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5 Best Games Like Pacific Drive



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Pacific Drive is a unique survival game where your car isn't just a vehicle, but your main partner in a world filled with mystery and danger. Set in a surreal version of the Pacific Northwest, it blends driving, survival, and exploration in an unforgettable journey through the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Every trip out is a new adventure, with your car at the heart of both survival and the story. For fans of this unique gaming experience, finding similar titles can be a difficult task. That's why we've put together a list of the five best games like Pacific Drive.

5. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Gameplay Trailer

For the first game we're diving into, State of Decay 2 throws you into a world full of zombies. Here, you have to keep yourself and your community alive. This game mixes exciting combat with the challenge of managing your community and finding resources. You get to explore a big world where your choices really matter. Each time you play, the world changes based on what you do.

In this game, building your community is key. Every survivor has their own skills and stories, making the game more interesting. You decide who to save, how to share out resources, and when to make your base bigger. That said, cars are very important in this game. They help you move around the big world, collect things you need, and escape from zombies. Driving can be exciting, especially when you have to dodge zombies or fight them off. Keeping your car working and making sure you have enough fuel adds to the challenge.

4. No Time

NO TIME - Final Story Trailer

Following up, No Time presents players with an intriguing blend of survival and time-travel mechanics that sets it apart in the gaming landscape. In this adventure, your vehicle serves as more than just transportation; it becomes a vital tool for navigating through various historical and futuristic settings. The gameplay revolves around using this time machine to explore different eras, each presenting its own set of challenges.

The game shines by offering a wide array of experiences through its time-travel mechanic. Players will find themselves whisked from the depths of ancient civilizations to the complexities of dystopian futures. Survival tactics must evolve to align with the resources and technologies of each time period, ensuring the gameplay remains engaging and varied. The open-ended design of No Time empowers players with the freedom to explore and experiment, forging their own path through history.

At the heart of the game is a robust resource management system, tasking players with strategic planning and foresight. As you journey across time, the importance of gathering and wisely managing supplies becomes evident. Actions have far-reaching consequences that ripple through the timelines, introducing a strategic layer to the game.

3. Drive Me to Hell

Drive Me to Hell - Trailer

Drive Me to Hell takes you on an exciting and spooky ride, mixing fast driving with scary surprises. Imagine speeding down dark, mysterious roads where every shadow and every turn might hide something frightening. This game feels like you're inside a horror movie but behind the wheel, with the glow from the car's dashboard as your only light. It uses simple, old-school graphics that remind you of classic horror video games, making every ghostly figure and obstacle you dodge feel like a trip down memory lane.

But what makes Drive Me to Hell special is how it plays. There's a simple button to honk your horn, which might not seem like much at first. However, it turns out to be very useful for keeping monsters away or finding your way through the dark. The game doesn't take long to get through, about 20 to 40 minutes, but it's packed with excitement. You'll need to stay calm and make quick decisions to avoid the creepy creatures chasing you.

2. The Long Drive

The Long Drive Early Access Launch Trailer

For fans of road trips, The Long Drive is a game that captures the feeling of cruising through a never-ending desert. This game mixes the calm of driving alone with the challenge of surviving in a tough world. You drive a car and need to keep it running by finding fuel and water, and fixing it when it breaks down. The game changes every time you play because the desert and the challenges you face are always different.

As you drive, the time of day changes from morning to night, and the weather can change too. These changes make your journey more interesting but also more challenging. You have to plan and adjust your strategy to keep going. One of the fun parts of The Long Drive is making your car your own. You can change parts of the car, fix it up, and make it look cool. It feels great to tackle the game’s challenges with a car you've put together and taken care of.

Furthermore, you get to decide how your car looks and works. Finding parts in the game world lets you make your car better and more suited to your style. So, it is perfect for players who love exploring, surviving, and driving. The game creates a unique experience by combining the freedom of driving through vast spaces with the thrill of keeping your car running in a challenging world.

1. Mon Bazou

Mon Bazou - Official Trailer 2023

If you love the idea of mixing a survival game with the excitement of driving cars, Mon Bazou is your ticket to an adventure in Canada. This game begins with a simple, old car that you aim to turn into a racing star. You get to upgrade your car in many ways, from changing its looks to improving how fast it goes. The best part is that you do all these upgrades yourself, like a real mechanic.

Also, its setting is charming, with a lighthearted approach to survival. The game balances the challenges of resource management and survival with a sense of humor and whimsy. The Canadian countryside is beautifully rendered, offering a peaceful backdrop to the survival and car-building challenges.

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