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5 Best Characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure



Hello Kitty Island Adventure was recently released. And with its release, we can see the fantastic Hello Kitty characters in the game. These characters each have their own distinct personalities that will resonate with different players. This is great and gives players plenty of opportunities to grow attached to this world. This is wonderful, as it serves to immerse the player in the world through its characters. Without further ado, here are the 5 Best Characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

5. My Melody

Today, we start off our list of the best Hello Kitty Island Adventure characters with My Melody. My Melody is a fantastic character within the game, and they run a quaint little furniture shop, which allows players to outfit their homes, as well as their visitor's homes with goodies. This is great, and players will have to become great friends with My Melody, they are really sweet and charming, and often will help the player out if they are in a pinch.

One of the many tasks in the game that players will have to complete involves players helping My Melody find milk crates. These crates are scattered throughout the island but are easy enough to find, which in turn will give the player rewards such as blueprints and other items. These will prove incredibly useful for players throughout their journey. And, My Melody is simply so sweet and charming that her personality is downright infectious. For these reasons, they are one of the best characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

4. Tuxedo Sam

For our next entry of the best characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, we have Tuxedo Sam. Now, in terms of design, Tuxedo Sam is one of the most adorable characters on the island. And their clothing shop is absolutely to die for. Players will assist them by completing several tasks, which include everything from finding thread around the island, as well as searching for mannequins to use to dress clothing. This is great, as it brings you closer to the character. Tuxedo Sam is immensely charming and dapper.

This smooth sense of style makes this positively prim and proper penguin one of the coolest characters in the game. While they may have the occasional bout with clumsiness, they mean well and this sincerity certainly comes across in their character. Helping them with their clothing shop also has great benefits for the player, as they are able to expand upon their wardrobe. This is great, as the base offerings do leave a bit to be desired at times. All in all, Tuxedo Sam is one of the best characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

3. Pompompurin

Next up on our list is a character that players will meet later on in their adventures in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. While it is possible to see them in the game's opening moments, you won't be able to properly interact with them until much later. However, this is incredibly worth it, as they are a fantastically cute character. Players will have to work away on their island for quite some time before unlocking the Oasis section of the map. After doing so, they will be able to gain access to Pompompurin. Players can give gifts to this character, as well as participate in several quests.

This is great, as it really gives players the time to get to know them, and doing tasks for them serves to further you and your island's goals as a whole. There are several things you can do to ensure that you foster a great relationship with this character as well. For example. if you bring Pompompurin Pudding, this will increase their friendship level with you faster. This can be useful, as doing so will unlock the ability to jump higher which is great. All around, Pompompurin is certainly one of the best characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

2. Cinnamoroll

Following up on our last entry, next, we have Cinnamoroll. This absolutely adorable puppy is one of the most elusive members of Hello Kitty Island Adventure. While they do land on the island with you. Players will have to put in quite a bit of work to interact with them. This is due to the fact that they are constantly on the move. And players will have to keep up if they wish to foster a close relationship with them. Doing so is immensely useful for the player, however, as they are able to give players access to certain abilities and items.

That is hardly the only reason to befriend Cinnamoroll, however. They are incredibly useful in terms of unlocking Fast Travel as well. This is great, as constantly having to run back and forth to each end of the island can grow a bit tiresome. For players looking to befriend them, they might want to bring their chocolates and coffee with them, as these are some of Cinnamoroll's favorite items. To close, Cinnamoroll is one of the most recognizable and positively precious characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

1. Kuromi

Rounding out our list of the best Hello Kitty Island Adventure characters, we have Kuromi. Kuromi is a character that players will meet fairly early on in the game. You can see them on the plane in the game's opening. However, to properly interact with them you will have to open a large gate using power sources found around the island. In doing so, you will open up a more jungle-inspired area in which Kuromi will be traversing. After a quick chat, you will be able to befriend Kuromi and learn what can be gained from their friendship.

Much like their birthday and aesthetic will hint at, Kuromi loves horror-inspired spooky things. This makes giving them gifts rather simple, as they typically fall into this one category. Additionally, for players who want an easier way to level up their friendship meter with Kuromi, Pumpkins are a great way to do so. The items that Kuromi gives players access to are absolutely to die for, so it's great that player is able to start befriending them so early. In closing, Kuromi is one of the best Hello Kitty Island Adventure characters.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Characters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure? What are your favorite Hello Kitty Island Adventure characters? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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