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Plushie from the Sky: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Plushie from the Sky

Plushie From The Sky is a perfect blend of whimsical chaos and charm that whisks you away on a wild dreamy adventure to take down nightmarish foes. Armed with nothing but a plushie as your formidable weapon, the RPG title injects a humorous twist into familiar gameplay mechanics. What we get in return is a compact yet enchanting experience. But don't let the quirkiness fool you. Plushie From The Sky can bring out your frustration since its combat is challenging but equally rewarding. So, if you wish to have a smoother journey, we've got pointers to give you a head start. Here is Plushie from the Sky: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Be Wary of Surprises

Plushie from the Sky

Plushie From the Sky's main selling point is its departure from the norm with intriguing mechanics. More often than not, the mechanics will catch you by surprise, adding layers of unpredictability. It's like the developers threw a bunch of absurd ideas on the table, and the quirkiest of all got picked. You'd be forgiven to think some mechanics are glitches, but they typically add to the game's wholesome experience. 

That said, you should keep your eyes peeled on the environment whenever you're traversing a new level or enemy. Each element comes with a surprise that can veet you off your adventure. For instance, you can encounter a giant troll equipped with a smaller troll as a weapon. Plus, levels can have gravity-defying elements that ideally beat logic. You could be floating for long distances. Or momentarily come to a stop, which could be a breath from the intense absurdity you come across. However, don't be too comfortable in places where you can rest. Quirky enemies can pop up any minute. 

4. Experiment with Combat

Plushie running from attack

There's no defined way to approach Plushie From The Sky's combat. Enemy encounters are mostly dynamic, offering a fluid experience free of prescribed strategies or rigid rules. If you find yourself in a jam taking down foes, throwing caution to the wind, and embracing the cheesiest tactics might just be the key to victory.

Combat features projectile parries and dodge mechanics. With physics-defying movement, you can leverage this by dodging attacks.  Embracing this aspect of combat allows for a dance-like interplay, turning your opponents' attacks against them.  Alternatively, you can adopt an aggressive approach if subtlety is not your style. Playing as a little fallen angel shouldn't keep you from channeling your inner warrior. Charging headlong into the fray with relentless assaults grants you victory but chips away your stamina. So keep your eyes peeled on your stamina bar, as this impacts your damage output.

3. Level Up and Steer Clear of Mushrooms


Defeating waves of enemies will periodically increase your level-up meter. You can keep tabs on your progress from the circle at the bottom left of your screen. However, you should also look for a beam of light striking the ground from the sky. Walking into this light lets you upgrade your stats. You could increase melee damage, move speed, range speed, stamina recovery, and more.  The light also acts as a save point for your progress. It goes without saying that you should save your progress in the game. With unexpected encounters lurking in every corner, you could quickly lose your progress in a whisk.

Moreover, you'll come across varying enemies on the mushroom beds. The brown mushrooms won't damage your health, but the purple ones will.  These mushrooms release some kind of gas that chips away your health. You can avoid enemy encounters here by gliding away, especially if you are running low on health. 

2. Look Out For Resources


Along your journey, you'll come across treasure chests. They may appear suspicious, considering they have HP when you strike them. However, the chests give you access to various boosts, including health and ammo. You can also increase your ammo by running into the glowing balls. Floating plushies are your ideal way of upgrading your weapon. Each weapon comes with a unique ability that enhances your game style. For instance, the rabbit gives you more dodge speed.

Ideally, anything glowing is a resource. Occasionally, you'll come across a floating rock. Running into this activates your recovery, which grants you more HP. This ability recharges when you engage in close combat. However, this can be challenging when defeating the bosses. However, you can blend close combat with firing projectiles to defeat the bosses. But watch for any surprise attacks from an elongated arm or ground charges. 

1. Save on Stamina

Plushie fighting

Having adequate stamina is crucial for your character's survival. Increasing your character's stamina boosts their ability to withstand physical attacks. Higher stamina allows your character to recover quickly from such attacks and easily return to combat.

While it drops with every encounter, it also replenishes quickly, but you can also find a way to save on stamina. For instance, the invisible barriers can be used as a movement technique that makes you airborne. These transportation elements also get you to higher grounds. 

Bonus Tip

Escape Purgatory

There are challenging levels in Plushie from The Sky, and there is the ‘hell-design' level. Beyond fighting the enemies, balls of fire spew and haphazardly fill the environment. It can be a challenging level to beat, especially if you get struck by a cloud of fire. If this happens, a giant beast whisks you away further into the depths of the red abyss and strips you of your halo. Don't panic, and don't look back. Looking back sort of activates a group of demon-looking foes who will take you down in an instant. 

In this treacherous place, your survival depends on quick and bold moves. With danger everywhere, your best bet is to run fast toward the exit, ignoring the chaos and tempting resources around you. 

So, what's your take on our five best tips for beginners in Undead Inc.? Are there others we should know about? Feel free to share your thoughts here or in the comments section below.

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