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DayZ: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



DayZ is a survival title that can be somewhat daunting for beginner players to get the hang of. With several survival mechanics, as well as weapon mechanics and hordes of enemies to fight. There is a lot to take in. This makes it essential to ensure that players get a leg up on their opponents. Prior knowledge can be the difference between enjoying an experience or getting frustrated. To help players out, please enjoy DayZ: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Join Beginner Friendly Servers

While in most games, players will want to look for the servers with the most activity. DayZ works a bit differently. With a relatively steep learning curve, oftentimes, it's better to learn the ropes on your own or within a small group setting. This will make a work of difference when it comes to your DayZ onboarding process. While there currently isn't any way to mark servers as beginner friendly, it is highly advised to play on smaller populated servers. This gives you, the player, fewer players to worry about so you can focus on learning the fundamentals of the game.

One of the hardest and yet most rewarding experiences within a game like DayZ is your starting hours. This is where you will encounter the most difficulty in terms of learning the game. This makes it a crucial time in deciding whether you continue to play or not. Suppose players don't wish to start out on less populated servers and wish to go the trial-by-fire route. This approach works, too but can be exceedingly frustrating, to begin with. It is for these reasons as well as others, that joining beginner-friendly servers is a just one of the fantastic tips for DayZ.

4. Avoid the Well-Beaten PathsBest zombie games

In DayZ, there will be a number of players out to get you, as well as a horde of AI. To combat this, players will have to skulk about quite a bit. This makes avoiding the main roads a great tip for one's survival in DayZ. However, you would be wise to do so for many reasons. First of all, being on the main roads will leave you open and exposed for other players or hordes of enemies to find you. Secondly, it doesn't give you as much room for a retreat on a set path as you would have in a wooded area, for example.

Experienced players oftentimes will lure unexpecting newer players into these locations and wipe them out for loot. So it would be highly advised to avoid such areas when at all possible. Players will also have to be very wary of vehicles on the roads as well, as, more often than not. Experienced players are at the wheel. This makes it exceedingly dangerous to run down one of these roads alone. It is for these reasons that we consider this one of the best tips for DayZ for beginners.

3. Scout Out Areas

Players can do themselves a huge favor in DayZ simply by scouting out the area ahead of them. This requires players to use quite a bit of patience and skill as they lie in wait to see what is ahead of them. This could be a town with multiple entryways or simply a stretch of road. Either way, scouting out these areas will keep your situational awareness up, making it less likely for you to get ambushed, which is a very real possibility within DayZ. Player ambushes are actually quite common and can really frustrate players just starting out in the game.

Towns aren't the only areas to worry about, though, as players will also have to scout out wooded areas and treelines in search of any signs of movement. This ultimately rewards the payer who uses their patience to place them in the optimal position. So if you are someone who is just starting out in DayZ, make sure you are scouting your areas and using your positioning to your advantage. This makes for one of many fantastic tips for DayZ.

2. Headsets Are Lifesavers

With a game like DayZ, audio is everything. Players will be able to increase their situational awareness through this simple addition significantly. Whether it be the sound of zombies down a road, or the rustling of players in the bushes, having a great headset goes a long way in this game. Within these survival games, it is imperative that you listen out for enemies who may or may not be getting too close. This is especially effective in regard to cities and towns, where it is key to lock down key locations.

However, this is where a small caveat comes in regarding local sound. DayZ is a game that implements proximity chat, a feature that allows players to hear each other in close proximity to one another. This means that you will have to be careful what you say over the mic, as even enemies can hear other enemies at certain distances. This is one of the many immersive factors of DayZ that can take beginners a while to get used to. But, overall, a great headset can put you ahead of the learning curve within this information-dense game.

1. Find Firearms Quickly

Seeing as much of DayZ's combat is fought at the range. It comes as no surprise that players will want firearms in order to deal devastating damage quickly. This isn't an easy task to accomplish, however, as oftentimes, weapons are either difficult to find or being hoarded by other players. This makes them a very sought-after item, albeit ones that can make a significant difference in your survival rate. It is for this reason that players will want to find these firearms as quickly as possible.

That might mean raiding a town, but it should be noted that players should stay far away from military bases early on as they pose the most resistance. However, if you do stumble across a trusty firearm, make sure you keep and maintain it. This is due to them being pretty hard to come by without having to put in a lot of effort. If players want firearms, they should check smaller shacks, cabins, and other secluded areas for access to these things. This makes finding firearms quickly one of the essential tips for DayZ.

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