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Warlander: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



For those who are unfamiliar with delving into a 100-player medieval-inspired battlefield, the likes of Warlander is sure to come across as quite an overwhelming experience. And you’d be right in thinking that such an overpopulated world isn’t without its own network of trials and tribulations, too. Fact is, such a concept can be incredibly difficult to make heads or tails of, and doubly so for those who have never experienced the thrill of the fight first-hand. Having said that, there are of course a number of useful tips to help budding warriors find their way out on the frontline. Need we say more? Here’s what you should know before jumping into the fray.

5. Don’t Be a Hero

First and foremost, there’s the case of acknowledging your role on the battlefield, and of course, knowing how to refrain from overstepping your boundaries. In a game with so many players, factions, and goals, it goes without saying that there’s no room for any one particular hero. Truth is, anyone who oversteps their mark will only wind up causing more trouble for their team, so it’s always best to stick to the goals at hand, and execute your duties for the benefit of the team, and not yourself. In other words, don’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders; it’s a joint effort, and you have your own part to play.

Once you’ve booted up your battle, you’ll be assigned to one of three groups: Spec Ops, whose job it is to man the catapults; Assault Squad, whose mission is to storm the enemy frontline and whittle down as many soldiers as they possibly can; and Castle Guard, whose purpose is to defend the allied walls and prevent enemies from breaching the gates. Once you’ve been given your role, be sure to stick to your squad and complete the objectives accordingly. When all’s said and done, nobody likes a deserter, nor a stray wolf who believes they can handle more than what’s been assigned to them.

4. Seize the Idol of Cataclysm

The Idol of Cataclysm is a means to an end, of sorts, that has the power to turn the tide against one of the two competing armies. If one team is able to obtain it, then the opposing team will need to do all in their power to halt the cataclysmic events that follow suit; a meteor shower is a personal favourite that tends to unleash the most damage. It goes without saying that, the one in control of the Idol is the one with the highest chances of winning. Best not to let it go to waste, then!

Typically, you’ll find a notification on your screen partway through a battle to tell you that the Idol of Cataclysm is up for grabs. If you happen to see the banner befall the battlefield, then immediately cast your focus over to seizing at your earliest opportunity. If you let it slip into the wrong hands, then you and your teammates will wind up signing your own death warrants before having the opportunity to make a comeback.

3. Learn the Routes

Maps in Warlander are made up of two fortresses, with each one having two or three interconnected pathways. Your initial goal is simple: pursue one of these pathways and capture the towers along the way to activate respawn points. To reach these towers, you and your team will need to construct a ram, which can be used to break through the checkpoints. If it happens to break during the assault, then you can rebuild it from the exact same spot. Nothing to worry about there, then.

As you’ll be playing a fair few roles during your time in Warlander, you’ll come to find that certain jobs outside of the standard Assault Squad faction can be a little confusing. To make it clear, though, the entire aim of each match is as clear as day: seize the enemy core that stands in the centre of their stronghold. If that means you storming the frontline as an attacking unit, then so be it. As long as you’re keeping to your duties and working as a team, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

2. Experiment With the Class Types

Before you go gallivanting about on the battlefield, it’s often best to get a feel for the three available class types, which are Warrior, Mage, and Cleric. If you’re looking to jump straight into the action, then aim for the Warrior class type, as it boasts not only a health bar that’s vastly superior to other classes, but greater offensive abilities for tackling enemy soldiers, too. If, however, you’d rather hold back and play the supportive role, then aim for either the Mage or Cleric positions; they’re significantly weaker, but can both provide a pretty hefty punch as and when needed.

Once you’ve decided on the class type, you’ll want to start working towards building your XP by taking on missions. As you’ll come to learn, the more XP you acquire, the better the equipment you can yield. Just note that, when it comes to equipping your gear, better items consume larger amounts of CP. And given the fact that you’re only able to use up to 250 CP, that can mean having to juggle your equipment with a little more tender loving care. Therefore, when it comes to suiting up, aim to balance out your gear and abilities; build your CP and use only what you have to in order to see your objective through to its conclusion.

1. Winning Isn’t Everything

As exciting as it is to watch the perks of winning a battle grace you and your team, the fact is, winning isn’t everything. It doesn’t matter if you lose, even, as every game played will turf up some amount of loot for your efforts, regardless of how well your squad performed while out in the fray. So, think of your early battles as an introductory phase; use it to hone your skills and toy with the squad types while also getting a feel for the maps, towers, and cores. If you win — great, but don’t let a slew of losses draw you away from playing again for better results.

It’s also worth remembering that, while you yourself could be a seasoned pro within a few weeks, others may be a few steps behind, and will need the occasional helping hand to get up to speed. This brings us to our final point: teamwork is vital, and the beating heart of the Warlander experience. So, if you’re one for venturing out alone and without any form of company to assist in your objectives, then you may want steer well away from this particular fight.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any advice for those who are new to the world of Warlander? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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