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5 Best Survival Games Like Dead Man’s Diary



The survival genre does a great job of ramping up the tension. It does this by stripping away players' resources and making them scrounge and scour the world to get by. This makes the player develop a deeper connection to the environment around them. These games often differ in how they implement their survival mechanics, but the core premise is still there. So, to highlight some great survival games, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Survival Games Like Dead Man’s Diary. 

5. DayZ

Starting off our list of the best survival games like Dead Man's Diary, we have DayZDayZ is a game that through its intense survival gameplay, has become immensely popular. The game basically revolves around the player surviving against zombies and players. This leads players to form alliances with one another in order to survive. The environments depicted within the game do a really great job of immersing the player within its world. This immersion goes a long way toward aiding the player-driven narratives on the game's massive servers. This allows players to somewhat gain fame or infamy within these communities.

The weapon mechanics in the game are also rather realistic, requiring the player to use patience when shooting at range. That is hardly the only thing players will have to worry about though. The game features a realistic damage model, as well as a medical system. This will require players to use medicines and other means to heal themselves in battle. This can lead to some really tense moments during firefights. All in all, DayZ is a fantastic example of what survival games like Dead Man's Diary can offer players.

4. Deadside

Next up on our list of the best games like Dead Man's Diary, we have DeadsideDeadside is an indie project that has come quite a way since its humble beginnings. Aimed at the more hardcore survival players, this game really manages to ramp up the difficulty. The game features realistic weapon systems, building and crafting, and much more. This allows players to fight over control over certain areas on the game's massive map. And, while it may be in Early Access currently, the amount of content it holds is certainly commendable.

This is a game that has been described as a PvPvE experience. This essentially means that not only will players have to worry about fighting other players, but hostile enemies as well. This serves not only to fill out the game's map but also to keep the player engaged. There are also missions in the game for the more goal-oriented player to enjoy, which is great. Additionally, there are a total of thirty-two weapons in the game so far, with more to come. So, if you are someone who enjoys base-building and survival games, definitely check out this title.

 3. The Long Dark

For our next entry, we have a title that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of loneliness in a survival situation. The Long Dark is a game that not only takes an artful approach to survival gameplay but also a grippingly realistic one. While the game may only be single-player, the environment a way becomes its own character in the game. Players will have to contend with the harsh conditions survivalists often face, which makes for a grueling difficulty in the game.

For players who want to up the ante as it were, there is even a Survival mode. Survival mode is a mode of the game that features permadeath, meaning players will have to begin anew if they perish. This is a game that simply does not hold the player's hand. This is a great aspect for the game to have as a survival game, however, as most lessons are often learned through actions rather than prompted and scripted gameplay segments. Additionally, the ability to customize your experience is great. For these reasons, The Long Dark is one of the best survival games like Dead Man's Diary.

2. Sons of the Forestsons of the forest review

Next up, we have Sons of the Forest. Now, for those unaware, Sons of the Forest is the sequel to the popular horror survival game, The Forest. In this game, players will have to contend with many struggles and hardships in an attempt to survive. The game features a thick atmosphere that envelops the player as they play the game. This lends itself well to the game's more tense and nail-biting moments. Players will have to utilize all the resources at hand in order to make it through this title.

The game features many features that make it stand out among its competitors. For example, there is a seasonal system within the game, which greatly impacts gameplay. The game is also filled to the brim with cooperative content for players to enjoy with friends. This is a game that doesn't hold your hand often, which many survival game fans will find appealing. Additionally, the visuals for the game are stunning and immersive in their own way. Altogether, Sons of the Forest is a brilliant survival game and one of the best games like Dead Man's Diary you should have in your library.

1. RustRust 5 Best Tips for Beginners

Wrapping up our list of the best games like Dead Man's Diary, we have one of the largest survival games to date. Rust is a game that started off from humble beginnings and ballooned into something wonderful. The worlds in the game are procedurally generated, meaning that learning the maps isn't an option for players. This essentially means that players will have to learn anew every time. There are multiple aspects of survival gameplay found in the game. This includes things such as being able to harvest and forage for food, supplies, and much more.

One of the greatest aspects of Rust is its community. This is a community that is tight-knit and can either help newer players or they can compete with each other for loot. The freedom of choice is what makes Rust so wonderful at its core. Players are able to build their own fortifications and homes, as well as defenses. This gives the game a building aspect that players who are fans of survival games should be familiar with. To close, Rust is a brilliant example of what a survival game can be, and it's simply phenomenal.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Survival Games Like Dead Man’s Diary? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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