. But you also need to make sure he can attack and defend himself, so your team doesn’t need to worry about protecting the Alchemist as well. For these, we’ve curated the best alchemist build in Remnant 2 to survive the realms and come out unscathed.

5. Atom Smasher (Melee)

Best Alchemist Build in Remnant 2

No matter your build’s combat specialty, it’s always good to come prepared for both long and close-range combat scenarios. So, for close-quarters encounters, you’ll want to equip the Atom Smasher melee weapon. Its name comes from its ability to smash enemies down to their unit atom composition, thus inflicting the highest irreparable damage possible. Since the weapon behaves like a hammer, you’ll need to close the gap between enemies and inflict damage in as close proximity as possible. Each swing is powerful enough to cause devastating effects, so as long as you aim accurately, you’ll be good to go.

What’s more? Atom Smasher comes equipped with the Accelerator weapon mod. It allows you to deliver powerful melee attacks at a 10% increased speed for all melee attacks. Thereafter, you can upgrade it up to 10 times from its base 79.2 damage output rate to the most optimal 216 damage output rate.

How to Get Atom Smasher

You can get the Atom Smasher melee weapon in N'erud, specifically in the last wagon of the train in Terminus Station after The Train Event.

4. Engineer (Secondary Archetype)

Alchemist Build in Remnant 2

The Alchemist protects your party troop. But who protects the Alchemist? A good way to protect him is to use Remnant 2’s duo archetype functionality to equip Engineer as the Alchemist’s secondary archetype. Among all other classes, he’s exceptional with heavy weaponry, particularly unleashing powerful armaments on all allies in turret mode. Additionally, he comes equipped with skills like Magnetic Field, Fortify, and Metalworker, all of which help him carry more heavy weapons, amplify their damage output, and reduce damage intake for allies. The more you upgrade the Engineer, the more proficient he gets at handling heavy weapons and providing protective armor.

To craft the deadliest Engineer build, make sure to equip the Vulcan heavy weapon skill. It allows you to regenerate 1.25% of ammo every second, leading to a higher damage output. Fortify, on the other hand, helps to give you a 50% boost on protective armor, effectively covering all the bases you need to win.

How to Get an Engineer

If you haven’t chosen Engineer as your starting archetype, you’ll need to unlock him later on in the game. To do so, you’ll need to craft the Drzyr Caliper engram, which you can obtain after getting the Alien Device at the Titan’s Reach checkpoint in The Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon spawn points.

3. Double Barrel (Hand Gun)

Alchemist Build in Remnant 2

Whenever you run into hordes of monsters, you’ll want to take them on using an agile, lightweight gun. And the Double Barrel is a great choice for that. It’s short and sturdy, allowing you to swing it out swiftly and shred every enemy in its path. It relies less on precision and more on amplified power bursts at close range. In fact, it has a whopping 110 damage stat, which you can upgrade up to 20 times to a devastating 330 damage output rate. That amount of damage can easily dismantle enemies into pieces, and it’s definitely the kind of weapon you need when you’re expecting to run into some trouble up ahead.

How to Get Double Barrel

There are two options here. The easiest route is to get it as the starting weapon for the Alchemist archetype. Or, finish the Head Doctor and the Iron Safe events to get access to a secret code that you can use to open the Iron Safe in Losomn. 

2. Stone Mist (Skill)

While an archetype can equip several skills, you’ll want to prioritize the Stone Mist skill for the Alchemist. The Stone Mist casts a mysterious cloud of vapor that engulfs every ally within range and applies Stone Skin to them. Stone Skin then works its magic by reducing damage intake by 25%, reducing stagger, increasing any blight decay process, and generally, making allies immune to status effects. There’s a catch, though. Stone Mist will only last for 10 seconds, after which a 72-second cooldown kicks in.

How to Get Stone Mist

Luckily, the Stone Mist unlocks automatically when you equip your Alchemist archetype, so you can start maximizing its potential instantly.

1. Sagittarius (Long Gun)

Keeping a safe distance has always been the best way to stay alive for the longest periods of time. And the Sagittarius Long Gun will do the job just perfectly. It’s a bow for your inner archer to shine through. Thanks to its high damage output rate and prime focus on weak spots, you can easily thin herds from a mile away. Each shot lands precisely on targets and effectively takes down any enemy in its path. 

You also get the Starfall weapon mod exclusively equipped on Saggitarius. Starfall allows you to fire arrows that deal 30 damage and pave the way for a 7m portal that pours down star fragments on all enemies caught within range. Each star fragment carries a 50 damage rate within 4m and lasts about 6 seconds. If it’s not enough, you can always go on to crank up Saggittarius’ damage rate to a whopping 294 if you like.

How to Get Saggitarius

All you need to do is complete the puzzles in Yaesha's side dungeon called the Cathedral of Omens, and you’ll be good to go.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best alchemist build in Remnant 2? Are there more builds we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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