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10 Best Anime RPGs Like Chrono Ark



A character in a fiery dress dealing damage to an enemy in anime RPG Chrono Ark.

The world of anime-RPGs brings with it a sense of stylistic flair that few subgenres can match. These games not only are built on solid foundations with fantastic mechanical depth but also are aesthetically brilliant. In addition to this, this subgenre of RPG allows players to explore fictional worlds that are simply begging for players to immerse themselves in. One such title that encapsulates this feeling is Chrono Ark. Without further ado, here are our picks for the 10 Best Anime RPGs Like Chrono Ark.

10. Tales of Arise

TALES OF ARISE - Launch Trailer

For the first entry on today's list of the best anime RPGs like Chrono Ark, we have Tales of Arise. This game brings with it not only the level of polish the Tales franchise is known for but also introduces many new elements for players to enjoy. The world of Dahna is one that is torn asunder by war and political strife. All of these aspects are wrapped up within a stylish take on the JRPG genre. The varied amount of encounters players will have with the game's cast of characters

9. Palworld

Palworld | Game Preview Launch Trailer

Our next title is one that made quite a splash when it was released. Palworld brings the thrill of creature capture games hand-in-hand with a stunning cooperative third-person RPG. For fans of survival titles, this a title to keep your eyes on as well. The amount of progression and growth that players can find throughout Palworld is impressive. The power to create your own adventures is placed solely in the hands of the player. This and more makes Palworld a wonderful title and one of the best anime RPGs like Chrono Ark.

8. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd Opening Trailer

The next entry on our list is Honkai Impact 3rd. This game not only takes an over-the-top approach to its bombastic combat but manages to have a wonderful narrative as well. Players being able to weave attacks in and out of each other makes the game feel incredibly smooth. This, coupled with the vibrancy of the game's world and characters, makes Honkai Impact 3rd a great anime RPG to get into. If you are looking for an anime RPG with narrative depth and stunning combat, Honkai Impact 3rd is a great recommendation.


SCARLET NEXUS – Launch Trailer

The next entry on our list leans quite a bit more into its sci-fi anime inspirations. Here, we have SCARLET NEXUS. The game's narrative takes a unique approach to its storytelling as well. The game comes to us from the minds behind Tales of Vesperia, and the same level of polish is present here. The game's focus on psychic combat also makes it a great title to recommend for action lovers. In addition to this, the game features a stunning art style and soundtrack. All in all, SCARLET NEXUS is one of the best anime RPGs like Chrono Ark available.


Code Vein - Launch Trailer - PS4/XB1/PC

Our next title is one that is not only beloved for its sense of style but also for its phenomenal combat. Here, we have CODE VEIN. If you are looking for a stylish take on RPGs that allows players to play cooperatively, this is a great title to keep in mind. CODE VEIN gives players both the ability to maneuver throughout a branching narrative, but also progress their character in any way they wish. Coupled this with the game's fantastic reward systems, and you have one of the best anime RPGs to date.

5. Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes | Pre-Launch Trailer

Our next entry is one that fans of JRPGs of years past will undoubtedly be familiar with. Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes brings with it a staggering amount of depth. For fans of challenging yet rewarding combat, this game offers this and more. The world of Allraan not only feels vibrant and alive through the game's pixelated art style, but also the weight of its characters. So, if you are looking for one of the best anime RPGs like Chrono Ark, make sure not to overlook this one.

4. Chrono Trigger

CHRONO TRIGGER – Launch Trailer

Our next title hardly needs any introduction. Here, we have Chrono Trigger. For fans of the RPG genre, this is one title that has long since stood the test of time. Beloved for both its unique concepts and stunning artwork and design, Chrono Trigger remains a masterclass in RPG design. The anime-inspired art style is due to the characters being created by the incomparable Akira Toriyama. If you are a fan of in-depth storytelling and classic RPGs, Chrono Trigger is a must-play.


SAND LAND — Launch Trailer

Much like our previous entry, our next title is captured within the instantly recognizable style of manga legend Akira Toriyama. The game follows a character by the name of Beelzebub who has a knack for designing a plethora of vehicles. Players can traverse a world that feels alive, teeming with opportunity as well. Each of the secrets that players uncover in this embraces the game's inherent sense of adventure. All in all, SAND LAND is one of the best anime RPGs to date.

2. GranBlue Fantasy: Relink

Granblue Fantasy: Relink - Second Trailer

Our next entry allows players to work together in a massive world. Here, we have GranBlue Fantasy: Relink. The ability to tackle the game's marvelous expansive quests together as a team feels fantastic. This is especially true when coupled with the game's phenomenal combat animations. For players who wish to slow down the combat, however, the game also features an accessibility option for auto-combat as well. To close, GranBlue Fantasy: Relink is one of the best anime RPGs that players can enjoy.

1. Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal — Finish ‘Em Trailer

Our final entry is one that took the world of anime RPGs by storm. Here, we have Persona 5 Royal. This game not only brings the thrilling and expressive world of Persona to life through its level of depth but also its presentation. The stylized nature of both the game's visuals and gameplay leans heavily into its anime inspiration. In addition to this, the story that is woven throughout is perhaps one of the finest in recent JRPG history. To put it simply, if you are looking for one of the best anime RPGs or one of the best RPGs, period, Persona 5 Royal deserves your attention.

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