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ABYSS X ZERO: Everything We Know

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ABYSS X ZERO: Everything We Know

Graphics alone don't make a game, but they sure do play a significant role in a game's success. In ABYSS X ZERO, the visuals jump off the screen first, above all else. The trailer shows a close resemblance to MegaMan Legends, and well, if Capcom doesn't develop MegaMan Legends 3, then ABYSS X ZERO can, by all means, fill the gap. Donning a retro vibe, ABYSS X ZERO has ignited high expectations. Shall we see what's in store? Here’s ABYSS X ZERO: Everything We Know.


Shooting robots

ABYSS X ZERO is an upcoming stylish 3D Metroidvania spiritually succeeding award-winning indie hit, Unsighted. It stands out for its low-poly visuals, bringing back retro styling with a modern polish. At first sight, the game brings to mind franchises like MegaMan Legends and Kill a Kill, particularly the stunning retro visual style of MegaMan and the edgy anime style of Kill a Kill.


ABYSS X ZERO sword fight

Studio Pixel Punk has yet to reveal the specific details of the story. However, for now, we know the story will follow two anime heroine girls: Codename A and Codename B. You’ll control each one, building up to an eventual battle against one another. It’s unclear whether this means you’ll be fighting a familiar enemy over and over or just as a grand finale. 

In any case, the final battle will likely be the most challenging and will likely require multiple runs to play as both characters, as well as to win. The story will take place in an expansive 3D Metroidvania world, complete with carefully crafted dungeons and stylish combat. With A and B having unique abilities, you’ll constantly change your fighting style as well as how you interact with your surroundings.


Holding a big harmmer

It’s too early to say what the entire gameplay will entail. For now, we know ABYSS X ZERO’s gameplay will incorporate stylish combat and character progression. You’ll interact with your surroundings, with your character’s unique abilities informing how you do so. You’ll perform the traditional combat actions, including attacks, blocks, dodges, and parries. Timing will likely play a significant role in skill. 

From the trailer, we also expect to navigate challenging puzzles and platforming sections. These will feature all kinds of machinations, including crates reminiscent of MegaMan Legends’ textures. You’ll access various weapons, with an axe blade shown in the trailer, and use vehicles to navigate your environment, with a giant motorcycle ride showcased in the trailer. Overall, you can look forward to fighting off enemies, big and small. 

Check out the official game description below via Steam.

ABYSS X ZERO is a stylish 3D Metroidvania with expressive low poly visuals made by the two-person indie team Studio Pixel Punk, which also brought you the award-winning indie hit UNSIGHTED.

Explore an expansive world with enormous dungeons and stylish combat. Take control of two different characters, fated to battle each other: Codename A and Codename Z, both legendary heroes with unique abilities that change how you fight and interact with the environment.


Fighting Robots

Brazillian developer Studio Pixel Punk is currently working on developing and publishing ABYSS X ZERO. They are a two-person indie team that’s responsible for the award-winning hit Unsighted. While Unsighted is a top-down action adventure released in 2021, ABYSS X ZERO plans to take on the Metroidvania genre on an undisclosed date. Unsighted is also 2D, while ABYSS X ZERO intends to test the 3D waters.

The two do have similarities in stylish pixel art and treading in the vein of Metroid-like gameplay. Since Unsighted did so well, delivering rewarding exploration, deep RPG experience, a beautiful campaign, and a killer soundtrack, high chances are ABYSS X ZERO will tread the same path, perhaps outperforming the first run.

You can catch the developing team @TianiPixel and @ironfairy42 on X (formerly Twitter). In the announcement trailer description, Studio Pixel Punk adds that “the project is still very early in development.” So, there is likely still a long way to go before we can play the game. 


ABYSS X ZERO Announcement Trailer

An official announcement trailer is out now. From the trailer, you can see the killer anime visuals to expect in the final game, which already has gamers excited for the final version. Often, video games attempt to curate a nostalgic experience with retro styling but end up neglecting fine polish. It seems, though, that ABYSS X ZERO might be the first game to accurately depict a retro vibe with modern standards. 

The world portrayed in the trailer does look stunning. The graphics jump off the screen with ease, and the combat seems like a thrilling, fast-paced, precise, and rewarding experience. The protagonists, as well as the bosses, also look striking. One particular brute with many eyes stands out. He’ll probably have all-around vision, enabling him to see you from all sides. The motorcycle ride also looks thrilling to ride across the platforms. Here’s to hoping the final product delivers on expectations and beyond.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

Fighting robots and toads in ABYSS X ZERO

Unfortunately, all we know is that ABYSS X ZERO is coming soon, as Steam’s page also reiterates. Also, only PC platforms are confirmed for launch via Steam, with the game’s trailer stating that “more platforms coming soon.” Editions remain unconfirmed. Feel free to add ABYSS X ZERO to your wishlist on Steam here to get a notification as soon as the game is available. 

Developer @TianiPixel via X has personally asked for support for the project by adding the game to your wishlist. The number of wishlists on Steam can sometimes influence efforts to seek investors or publishers for indie projects. So, wishlisting the game on Steam could go a long way toward showing support for the project this early on.

You can always follow the game’s official social handle here, while we also keep our eyes peeled for new information and let you know as soon as it comes up.

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of ABYSS X ZERO when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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