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5 Best Games Like Remnant 2



Remnant 2 is an absolutely phenomenal game. With stellar shooting mechanics, an intriguing and interesting world, and smooth gameplay, everything is firing on all cylinders. The game manages to be atmospheric, while also being fast-paced in its gameplay. This is a delicate balance to strike and the game does so wonderfully. That said, there are many titles that hope to create a similar experience. So, to highlight some of the best of these titles, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Remnant 2.

5. Destiny 2

We begin today's list of the best games like Remnant 2 with an immensely popular title. Destiny 2 is a game that has become immensely popular through both its PvP and PvE content. However, for the purposes of this list, we are here to focus on the PvE content in the game. Destiny 2 allows players to participate in an absolutely massive storyline, that spans many planets and characters. Each of these planets and characters feels unique and offers the player just that little bit more insight into the world around them and its lore.

That said, there are certain challenges in the game that can be quite massive undertakings. These raids allow players to participate in great battles on a scale, otherwise not seen in the game. This is great, as it allows the gravitas of the game to really sink in, all while challenging the player in a fun and meaningful way. Additionally, if players are successful, they are rewarded not only with the experience itself, but fantastic loot. All in all, Destiny 2 is one of the best loot-based games with a high level of difficulty like games like Remnant 2.

4. World War Z

For our next entry, we have a title that fits a bit more of the darker vibe set forth by games like Remnant 2World War Z is a massive game in which players must evade a horde of zombies in order to survive. The enemies that players will face in the game come with varying difficulties. This serves to add to the overall variety of the game. This is great, as it keeps the game from falling into a common pitfall of zombie games where it just continues to be a slog overall. However, World War Z avoids this in a wonderful way.

One similar thread that runs through both Remnant 2 and World War Z is their four-person co-op. This is great, as it allows players to bring friends along with them on the journey. And also adds to the challenge. The game has a heavy emphasis on its dark story, much like Remnant 2 as well, where both games take place in a post-apocalyptic setting. So if you are someone who enjoys challenging games, with a healthy dose of cooperative gameplay, check out one of the best games like Remnant 2 in World War Z.

3. Risk of Rain 2

Switching things up just a bit, for our next entry we have Risk of Rain 2Risk of Rain 2, much like Destiny 2 can be classified as a looter shooter. However, it is in how it executes on this formula that makes it stand out. Risk of Rain 2 features players fighting off hordes of enemies all in a race to get the best loot. To get there, however, players will either have to rely on their own skills, or the combined efforts of their friends in order to succeed. This is a game world that isn't forgiving of the player and will eliminate them if given the chance.

This is great though, as it gives the game a stronger sense of challenge, which in turn, makes the rewards for completing these challenges more worthwhile. Additionally, the game aesthetically stands out from its competition as well. This gives Risk of Rain 2 a strong sense of identity which is followed through on throughout the game. There is also a Trial system in the game for players who wish to push themselves even further. All around, Risk of Rain 2 is one fo the best games like Remnant 2 on the market.

2. Dark Souls RemasteredBest weapons

Following up on our last entry, next we have a title that players will no doubt be familiar with. The world of Dark Souls has become one of the most recognizable and inspiring worlds in gaming. And, through Dark Souls Remastered, players are able to experience this game's beautifully dark world in a brand new light. This is great, as it gives players who haven't had the chance to play the game, to play the definitive version. Additionally, it allows fans of the game to also experience a game that lives up to the fond memories they have from so long ago.

Thrust into an unforgiving world, players will have to fight for every breath of fresh air that they breathe in this game. This is due to the fact that the enemies, let alone the bosses, can give players quite a bit of trouble. The boss design in the game is simply masterful. And serves as a perfect example for games seeking to emulate the Souls series should follow. This is great, however, as it has resulted in some beautifully inspired games. Altogether, Dark Souls Remastered is one of the best games like Remnant 2 you can be playing today.

1. Returnal

Now comes the time for our final entry. Simply stated, Returnal is one of the best games like Remnant 2 you can play right now. Returnal takes the formula put forth from other titles and manages to expand upon it beautifully. Tying the lore of the game into its mechanics is an absolutely ingenious way to keep the story of the game interesting, and also explain away many of the game's mechanics. Speaking of mechanics, from a mechanical standpoint, this game is stunning. The third-person shooter gameplay in the game is polished to a degree seldom seen in other titles.

However, that is hardly where this game stops, as there are many customizable elements that players can play around with. For example, the different types of weapons in the game can be outfitted to the player's liking, which is great. This ensures that no matter how you want to play Returnal, all playstyles are valid. The game does all of this without sacrificing its difficulty as well, which is impressive. In conclusion, if you are looking to play one of the best games like Remnant 2, make sure you pick up Returnal.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Remnant 2? What are some of your picks? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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