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5 Things Genshin Impact Need To Improve Before Natlan



Furina and Neuvillette from Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is an industry titan that shows no signs of slowing down. With that being said, there are still some glaring issues with the game. Players have a list of requested features, some of which have made their way into HoYoverse’s other titles already. This has made players hopeful that these features will make their way to Genshin. The list below contains 5 things Genshin Impact needs to improve before Natlan. 

5. Standard Banner Guarantee

Genshin Impact KAHUZA

One of the biggest problems with Genshin Impact is the standard banner. While it’s great for newcomers, mostly because they can’t level up the newer characters, older ones are frustrated. While new characters were added to the banner in Sumeru, there’s still no Geo standard five-star. On top of this, there’s no way to control what characters you receive when pulling on the banner. With a pool of seven different five-star characters plus five-star weapons, your chances of getting someone you want are slim. Many players don’t even have all five of the starter five-stars the banner offered in 1.0.

Players want to see a guaranteed choice added to the banner. This can be similar to the system already in place on the weapon banner. Alternatively, players could even choose a free five-star once they hit a certain pull amount. This would make the banner much more enticing, as right now, it’s a waste of pulls for older players. Honkai Starrail has already made a solution to this problem that could be used in Genshin. This is one of the 5 things that Genshin Impact needs to improve before Natlan.

4. Replaying Story EventsThe Traveler from Genshin Impact standing in front of a valley with a mountain in the background.

While many of the events in Genshin Impact are nonconsequential, each update usually has one large event. These events have stories that flesh out the lore of the world and many popular characters. Additionally, they have event-only weapons that you can’t get any other way. You can’t even buy them with primogems. This has caused many players to miss out on important character lore and weapons that could really help out their characters. Some weapons, like the Festering Desire, are a must for certain characters' best builds.

HoYoverse has mentioned that they are working on giving players access to older events already. With three years of events already done, though, things are only going to get worse in the future. Whether you unlock them with story keys or have to pay for a pass, these events need to come back in some way. They could even do seasonal reruns that newer players could play through at the same time the original event ran. This is one of the 5 things that Genshin Impact needs to fix before Natlan.

3. Artifact Drops

A vibrant mushroom forest in Genshin Impact draped with purples & blues.

Genshin Impact has a problem with relying heavily on RNG. This especially becomes a problem when you are looking at artifacts. Not only will a domain give you every artifact, but the one you need. You also have to constantly level up multiples of the same artifact to get the stats you need. This makes the whole process of artifact farming a drag. Even players who have played daily since day one don’t have many sets of good artifacts, thanks to this system. It would be easier to just pay a higher resin cost to get a guaranteed artifact instead of farming domains.

While this mostly affects the Spiral Abyss, seeing large numbers is part of the fun. With a better artifact system, builds would become much easier. Players may also be willing to invest in more characters as the grind for getting their artifacts won’t be as hard. You could even just exchange some Resin for a stat reroll. No matter how this is done, it’s a must for getting better builds. This is one of the 5 things that Genshin Impact needs to fix before Natlan.

2. Better Cooking

A giant Ruin Guard from Genshin Impact.

Cooking has become a bit of a chore at three years in. What was once a fun mini-game is now a chore for many players. You can only mass-cook one dish at a time if you’ve already perfected it. With so many dishes now, most players haven’t perfected them all. This leads many players to just mass produce older dishes instead of perfecting the new recipes. While the mini-game doesn’t need to disappear, maybe it could be mixed up a bit.

In addition, being able to select multiple perfected dishes to make at once would be nice. This would save players a lot of time when cooking and get them back to exploring faster. Additionally, there could even be a better way of gathering cooking ingredients. This would make weekly dish prep much easier for seasoned players who are tired of gathering Lotus Blossoms. Many systems have gone through an update, and cooking needs a fresh coat of paint. Better cooking is one of the 5 things that Genshin Impact needs to fix before Natlan.

1. New Player Banners

Alhaitham from Genshin Impact.

As every game goes along, balancing between the older players and newer players becomes a challenge. If you start Genshin Impact right now, there are some unique problems. For starters, the event banners are targeted towards newer characters. Players will need to venture across the map to get the items they need. This becomes a real problem if the character is from Inazuma, which is locked until the story's second chapter. Events fall into the same trap, as most of them take place in the newer regions.

While this has improved with Sumeru and Fontaine being open nations, it's still hard on newer players. Genshin could fix this by placing in older events for early players to play through. There could also be a third banner for early players that have Liyue and Mondstadt five-stars. This would give them the chance to get characters they can level well early in their journey. This is the last of the 5 things that Genshin Impact needs to fix before Natlan.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 things that Genshin Impact needs to fix before Natlan? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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