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Genshin Impact: Best Characters for Beginners



Genshin Impact is a massively popular CRPG that has a plethora of characters. Within these characters, there are characters with a multitude of abilities. In addition, some of these characters' abilities are simpler to understand. This makes these types of characters perfect for players who are just starting out in Genshin Impact. While the mechanical skill needed to play the character, as well as their coolness factor, will play into this list, we hope you enjoy Genshin Impact: Best Characters for Beginners.

5. Kaeya

We begin today by starting off our list with a Cryo character that is simple to learn and understand. Kaeya is a character within Gneshin Impact that is simple enough to understand from a mechanical standpoint for beginners. This is due to the fact that his kit is relatively easy and involves the player using their Elemental Skills in order to freeze their enemies. Now, once frozen, players can affect their enemies with a number of reactions. This ease of use makes Kaeya a wonderful pick for beginner players.

Added to this is the fact that his Elemental Burst is also relatively to understand yet really powerful, and you have a winning combination. Firstly, this allows players to make better use of their movement against enemies, as it doe Cryo damage in an AoE around Kaeya. This can be extremely helpful when facing a multitude of enemies and you want to inflict damage on all of them. All in all, Kaeya is a solid choice for many different players starting off in Genshin Impact, as he can be slotted into a number of different team compositions.

4. Sucrose

Next on our list, we have a character that is obsessed with everything alchemical. Sucrose is a charming yet shy alchemist who is under the turning of one of the best alchemists in the game, Albedo. She is an Anemo catalyst user, which allows her to group enemies and cause Anemo reactions. This is a great way to use Sucrose, as both her here Elemental Skill and her Elemental Burst go a long way in grouping enemies up. This makes her a great pull for anyone who wishes to deal a ton of reaction damage through the Swirl reaction.

Much like other entries on this list, Sucrose can be slotted into a number of team compositions and work really well. She is also able to boose the power of Elemental Reactions, which is fantastic. She is also great from a crafting standpoint, as she gives players a chance to receive extra crafted materials. This goes a long way in getting materials needed for characters, especially early on. In conclusion, Sucrose is a fantastic choice and one of the best characters for beginner players in Genshin Impact.

3. Barbara

For our next entry, we have Barbara. Now Barbara is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact. However, that isn't to say she can't dish out the damage as well. The ability to use both her Elemental Skill and her Elemental Burst in order not only to heal but damage the enemy is absolutely tremendous. For those who are unaware, Barbaara is able to surround herself with water and inflict Hydro on enemies. This can be coupled with a multitude of characters, whether they be Electro characters or even Dendro characters.

Barbara's ease of use is a fantastic element of her as a character. Players are able to instantly understand how to use her, as she heals while attacking with her Elemental Skill up. This is great and allows for players to rejuvenate their other characters quickly. This is where her Elemental Burst comes in. Barbara is able to use this ability to heal allies, even if they are off-field quickly. Again, this is great as it allows you to rejuvenate your team without placing yourself in danger.

2. Bennett

Next, we have a character in Genshin Impact that is simply fantastic for beginner players. Bennett is a character that is so sought-after by players because of his ability to buff his allies. Again, this is great, not only for beginner players but players who simply want to do that little bit more damage when facing opponents. Added to this wonderful utility is the fact that Bennett is an easy character to build. For those unaware, players will have to build Artifacts in order to ensure their characters are performing optimally.

Players can greatly benefit from prioritizing Bennett's Energy Recharge, as doing so will allow you to use his Elemental Burst more often. Now, his Elemental Burst is simply phenomenal and can allow you to heal up to seventy percent of your other characters' health. Now this is absolutely astronomical and allows players to get out of tricky situations, as well as provides fantastic utility. Added to this, this ability does a significant amount of Pyro damage as well. This makes it an excellent ability for large crowds. To close, Bennett is a fantastic support character. Players, especially beginners, can definitely benefit from having him on their roster.

1. NahidaSumeru Characters

For our last entry, we have one of the best characters in Genshin Impact. The amount of damage that players can pump out with Nahida is mindblowing. Furthermore, thanks to her Elemental Skill, which allows the player to group together a bunch of enemies, making them share health Nahida is devastating. Known as All Schemes to Know, this ability allows for players to deal immense Denrdro damage to opponents. This can be coupled with other forms of damage in order to create reactions as well.

This ease-of-use ability is really easy to understand and allows Nahida to deal devastating damage. Players then can use her Elemental Burst. In addition, In addition, Nahida's Elemental Burst will enable her to receive a number of effects based on the player's party composition. For example, if players have at least two Hydro characters in their party, then the duration of this ability is increased. This can truly help beginner players out in a pinch. So for these reasons, we believe that Nahida is one of the best Genshin Impact characters for beginners to obtain and learn.

So, what's your take on Genshin Impact: Best Characters for Beginners? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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