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Valheim: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Valheim is a game that focuses on the player's survival. Along the way, players will encounter really tough enemies, as well as boss enemies. These enemies will try and impede their progress. However, there aren't the only obstacles in the player's path, as sometimes simply surviving is a challenge in and of itself. This makes knowledge and staying a step ahead of the game one of the best ways to succeed in Valheim. To aid players with this, we bring you Valheim: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Choosing the Right Equipment

Right away in Valheim, it will become quickly apparent that few things will be done for you. This means players will have to craft tools in order to gain access to new structures and abilities to build throughout the game. There are a few essentials that players will absolutely need in order to progress forward in the game. These tools will make or break a playthrough, and while they aren't difficult to get, getting them early is vital to player success.

For starters, players will want to craft a Hammer. This can be done rather simply, with many of the items required to craft it being readily available. This will make it so that players will have the ability to build structures. One of the most important structures, especially early on, is the Workbench. The Workbench, in short, allows players to build even greater items within it. Additionally, if players want a house that is on level ground, then they will have to invest in a Hoe as well. To close, choosing the right equipment right away is of the surefire tips for success in Valheim.

4. Investing in a Bow Early

Another fantastic tip for Valheim is to invest in a bow early. This will allow players to deal with threats at a greater range and reduce the amount of danger they are in at all times. This is especially important within the Meadows biome due to the spread-out nature of the biome itself. Bows can be crafted with a few items that players should be able to procure relatively early. These items include things such as eight leather scraps and ten pieces of wood. Doing so will greatly increase your survivability as well as hunting prospects.

Along their journey, players will be able to craft a number of different bows. Each with its own differing stats and abilities. This makes them an excellent weapon for players to learn. An added benefit of using the Bow is the fact that the items required to make it can all be sourced from the area around you, which makes it relatively easy to achieve early on. So if you are someone who is just starting out in Valheim, make sure you follow these tips and get a bow early on, as it can be a real lifesaver.

3. Where to Place Your Home

Knowing where to place your first permanent housing in Valheim is really important. It is extensively advised to place your home somewhere in close proximity to the Sacrificial Stones. Doing so will give you easy access to them, as well as ensure the safety of your home. Additionally, players will have to make many different return trips to this location, so it would be wise to put your home nearby. A few quick tips for players who may very well be building their first home are as follows. First, make sure you level out the ground with a Hoe prior to building. Doing so will ensure a firm and solid foundation for your home.

Secondly, make sure that you leave enough space to add a chimney. This will ensure that you are able to cook within your home, which is an absolute lifesaver in the early game. Finally, doing these things will ensure that players will receive the buff from resting in their homes. This can make a huge difference early on, so it's definitely something players will want to work toward. All in all, home placement is one of the most essential tips for Valheim survival.

2. Helpful Hunting

As Valheim is a survival title, it goes without saying that eating is absolutely essential for survival. To aid in this endeavor, players can hunt various wildlife or forage for berries that they can cook. This makes hunting a quick and easy way to ensure player survival just a little bit longer. For players who have already established a foothold in Valheim, they can use a cooking pot at their home in order to accomplish this. However, this is also doable out in the wilds. For example, if players are located by a river, then cooking fish is a great way to gain some sustenance.

This wraps around to another one of our tips, getting that starting Bow early. Doing so will make hunting infinitely more enjoyable and easy. This means you can begin stockpiling meats and foods to your heart's content, which will do a great job of putting you ahead of the game. So if you haven't begun doing so, hunting is a great way to establish a foothold in Valheim. Make sure you obtain every Boar, Deer, or other wildlife you find so you have more food in reserve. For these reasons, hunting is just one of many great tips for Valheim.

1. Challenge the Gods

Something that every Valheim player can look forward to is challenging the gods. Every area within the game has a god watching over it that can take many forms. These serve as final bosses of certain areas and require a decent amount of know-how to deal with. That being said, challenging these foes early is recommended because if you don't, it can keep you from progressing throughout the game into other areas. So the first target that players will have to contend with is Eikthyr. This is a deer with electricity powers which can be a pain, especially for early game.

However, if players keep their range from Eikthyr and dodge their attacks, they should fair somewhat decently against him. Furthermore, defeating him will give you access to a Pickaxe, so it's great to do so early on so you can access these items and other bonuses obtained from the fight. Altogether, challenging the gods in Valheim sometimes can feel like an afterthought in the moment-to-moment survival gameplay of the game. However, completing these trials will allow the player to become more powerful than they ever could without completing them. So for these reasons, it is one of our best tips for Valheim.

So, what's your take on our picks for Valheim: 5 Best Tips for Beginners? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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