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5 Best Games Like World War Z: Aftermath

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5 Best Games Like World War Z: Aftermath

If you're a part of modern society, you're probably familiar with Paramount Pictures' blockbuster film: World War Z. Its success inspired 2019's Saber Interactive's popular zombie-shooter game of the same title – World War Z. Its sequel, World War Z: Aftermath, blew the franchise's relevance to grand proportions after its September 2021 release. Thanks to its new: campaigns (Rome & Russia), player class (Vanguard), gaming mode (Hoard XL), and first-person interaction. Not forgetting a special new enemy type different from the original zombies – a pack of rats! And they are absolutely dreadful to deal with.

World War Z's gameplay involves blasting your way through countless zombies. An array of new melee weapons makes it an absolute delight. In addition, its improved graphics make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, especially in vanguard mode! As a result, this makes World War Z: Aftermath overwhelmingly better than its predecessor. However, its online play, lackluster story, and inability to aim down sights in first-person mode make the game wanting. This begs the question, can World War Z: Aftermath stand the test of time? Here are some games like World War Z: Aftermath you can try out should it fail to hold your interest.


5. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2

The dead have risen, and civilization has shattered. This is State of Decay 2, a May 2018 release by Undead Labs. In this game, up to four players co-op to recruit survivors, hunt for resources, and form a society in a zombie-infested world. Needless to say, obtaining loot and eliminating infectious enemies necessitates extensive teamwork. Seeing as each survivor has their own set of needs, fears, and characteristics. In this respect, State of Decay 2 shares World War Z: Aftermath‘s sense of the suspense and terror, with dread and imminent disaster always looming around every turn.

The ability to customize your preferences is a standout feature of this game. For example, do you want a peaceful, pastoral farming community with little to no zombie threats? Or would you prefer a foggy, wooded map teeming with the undead? Also, should resources be abundant or highly scarce? Furthermore, what abilities and skills are you going to invest in? And will you select a Warlord, Sheriff, Trader, or Builder as your legacy? Indeed, if this is not enough to get you playing State of Decay 2, I don't know what is!


4. Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood - Official Release Date Trailer

Even though Back 4 Blood is a creation by Turtle Rock (former Left 4 Dead developers), it definitely secures its place in games like World War Z: Aftermath’s listicle. In this gripping cooperative first-person shooter, you'll find yourself at the epicenter of a battle against “the Ridden.” These zombie-like creatures are hosts of a terrible parasite that transformed them into dreadful mutants hellbent on devouring humanity's last remnants. Therefore, iIt's up to you and your friends to unleash war on the enemy, eliminate the Ridden, and recover the world.

Unfortunately, Back 4 Blood has received terrible online backlash citing a poor storyline, among other shortcomings. However, this lack of depth in Back 4 Blood‘s story makes it suitable to play with friends as you can undertake mindless shoot-the-enemy fun. It's never that serious!


3. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - The Reason - Official Gameplay Trailer

Dying Light 2: Stay Human already stands out among games like World War Z: Aftermath just two months after its release. It is an action role-playing game developed by Techland that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with hordes of flesh-eating zombies and just a few survivors. To stay alive, you'll have to make tough choices and fight. Like determining who to side with, deciding who lives or dies, and, most crucially, choosing your own fate. As a result, you must discover a means to keep yourself alive in the face of both man and beast.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human's excellent gameplay makes this otherwise uphill battle of survival a lot of fun. Thanks to the game having twice as much parkour as its predecessor- a feature that propelled the franchise to soaring heights. Not to mention the beautiful open world and fantastic combat. Additionally, the zombies' day/night cycle adds some diversity to the game. Since they are fewer & more docile during the day, and hordes of aggressive ones prowl at night. Stay tuned for Techland's release of the Dying Light 2: Stay Human's third patch before the end of the month. It's bound to be a treat!


2. Days Gone

Days Gone – Story Trailer | PS4

Days Gone is a survival action-horror game created by SIE Bend Studio, set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon. It's an open-world zombie game with superb combat mechanics, excellent exploration, and outstanding non-traditional characters. The game's story is undoubtedly its most compelling feature. It follows Deacon St. John, a veteran biker gang member. When Deacon learns that there's a chance his wife (Sarah) is still alive, he sets off on a quest to find her. Playing as Deacon, you'll explore the harsh and brutal open world- which never lets you feel entirely safe.

And as is typical of games like World War Z: Aftermath, there are hordes. That's right, hordes! Literally involving hundreds of “Freakers” going after you at the same time. And this right here is where Days Gone really cranks it up a notch! Because while you're trying to evade these hordes with a depleted bike, you're simultaneously running out of gas with a gas canister in your hand. Furthermore, there are a plethora of achievements to be unlocked. And if you prefer unconventional plot twists, you'll appreciate the fact that Days Gone's protagonist is more of an anti-hero.


1. Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2)

Left 4 Dead 2 - Official Trailer

Left 4 Dead 2 L4D2 is a zombie co-op game that took the gaming world by storm upon its 2008 release. And it continues to do so to date. Talk about standing the test of time! The concept of  L4D2 is simple. In survival mode, you'll control one of four new survivors whose main agenda is to escape from the zombie hordes across Southern U.S. Each survivor is armed to the teeth with a diverse arsenal of traditional and improved weapons with one primary purpose: To unleash rage and holy hell on Zombie hoards and random “uncommon” common infected across campaigns. In the versus multiplayer mode, groups of zombies and humans go toe to toe to see how far you can advance in the campaign. You'll always have a selection of carnage-inducing melee weapons at your disposal.

Despite having a short amount of game levels, the franchise provides a lot of variation thanks to the AI director, ensuring unique playthroughs. In terms of graphics, L4D2 hit the nail on the head with an excellent framerate and fantastic lighting. The zombies appear particularly revolting (positively so), and it's fascinating to see blood drenching them after being shot. There's plenty of gore to go around; a shot on target could even blow the back off a zombie! In addition, Hard Rain, which features a never-before-seen rainstorm, is undoubtedly the best visual treat. Lastly, the outstanding sound design, voices, and soundtrack are enough to send shivers down your spine. If you've ever entertained how freakishly entertaining a zombie apocalypse might be, get a copy of L4D2 and some buddies!


This wraps up our five best games like World War Z: Aftermath. Do you agree with our selection? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below or on our social media here.

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