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5 Best Survival Games for Beginners



Best Survival Games for Beginners

Survival games have become incredibly popular, captivating players with their immersive and challenging experiences in tough virtual worlds. These games transport you to harsh environments where being resourceful and adaptable is crucial for staying alive. Whether you're stranded on a deserted island, facing supernatural creatures, or struggling to find food in a post-apocalyptic setting, survival games offer a wide range of thrilling adventures. But for beginners who want to try their hand at survival games, it's important to choose the right starting point. A game that provides an accessible learning curve while delivering an engaging experience is essential for newcomers. So, we've compiled a list of the five best survival games for beginners.

5. Raft

Raft - Launch Trailer

We've placed Raft in a special spot—fifth on our list of best survival games for beginners. It offers an experience unlike any other, one that's both captivating and thrilling. You're stranded in the middle of a vast ocean, clinging to a tiny raft. And your wit and creativity will be your lifelines in this extraordinary game. As you navigate the boundless ocean, your ultimate mission revolves around expanding your raft and gathering vital resources. It's fascinating how even floating debris and barrels become invaluable tools and shelter-building materials. But remember, you can't afford to grow thirsty or hungry! Resource management becomes crucial as you skillfully fish for sustenance and purify water to keep yourself alive. Also, the game instills a constant sense of urgency, constantly testing your survival instincts in this treacherous world.

What sets Raft apart is its ability to evoke a profound feeling of solitude and vulnerability amidst the vast ocean. Exploring islands and discovering hidden treasures, you'll encounter numerous challenges and unravel mysteries along the way. Overall, Raft delivers an exhilarating adventure, perfectly tailored for beginners who want to dive into the world of survival games.

4. Valheim

Valheim - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Valheim is another exciting survival game that takes you on a journey to a mystical Norse-inspired world. You play as a fallen Viking warrior who must explore and conquer the dangerous lands of Valheim. What makes Valheim special is how it combines survival mechanics, exploration, and multiplayer gameplay. In this game, you have to gather resources, build shelters, make weapons, and hunt creatures for food. You can craft different tools and equipment to help you survive, like axes, pickaxes, and powerful weapons.

What sets Valheim apart is its skillful fusion of survival mechanics, immersive exploration, and the allure of multiplayer camaraderie. The game demands your resourcefulness as you scavenge for vital materials, construct sanctuaries for shelter, forge weapons for defense, and hunt creatures to satiate your hunger. Crafting becomes your lifeline, enabling you to fashion indispensable tools such as axes, pickaxes, and formidable weapons that serve as your steadfast companions. However, Valheim is far more than a mere survival sandbox. Its realm teems with dynamism and diversity, hosting ever-changing weather patterns, the ebb and flow of day and night, and an array of environments awaiting your discovery.

3. The Forest

The Forest - Announcement Trailer | PS4

Next on our list of the best survival games for beginners is the chilling and immersive world of The Forest. In this game, you find yourself stranded on a remote island after a harrowing plane crash. As you awaken amidst the wreckage, you quickly discover that you are not alone. The dense forest is home to cannibalistic mutants who are determined to hunt you down.

Furthermore, The Forest seamlessly weaves together survival mechanics and an engrossing storyline, ensuring an experience that will keep you enthralled from start to finish. As a beginner, you will embark on a journey of learning, honing your skills in resource gathering, the art of crafting, and the construction of sturdy shelters—your only refuge from the lurking threats. The game entices you to explore the depths of the island, unraveling its mysterious past one clue at a time while desperately searching for your missing son. Moreover, The Forest empowers you with the ability to construct fortified structures and deploy clever traps, bolstering your defense against the relentless mutants. In The Forest, survival is not just a challenge; it is an edge-of-your-seat adventure that will leave you breathless.

2. Minecraft

Official Minecraft Trailer

Minecraft is a game beloved by millions worldwide and it continues to captivate players with its ever-evolving and extraordinary experience. This game empowers you not only to survive within its challenging realms but to become a true master of your own destiny, molding and reshaping the virtual landscape according to your wildest imagination. From the very instant you enter its distinctive block-based universe, a realm of limitless potential unfurls before you, beckoning you to unleash your creativity, explore boundlessly, and conquer all that lies in your path.

But what truly distinguishes Minecraft is its unparalleled sandbox nature, granting players the freedom to express their ingenuity by constructing elaborate structures ranging from quaint abodes to sprawling metropolises. The game's sophisticated building mechanics offer an impressive assortment of materials and tools, enabling you to fashion and mold the world to your liking. With each carefully placed block, the realm becomes an extension of your creative faculties, showcasing your architectural prowess and unique design sensibilities. Moreover, Minecraft's vast array of distinct biomes, each teeming with its own resources and creatures, entices you to embark on expeditions of discovery, uncovering hidden treasures and unearthing the wonders of this virtual universe.

1. Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together Launch Trailer

Don't Starve Together stands out as a truly remarkable survival game, earning its top ranking on the list of best survival games for beginners. It immerses players in a dark and haunting world, providing an experience that is not only captivating but also uniquely rewarding. Unlike other survival games on the list, Don't Starve Together takes a punishing approach to survival, constantly testing your wit, adaptability, and strategic thinking.

In Don't Starve Together, players must navigate a harsh and unforgiving environment where hunger, sanity loss, and menacing creatures are constant threats. Additionally, in the game's cooperative multiplayer mode, you have the opportunity to join forces with friends, pooling your resources and expertise to enhance your chances of survival. Also, the trials and unexpected turns lie ahead in Don't Starve Together which makes it an exceptional and indelible survival game.

 So, which one appeals to you the most? Are there any other games you think should have made the list of best survival games for beginners? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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