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5 Best Games like Among Us



5 best games like among us

Among Us was rolled out in 2018, but it was only in 2020 that the game became a raging hit. Every other group of friends was in the Among Us lobby, yelling over Discord. All the accusations, lies, teasing, and chaffing automatically translate into a fun time.

This is how Among Us works –

You enter the lobby with your friends and then start the game. One of you becomes the “imposter” and the rest are crewmates. The imposter's goal is to ambush all the crewmates discreetly before they can complete tasks. Meanwhile, the crewmates have to complete the given tasks, guess who's the imposter, and eject them out before they kill everyone.

Needless to say, the game might have ruined some friendships. But it's a fun, simple, and addictive game. Of course, Among Us isn't the only game that has this social deduction and survival themes. There are several games with similar mechanics out on the internet.

Top 5 Games Similar to Among Us

And here are some amazing takes on the survival-strategy games like Among Us.

5. Project Winter

games like among us - proejct winter

Project Winter is another potential alternative to Among Us. In this game, you, along with other crewmates, have to survive and escape. And the weather doesn't do you any favors. Together, the crew has to gather resources, repair the dilapidated structures and basically stay alive. Everyone gets some tasks to complete and a chance to play their part.

However, it is certainly not that simple. There are traitors in your group who might be spreading nasty lies and rumors about you. They can turn the survivors against you and sabotage your escape. So, in terms of the thematic approach, Project Winter relies more on communication than violence. Project Winter supports proximity voice chat. At a time, you can play with 8 players at the max.


4. Secret Neighbor

secret neighbot

If you live games of deception, then Secret Neighbor won't disappoint you. It is one of the few social deduction available on Xbox. Secret Neighbor takes us to the Hello Neighbor Universe but with a multiplayer survival horror twist. A neighbor in disguise tries to gain the trust of other teammates and unlock a mysterious basement door with their help.

You have to find the right key to unlock the basement in 15 minutes. The keys are scattered randomly around the house. Meanwhile, the traitor (neighbor in disguise) tries to trap other teammates and take over the game. As you can imagine, the vanishing members cause panic among the players. Due to the disguise, it's tricky to identify the traitor.


3. Town of Salem

Town of Salem Trailer

Interestingly, Town of Salem is one of the earliest games based on the social deduction theme. Yes, it was Among Us before Among Us was Among Us. Up to 15 players can play this game together and it's available on Android, iOS, and PCs.

Unlike Among Us, you can choose from a cast of 33 characters in this game. You can pick your role in the game, but you don't know what roles others have chosen. They can be an arsonist, a serial killer, or anything else. As the good guy, your job is to protect the good folk. This is where it gets tricky, as you don't know what role each member is playing.

You have to track down the baddies without getting yourself killed. On the flip side, if you're the bad guy, you will have to ambush everyone and win the game.


2. Unfortunate Spacemen

unfortunate spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is all about murder and betrayal but in space. Up to 16 people can play the game at once and take an extra-thrilling ride in the territories beyond the planet. In the game, everyone plays to save themselves. Players have to complete tasks and escape the space monsters.

As a player, you can take a round in space, take cover, and even eavesdrop on others to ambush them. If you want a game that resembles Among Us, then Unfortunate Space comes really close to it. Oh, and the best thing about the game? Players can shape-shift, which takes deceit to a whole new level.


1. Deceit

deceit among us

Deceit is a thrilling multiplayer wherein two players get infected with a deadly virus and then try to infect all other players. You, as an innocent player, must build trust with other players based on your gut feeling. The gameplay that follows is all about teamwork and trust in your teammates. All the innocent players have to make it to the exit through the roadmap.

Unlike Among Us, you don't get to play with your friends. Instead, you're tossed into a dark asylum with 5 unknown players. Of those 5, 2 are infected and intend to infect other players. You've to form alliances with other players solely based on what your gut tells you. Your friend might be infected and get you infected too.

The stunning visuals and action-packed gameplay are engaging and take the survival shooter genre up a notch. The entire game is fast-paced, action-packed, and quite unpredictable.


Other games that have themes of betrayal, deceit, and social deduction are, Undercover, Triple Agent, Enemy On Board, and Werewolves Within.

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