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Best Gunslinger Build in Remnant 2

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Gunslinger build in remnant 2

Pre-order fellows were lucky enough to grab Gunslinger as part of their camaraderie. However, those who landed a Remnant 2 copy after launch will have to unlock him some time into their playthrough. Either way, Gunslinger has always been a straightforward guy, from the trailers leading up to the launch. He’s the mid-range DPS archetype, which is your typical cowboy dude slinging bows and crossbows in addition to guns. Juggling several weapons demands swift and quick switching, reloading, and firing at enemies. He’s always packed with plentiful ammo, though he still requires that you conserve it for the most opportune times. 

Best of all, Gunslinger isn’t afraid to take the fight where it’s due, unleashing hell and fury on all who dare cross him and leaving no one to tell the tale. He can also get up close and personal with enemies. However, he deals the most damage by firing guns from a safe distance since his defenses aren’t always the best. With all the strengths and weaknesses, you’ll need to find the best weapons, armor, and accessories to maximize Gunslinger’s strengths and minimize his weaknesses. So, without further adieu, here's the best Gunslinger build in Remnant 2.

5. Nightfall (Long Gun)


Nightfall is a long gun type weapon with a bonus stagger in Remnant 2. It deals devastating damage to enemies by using hardened bone shards in place of bullets. You can use it to take down the strongest foes in close to mid-range combat. Thanks to its relentless force, many players gravitate toward Nightfall, propelling it into one of the most powerful weapons in Remnant 2. It was so powerful, in fact, that an early patch decreased its power to fall a little closer in line with the rest.

Nightfall comes with the Dreadwalker mod, which is exclusively equipped with it. You can get the mod once you enter the Nightmare Realm and gain infinite Ammo as a result. You also get a 25% boost in fire rate, a 10% boost in Lifesteal, and full automation. These buffs allow you to dodge enemies much faster. However, equipping Dreadwalker disables other weapons and skills, so watch out for that. 

Since Nightfall is a special type of long gun, you can upgrade it up to 10 times. Each level upgrade will require you to acquire the relevant crafting items, usually as loot when defeating enemies and bosses, rewards from events, or from merchants. The upgrades are essential to your gameplay because they will allow you to scale the weapon’s damage output stat from 37.2 to a whopping 93 rate.

How to Get Nightfall

Nightfall is a craftable weapon. You will need to take down The Nightweaver at Losomn to get x1 Cursed Dream Skills. Then, use it with x7 Lumenite Crystal and x650 Scrap to craft the weapon at the McCabe store.  

4. Challenger (Secondary Archetype)

Challenger remnant 2

Equipping a secondary archetype is paramount, thanks to Remnant 2’s dual archetype functionality. This allows you to explore the full potential of your Gunslinger. While there are a few good matches among the other archetypes, the Challenger comes out on top for filling in the gaps where the Gunslinger lags behind. More precisely, Gunslinger excels in mid to long-range combat. So, the Challenger can come in with his tank skills and ability to resist heavy damage for longer periods in more close-range combat scenarios. 

Together, you can adopt the best of the offensive world. You can take a step further and use the Juggernaut skill to optimize your melee attacks and armor. Overall, Challenger helps to increase your chances of survivability in heated close-range battles, allowing Gunslinger to place his focus on high-accuracy, heavy-damage attacks.

How to Get the Challenger Archetype

Challenger is an unlockable archetype. You’ll need to get the Old Metal Tool from Reggie at 1500. Then, craft the Steel Enswell Engram, only if you didn’t pick it as your starting class.  

3. Bulletstorm (Skill)

Bulletstorm remnant 2

The best Gunslinger skill is Bulletstorm. That’s because it’s the skill that makes the most of Gunslinger’s greatest strengths. It works by giving you a 20% boost on fire rate and a 50% boost on reload speed across the ranged weapons of your build, thus unleashing the full power and agility of the Gunslinger. However, the extra buffs will only last for 20 seconds, so make sure to make the most of them before the 57.6-second cooldown kicks in. Furthermore, Bulletstorm automates single-shot weapons. Bows and crossbows, on the other hand, gain a 15% critical chance and 50% increased projectile speed.

How to Get Bulletstorm

You can unlock Bulletstorm once you reach level 10 of the Gunslinger build.

2. MP60-R (Hand Gun)


Alternatively, the MP60-R handgun can help enhance Gunslinger’s close-range combat, thanks to its high fire rate and precise shots that make all the difference in high-stakes situations. It’s also pretty compact, making it great for maneuvering in cramped areas. So, if you’re ever stuck in a tight spot, the MP60-R is the right weapon to get you out of there – swift and easily. Just remember to also upgrade it from its starting 9 damage output to a whopping 27 damage rate.

How to Get MP60-R

You can get the MP60-R handgun as the starting weapon for the Summoner archetype. Alternatively, you can find it in Ward 13.

1. Spectral Blade (Melee)

Spectral Blade

The Spectral Blade in Remnant 2 comes in handy during up-close-and-personal close-quarters combat. It’s a melee weapon that uses its laser, infinitely sharp edge to cut through enemies in a whirlwind of swings and slashes. Additionally, it has a neutral backlash charge attack that deals extra damage with each slash.

What’s more? The blade comes exclusively equipped with the Whirlwind mod. This allows you to use the Neutral Backdash Charge to create a whirlwind of slashes that cut through flesh within 8m for 75 damage. For an even more devastating effect, you can upgrade the sword up to 10 times with the required craftable items to scale its damage output from 58.3 to a whopping 106 rate. 

How to Get Spectral Blade

The Spectral Blade is also a craftable weapon that you can get at the McCabe shop. Make sure to have with you x1 Eidolon Shard, x7 Lumenite Crystal, and x650 Scrap beforehand.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best Gunslinger build in Remnant 2? Are there more builds we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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