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5 Best Survival RPGs like Enshrouded

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Enshrouded is an indie-developed Survival RPG that recently celebrated the release of its demo as part of Steam Next Fest 2023. This title, and many like it, allows players to explore unforgiving worlds in a way that feels meaningful. Additionally, these games often have an emphasis on RPG mechanics, which gives players great control over their character. That said, there are many titles out there with similar experiences. So, without further ado, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Survival RPGs like Enshrouded.

5. Necesse

Starting off today's list of the best survival RPGs like Enshrouded, here we have Necesse. This game, despite having a pixelated art style, has a wealth of content for players to explore. Players can traverse a vast world that has plenty of activities to partake in and quest in a way that feels meaningful. Necesse is a game that, through the power of procedural generation, has near-infinite replayability. This is wonderful, as even if you replay the game quite often, the experience is never truly the same.

Players are able to harvest resources in the open world and use those resources to craft meaningful gear as well. This is great, as it gives players another route of progression throughout the game other than your typical means. There is also a great emphasis on community in the game, and players can work at gardening, creating orchards, and other tasks in order to improve their communities. All in all, Necesse is a fantastic survival RPG and one of the best survival RPGs like Enshrouded available currently.

4. Valheim

Our next entry is a title that, when it was initially released, took the indie gaming world by storm. Valheim is a survival RPG, much like Enshrouded, that is centered around Norse mythology. Players are thrust into the world of Valheim and tasked with making the most out of their existence. In doing so, players will come across many fearsome foes to defeat and tasks to complete in order to further their goals. The boss mechanics in this game are great, with each boss having a particular theme and mechanics surrounding them. This is great for the sense of gameplay variety in the game, which is wonderful.

The game also features phenomenal cooperative play and building mechanics that players can use to carve out their own existence within the game's world. From small shacks to great halls, players can really feel the sense of progression in this title. That said, players will have to worry about things such as thirst, hunger, and other factors in order to survive. So, if you enjoy survival games like Enshrouded, check out Valheim, one of the best games within the genre.

3. State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition

Changing things up considerably for our next entry, here we have State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition. The Juggernaut edition brings a lot of different changes and improvements, which make it, in many ways, the definitive way to enjoy State of Decay 2. These include things such as add-on packs released for the game, as well as many mechanic changes that serve to improve the player's overall experience. Players must scrounge and scavenge throughout the game's world in order to survive, which feeds into the game's core loop quite well. With a plethora of difficulty options, players are also able to tweak their experience to their liking.

Additionally, this edition of the game also includes an overhauled control system, making the game more accessible for newer players. Players must fight off swathes of zombies as they maneuver throughout a wonderfully-realized world. There is cooperative play supported as well, meaning you can bring your friends along for the journey and ramp up the difficulty as much as you like. All around, State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is one of the best survival RPGs like Enshrouded.

2. Project Zomboid

We are staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry. Here we have Project ZomboidProject Zomboid, for those unaware, is a survival game with RPG elements set within a zombie apocalypse. In order to survive, players will have to pull out all the stops, including working together and crafting materials to get by. This feeds into the core gameplay loop of the game and really reinforces the sense of difficulty present within Project Zomboid. Despite being in Early Access, this title is rather feature-complete and offers players an astounding amount of content.

For fans of local co-op, this title also has you covered, with up to four players being able to play simultaneously. Many different life skills are available in the game and further the player's goals and survival. These include things such as fishing and cooking, carpentry, and more. This ensures that no matter what kind of player you are, there is always something to accomplish within Project Zomboid. In closing, this title is one of the best survival RPG games like Enshrouded available.

1. Kenshi

Wrapping up our list of the best survival RPGs like Enshrouded, here we have Kenshi. In terms of sheer sense of player choice and autonomy, this title is, by far, the most extensive on our list. Every decision that players make, and how they make it, matters immensely. Players are able to create their own niche in the game's world, making the game's possibilities near-infinite. Everything from playing as a merchant to becoming a great warrior is all possible. The art style of Kenshi is also incredibly recognizable, making it stand out even among other titles within its genre. The lack of features, such as level-scaling, really makes the world feel incredibly dangerous at all times, adding to the sense of immersion in the game.

Another significant aspect of the game is its customization options. Players are able to make their characters into whoever they wish. There is base-building within the game that makes every choice matter. The game also shies away from making the player too powerful, making survival itself feel like a reward rather than something to be expected. In conclusion, if you are looking for one of the finest and best survival RPGs like Enshrouded, check out Kenshi.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Survival RPGs like Enshrouded? What are some of your favorite Survival RPGs? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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