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Best Archetype Skills in Remnant 2



One of the best parts about Remnant 2's co-op shooter, is that you get to build your playstyle in a variety of ways. However, there is a lot to consider when doing so. For starters, you'll need to select an archetype and pair it with a solid weapon, amulet, and archetype skill. While we've covered the first two, archetype skills are a whole other topic we need to dive into. That's why we've compiled a list of the best archetype skills in Remnant 2 right below.

So, whether you're using one of the five starter archetypes or have your eyes set on one of the games unlockable dual archetypes, we've got you covered with the best skills out of all the classes, right below. Some are better used in a team setting, while others simply buff your character's attributes. In any case, these are the best Remnant 2 archetype skills that will have the biggest impact on your character and squad.

6. Hunter's Focus (Hunter)

Best Archetype Skills

Although it's a tough class to solo, if you're part of a team, then the Hunter archetype becomes a viable option. Designed to sit in the back lines and pick off opponents from the shadows, the Hunter's Focus skill significantly boosts that style of play. With the Hunter's Focus skill, while aiming down your scope with the Hunter's Focus skill, your weapon spread, recoil, and weapon sway are all reduced by 75%. Making them virtually unnoticeable.

What's more, you get a 20% boost in ranged damage, as well as a 10% increase chance of causing critical ranged damage. To top it all off, enemies you have scoped down your sight are marked so they're easier to track in the chaos of battle. As a result, the Hunter's Focus is one of the classes best archetype skills as it essentially turns you into a pro sniper.

5. Healing Shield (Medic)

Best Archetype Skills

If you're playing in a squad, without question one player has to designate themselves as Medic. After all, they are the most beneficial archetype because they work to keep everyone alive in the fight. So, if you've assumed that role yourself and have taken your friends under your wing of health, you might want to equip the Healing Shield skill for the class. When you use the Healing Shield skill, all teammates within 25 meters are shielded for 100% of their maximum health. On top of that, allies will regenerate 20% of their maximum health while under the shields' protection.

As a result, the Healing Shield is one of the best archetype skills for Medic because it provides both a shield and heals for you and your teammates. So, there's no disputing how beneficial it is. That being said, in our opinion, it's not the best skill for the class. The best skill for the Medic archetype lies further down the list.

4. Minion: Flyer (Summoner)

Best Archetype Skills

The Summoner is one of Remnant 2s' unique Archetypes that you unlock later in the game. It is the only archetype in the game that has the ability to summon creatures to aid you in battle. As a result, there's no secret many Remnant 2 players will be chasing down this Archetype. Once they get it, the first skill they should look into getting is Minion: Flyer.

At a cost of 10% of your health, the Minion: Flyer skill will call up to two Root Flyers to battle alongside you. These gargoyle-like beasts will hover above the player and do damage to the nearest enemy, but that's not all. By holding down the skill button, you will sacrifice your Flyers, sending them into battle to explode and do 50 damage to anyone within 3 meters. As an added bonus, the Flyer will release three homing projectiles that will explode, dealing 150 damage each.

3. Rampage (Challenger)

Best Archetype Skills

The Challenger Archetype in Remnant 2 is great for anyone who likes to get right in the heat of battle. And, if you want to take the Challengers bloodthirst to the next level, then you need the Rampage skill. The Rampage skill grants the Challenger class a 15% increase in firing rate, a 20% increase in reload speed, and a 10% increase in movement speed. On top of that, the Challengers' rage will grow with each kill you get. Kill 10 people while the skill is active, and the effects of the Rampage skill are all doubled. So, it's pretty easy to see why this is one of the best skills for the Challenger archetype.

2. Bulletstorm (Gunslinger)

If you eat bullets for breakfast, you most likely went with the Gunslinger archetype in Remnant 2. If that's the case, then Bulletstorm is without a doubt the best archetype skill for the class. This skill increases the Gunslinger's reload speed by 50% and fire rate by 20%. Furthermore, all single-shot weapons are made automatic. And, as if it couldn't get any better, each kill instantly reloads your weapon. As a result, the Bulletstorm skill for Gunslinger lets you go berserk with your bullets, which is perfect for dealing with crowds of opponents or chunking down a boss's health.

1. Redemption (Medic)

There is no doubt about it: the Redemption skill for Medic trumps all the other archetype skills in the game. When you activate the Redemption skill, the doctor will unleash a 30-meter-wide shockwave that instantly revives all downed players in its radius. On top of that, it will revive all players with 50% of their maximum health. As you can see, the Redemption skill for medic is your team's big red button. So, when all else looks bleak, leave it up to one of the best archetype skills in the game to save you from death.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our picks? Are there other archetype skills in Remnant 2 you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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