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Best Hunter Build in Remnant 2

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Best Hunter Build in Remnant 2

The gaming world's recent obsession, Remnant 2, is remarkably popular for various reasons. The primary reason that stands out is the freedom to build your play style. The play styles known as Archetypes are available as soon as you start the game. You only get access to four of the eleven classes at the game's inception. But you can switch later in the game for a better class. 

The Hunter is the only Archetype returning from the game's predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes. And for a good reason. The class is excellent for long-range combat, focusing on burst damage and exploiting weak points. So whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, a Hunter Build will surely come in handy. Want to find out more? Here are the best Hunter builds in Remnant 2.  

5. Gunslinger (Secondary Archetypes)


Hunters are all about damage output. The class's long-range shooting specialization helps you achieve that. Defensive skills and endurance are not a focus for the Archetype. This is where passive effects and buffs come in handy. 

Pairing this build with the Gunslinger works to complement your class by increasing its damage output. It also comes in handy in a rescue operation, say, if your buddies take hits from the bosses. 

The summoner is also a solid choice for the Hunter build. Going by its name, it helps you summon Minions to aid you in combat. The minions can help by increasing range damage or filling up your health bar. 

4. Huntmaster M1 and Nightfall (primary weapon)

Best Hunter Build in Remnant 2

The Hunter build does nothing without equipping top-tier weapons that complement this class. For your primary weapons, the Huntmaster M1 and Nightfall are solid choices. 

Huntmaster M1

This long gun can deal damage to your enemy from a distance. The weapon is a revamped gun made from old hunting rifle parts. With its super accurate one-shot ability and strong zoom scope, you can make perfect long-range shots to take out enemies from a distance.

Damage: 70

RPS: 1.5

Magazine: 7

Ideal Range: 27m


Nightfall's bone shards can intimidate your enemy. Aside from its scary look, it deals significant damage. It's best for close to mid-range fights and can be spooky when you use it to hurt your foes.

Damage: 31

RPS: 4.3

Magazine: 10

Ideal Range: 18m

For handguns, you can't go wrong with Enigma and Nebula. Nebula deals corrosive damage by firing streams of scorching acid gas. The weapon comes in handy during short to medium-range combat. You can swap a Nebula for an Enigma. 

The handgun is also ideal for close to medium-range battles. If you find yourself in a tight space, this shrunken version of the Labyrinth is your best bet.  


Damage: 22

RPS: 4

Magazine: 25

Ideal Range: 12m


Damage: 12

RPS: 8

Magazine: 55

Ideal Range: 8m

3. Hunters Mark (Skills)

Best Hunter Build in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 skills give you an added advantage in combat. You can only activate one skill at a time. Plus, each class has its own skill. For the Hunter build, the primary skill to equip is the Hunters Mark. 

The skill increases your character's awareness using an Aura that puts a MARK on adversaries within a 35m radius. You receive a 15% increase in your ranged and melee attacks in this state. This effect lasts for 25 seconds.  

For your secondary skill, Bulletstorm is an ideal Gunslinger skill to equip. The skill gives you access to the speed and full throttle of the Gunslinger. It increases your weapon's fire rate by 20% and the reload speed of ranged weapons by 50%. This gun-blazing effect lasts for 20 seconds. 

2. Best Perks

Best Perks

If you're still with us, you have the right weapons and skills to send your adversaries to eternal damnation. All that is remaining is the right perk. Perks grant your character passive effects when activated. Similar to skills, each perk is tucked behind specific archetypes. 


The Deadeye perk boosts your ranged attacks and weak spot hits. It increases your likelihood of nailing weak spots by 40%. Moreover, the skill increases your chance of critical attacks with ranged attacks by 15%. If this isn't enticing enough, the perk's bonuses increase as your character levels up. 


If you have a Relic equipped, this perk extends the duration of your Hunter's active skills by 10 seconds. Also, if you achieve weak spot Kills on marked enemies, the perk increases your Relic recharge by 5% in 15 seconds. 

Return to Sender

This perk increases your ammo after defeating enemies with critical or weak spot hits. The perks reward your skilled shooting; you can even get access to double your ammo drop. With this perk, you can fire away at will without worrying about running out of ammo. 

1. Accessories

Ankh of Power 

Remnant 2 provides a variety of accessories to build your character. These include weapons, relics, rings, and amulets. Each of these items elevates your play style. For instance, Amulets grant your character bonus abilities. 

For the Hunter Build, the following are the ideal accessories to equip.

Ankh of Power 

The Ankh of Power ranks as one of the best Amulets in the game. It blends well with any archetype, especially Hunter. It gives a 15% boost to all damage while increasing your regeneration rate as your health depletes. 

If you consume a relic while possessing this Amulet, you get a double bonus for 15 seconds. This empowering effect is incredible and valuable for taking down bosses. 

Chains of Amplification

This Amulet's look communicates suffering. And that is precisely what it does to your foes; It increases damage by 20% for targets suffering from status effects. 

Inert Overcharger

Inert Overcharger is a powerful amulet to equip for its healing ability. The device also increases the fire rate by 20% and the reload speed by 50%. When standing still, it reduces recoil by 50%. 

Point Focus Ring

With this ring, you can focus better on your targets. It reduces recoil and Initial Spread by 35%.

Ring of Flawed Beauty

Equipping this ring gives you a sufficient boost in ranged combat. It amplifies ranged attacks by dealing 25% more damage when aiming for your adversary's weak spot. If ranged combat is your specialization, add this ring to your gear collection.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our choices for the best Hunter build in Remnant 2? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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