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5 Best Metroidvania Games on PlayStation 5

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Metroidvania Games on PlayStation 5

The evolution of Metroidvania games has entered its prime age. The 2D- side scrolling platform games are about perseverance and scavenging a lonely world for resources now features new titles on the new generation consoles. With most games based on Metroid and Castlevania's classic titles, the genre will put your patience to the test. That said, if you’re looking for something new to play, here are the five best Metroidvania games on PlayStation 5 so far this year.


5. Infernax

Infernax - Launch Trailer | PS4

In this 2D action-adventure game by Berzerk Studio, you play as a crusader, Alcedor, who returns home to find his village invaded by monsters. The terrain is laden with satanic artifacts and relics to remind you of the evil monsters that have taken over the land. The game's goal is to fight off the monstrosities located in five different castles and destroy the gems within. Once all gems are destroyed, the game unleashes a final boss.

Infernax delivers a sense of nostalgia due to the prologue's striking similarities with Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Also, it features light-style elements from Castlevania and Metroid that gives a sense of familiarity when exploring the entrances and vast worlds.

The game gives you a mace and shield you can wield against the unholy magic lurking over the dark world. You can also access different spells as you progress through the game, which can also be upgraded for extreme attacks. The spells can also increase your health and buff up your defense. Furthermore, the game features shops where players can purchase items and take on new quests. With multiple endings to the game, you are in control of the storyline with every decision you make.


4. Greek: Memories of Azur

Greak: Memories of Azur - Launch Trailer | PS4

In the alluring and peaceful land of Azur, dark magic envelopes the land in this classic Metroidvania-themed game. The inhabitants, the Courines, are left with no choice but to flee the invading Urlags in search of a haven. Three siblings, Adara, Raydel, and Greak, decide to defend their land against the invasion by the evil race. However, as the game starts, the siblings have a falling out, and it is up to you to reunite them.

The game lets you switch between the three players, each with unique abilities. As you venture through the beautifully hand-drawn animation, you will encounter puzzles to be unlocked, which gives you access to secrets and new areas. Also, the game allows you to swap siblings when solving complex puzzles. 

If the game's storyline doesn't entice you, its hand-drawn graphics are exquisite and vibrant, with different shades of color and keen attention to detail. Greek: Memories of Azur also features characters who will provide clues, quests, and help as you traverse the beautifully crafted world. 


3. Blasphemous

Blasphemous - Announcement Trailer | PS4

The action-adventure game by The Game Kitchen makes it to the top of our Metroidvania games on the PlayStation 5 list that you should try. In the fictional world of Cvstodia, a land of religion, you play as the Pertinent one who traverses the open world in a crusade while fighting enemies. 

With a sword named Mea by your side, you fight enemies you come across in the land. Some enemies may appear to be far away. In such instances, you can cast a spell that you learn as you progress through the game. Furthermore, using melee attacks to fight off enemies helps you gain Fervor which is instrumental in casting spells.

The Castlevania and Dark Souls hybrid game uses a specific attack strategy for each enemy. Learning these strategies gives you a competitive edge during combat. The game takes you through different regions headed by hunting bosses. Defeating each boss unlocks unique energy players use to open the endgame area where another team of bosses awaits. You may need special skills to defeat some of the bigwigs. However, you can access much of it by jumping for ladders, performing basic platform moves, or bashing Mea on a cracked surface to act as a grasp.


2. Souldiers

Souldiers - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

If you have a knack for tough challenges and souls like combat, then our number two pick for best Metroidvania games on PlayStation 5 is ideal for you. In the 2D action adventure, the kingdom of Zaerga is at war with Dadelm, a neighboring country. King Zarga then announces the troops' positions following the advice of General Brigard. 

In an unfortunate scenario, the troop is trapped after an earthquake strikes and traps them in darkness. Soon after, an illuminating light, the Valkyrie becomes the troops' salvation which locates the deceased and asks them to accompany her to the world beyond. Bernard and his team soon find themselves in a terrifying realm between life and death.

Players can choose between three characters; the Caster, Scout, or Archer. Each character holds a different ability from the other. For instance, the Caster can shoot magic bolts, while the Scout can block out attacks. What's more, the more you play, the more your stamina bar empties. Your mission is to find the guardian in Terragaya and uncover the mysteries surrounding the troop's death. Accomplishing this will help you traverse to the next world.


1. Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4

Developed by Ska Studios, Salt and Sacrifice is an action role-playing game inspired by the Dark Souls game series. This Salt and Sanctuary sequel divides the world into five regions where players must conquer powerful Mages through Mage hunts. 

Defeating each mage will unleash a unique set of weapons and armor. To progress in the game, players must consume mage hearts which will unlock new areas and boss characters to fight. 

In addition to offering rewarding character growth, the game has online multiplayer where you can join different factions. Depending on your faction, you may either play the Shroud Alliance that invades other sessions or summon enemies playing as the Blueheart Runners. 


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five Metroidvania Games on PlayStation 5? Are there any other Metroidvania games you’d recommend for this list? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.


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