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Hello Kitty Island Adventure: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a game that is an absolute blast starting out. The further you get into the game, however, the more mechanics you will have to learn. That said, there are quite a few useful tips and tricks that players can use early on to get ahead in the game. This is wonderful, as using these tips will ensure you are on top of things as far as your island management goes. That said, here is Hello Kitty Island Adventure: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Unlock Flippers Early

One of the most essential items in the game, which you will want to unlock early are the Flippers. These will allow you to swim. As for the reason why you want to unlock these Flippers early. This is due to the fact that your character cannot swim. In fact, even if you slightly brush against the water and dip your toes in too deep, you will be reset on the land. To unlock the Flippers you will have to unlock the jungle area to the east of the main hub for the island.

You can accomplish this by completing Chococat's quest and finding Yellow Power Crystals scattered throughout the island. In doing so, you will be able to open a large gate on the east side of the island. It is through this gate that you will be able to meet Keroppi. The frog who will give you the plans for the Flippers. Unlocking these as early as possible means you will be able to swim all through the waters surrounding the main hub. Which in turn will unlock new areas for you to traverse. For these reasons, it is one of the best tips for beginners we can give.

4. Talk To Everyone

One of the greatest tips for Hello Kitty Island Adventure is one that many players might neglect early on. Speaking to all of the island's inhabitants you can is a great way to get ahead, This is due to the fact that many of the game's more useful items are unlocked through leveling up friendships with the game's characters. This is wonderful, as helping these characters is great, and is overall really good for the island. First, players will want to speak with everyone around the town square as soon as they can.

This will ensure that players will grab as many of the early-game quests as they can. In doing so, players will be able to complete content quicker and unlock more parts of the island. This, in turn, will give you access to more characters and resources in the game. Additionally, talking to these characters early will also grant you specific items that you will need along your journey. So, for those reasons alone, this is one of the best tips that you can follow in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

3. Gifting

An essential part of Hello Kitty Island Adventure is gifting. For those players who are unaware, players can gift characters in the game with specific items in order to increase their friendship. This is incredibly important, as advancing these relationships unlocks items. Knowing what each individual character likes is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of gifts. This means that it is really advantageous to learn what each character likes and how to appease them. For example, if you know a character enjoys certain foods, then gifting those foods will grant a bonus to the friendship level given for gifting that item.

This is a huge part of playing the game as efficiently as possible, and can even grant you access to certain game mechanics early. For players looking for ideas as to what to give each character, each character has an info card that gives hints about their likes and dislikes. This makes it really simple to tailor what gifts you will give to each character. All in all, gifting is one of the most essential elements of Hello Kitty Island Adventure. And learning how to gift properly is one of the best tips we can give.

2. Collect Resources

One of the most vital things you can start doing early on is collecting everything. No matter what it is, a lot of the time, you will end up needing a specific item. This makes it really useful to gather all of these items while you can early on. This is aided by the fact that early in the game, there are fewer characters and quests to worry about. This makes it an optimal time to accomplish this task. This is wonderful, as scouring the island looking for things like Sand Dollars by the beach and so on, can really put you ahead of the game.

It should be noted, that players will have to scour the island daily, as the items on the island don't reset until the end of each day. In doing so, players will have ample time to look for these items early on in their adventure. Some of the more tricky resources to find are things like Rubber, which is often found under trees but can sometimes be hidden by foliage. All around, players will have to keep a keen eye out for these resources if they wish to progress. To close, this is a great tip for Hello Kitty Island Adventure beginners.

1. Unlock Fast Travel

For our last tip for beginners in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, we have an essential tip. Unlocking Fast Travel will allow players to move throughout the island a lot easier. This makes accessing certain parts of the island easier and simply makes completing tasks more manageable. This can only be done once players have unlocked the jungle on the east side of the map and become good companions with Kuromi. In doing so, players will eventually be able to unlock this feature. It should be noted that players will have to complete the Delivery Service quest first. After which, players will be able to maneuver throughout the island.

This will require players to befriend both Kuromi and Cinnamoroll, which they will meet after Kuromi in order to accomplish. While this is something that takes place relatively early in the game, it is absolutely essential to player productivity in the game. Upon speaking to Kuromi you will be asked to bring an item to My Melody, after which Cinnamoroll will appear you will be able to access them as well. In short, unlocking fast travel is one of the best tips for beginners in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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