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Genshin Impact Event Cancelled And 200 Evacuated After Bomb Threat

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In a startling turn of events, a ‘real-life' Genshin Impact event in South Korea was abruptly canceled after a bomb threat surfaced on social media, forcing the immediate evacuation of 200 attendees.

The video game sensation, Genshin Impact, had ventured into uncharted territory by organizing festivals to cater to its devoted fan base. The venture has been met with resounding success, drawing a massive influx of attendees; however, this overwhelming response has led to issues of overcrowding during the events.

This year, the event organizers opted to expand the event to two different locations to accommodate the large number of attendees. The event, dubbed ‘The 2023 Genshin Impact Summer Festival‘ commenced on July 20 and was to initially run all the way to July 23. However, the summer convention held to celebrate the Genshin Impact 3.8 was brought to an abrupt halt on day three following a bomb threat.

On July 22, the South Korean police received a tip, through Twitter, regarding a bomb threat. Twitter user @PingPingon69 who is currently suspended, claimed a pipe explosive had been planted at the KSPO Dome (Seoul's Olympic Park arena), one of the event venues. The tweet was accompanied by alleged photos of the bomb alongside a caption urging people to look forward. As reported by Globale, a Korean media outlet, the Twitter user cited their anti-Chinese sentiments as the basis for the terrorist attack.


After this tweet was shared, firefighters and the police had to quickly jump into action and evacuate all 200 attendees with the police carrying out an extensive search of the explosive device. The local authorities found no traces of explosives at the indoor venue rendering the threats illegitimate. Investigations to finding the person behind the malicious tweet are still ongoing.

Genshin Impact is yet to officially communicate resumption of the event.

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Cancellation of the festival is not the only scandal rocking Genshin Impact's boat. Earlier on this month, Genshin Impact voice actors claimed they had not received any payment from HoYoverse in months and we're even struggling to make ends meet. However, the misunderstanding was ironed out after it came to light that Studio Formosa, one of the companies that handles the voiceovers, was actually to blame.

The action role-playing game also experienced another scandal back in February when they had to drop a voice actor over allegations surrounding sexual misconduct.

Genshin Impact is currently available on PS4 and 5, Mobile and PC with its release on Nintendo Switch still underway.

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