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5 Best Support Characters in Genshin Impact



Genshin Impact sends you into a fantasy world full of colorful characters that are all teaming with life. The world is yours to explore with a large cast of characters that you can get from doing pulls. Some characters are easier to get than others, as characters like Kokomi are only obtainable during short windows of time. If you are looking to make a strong team and have limited funds, then picking out characters can be difficult. This is especially true when picking out support characters. While DPS vision users may hit hard, without good support your team will be left dead in the water.

This is even more true if you enjoy taking on the unforgiving Spiral Abyss. The list below contains the current top five support characters in the game. These five are the easiest to slot into teams and offer a good range of abilities to help your team.


5. Bennett

Bennett is arguably the best support character in the game, depending on your team comp. He is a Pyro sword user who can buff and heal your team at the same time. This has landed him a place on most powerful comps, including the National Team. The only time Bennett isn't useful is in some cases where his C6 has been unlocked by the player. Otherwise, a properly equipped Bennett is completely devastating to any enemies he encounters. Many players are even able to make him a better heater than characters like Barbara. This is due to special builds that help set Bennett up as a great support.

Outside of battle, Bennett is a cheerful but unlucky adventurer. He was raised by the men at the Adventurer's Guild and seems to get along well with Razor and Fischl. He was available from the official launch of Genshin Impact. This makes him an easy player to get for free-to-play players as he has appeared on several banners and can be picked up from the standard banner. There are even a ton of four-star weapons that will work great when paired with him.


4. Kokomi

Kokomi had a rough time when she first launched. In fact, it wasn't until her artifact set was released that she became a viable healer. The Kokomi of today is used in many team comps as she can both heal and apply Hydro. Kokomi can summon a jellyfish with her elemental skill that pulses Hydro damage while healing at the same time. Her elemental burst powers up her catalyst attacks and heals her team. This coupled with the Ocean-Hued Clam set, helps Kokomi to support a well-built team and provide Hydro-based reactions.

Outside of battle, she plays a major role in the Inazuma storyline as the head of the resistance. She is a master of war strategies and a huge sign of hope for the people of Watatsumi Island. Kokomi also features the most ethereal character design in the game, with her appearance being mermaid-like. She even has the ability to walk on water when using her elemental burst.


3. Zhongli

The archons in Genshin Impact are some of the best characters you can pull. Zhongli is especially useful due to how powerful his shield is. His elemental skill can be held to summon a pillar that pulsates Geo damage and a shield that protects your team. Zhongli's shield is the best in the game, and when he's built right, using him will protect you from a good portion of damage. His burst is also useful as it is a quick hit of AoE Geo damage. When it strikes the ground, the enemies around him are even turned into statues for a short amount of time. This is the perfect opening for switching to another character.

Outside of battle, Zhongli is the Geo archon who watches over Liyue. He goes by many names but has now settled with Zhongli and plans to spend time among the mortals. He is the oldest archon still alive and has connections to several key events throughout Liyue's history. Despite his retirement, Zhongli is still working to take care of problems that pop up behind the scenes.


2. Kazuha

Kazuha took the Genshin Impact world by storm when he turned out to be the best Anemo support in the game. He is able to suck enemies up with his elemental skill and pull them into one spot. He can then slam back down onto the ground, easily dealing swirl damage. His elemental burst creates a huge AoE circle that pulsates damage based on the infused element. This, paired with his ability to pull enemies into the circle, makes him effective for crowd control. His damage is also high, thanks to the swirl reactions he is able to cause, and when played in co-op, he is absolutely devasting to enemies.

Kazuha spends some of the game as a fugitive from Inazuma's Vison Hunt Decree. He was saved by Beidou and spends a good portion of his time in Liyue. He's a wandering samurai and a poet who wants to see the world. Despite his strained relationship with his home country, he still cares deeply for Inazuma. During the end of the arc, he even makes it a point to help the Traveler fight Raiden Shogun.


1. Xingqui

Xingqui is another character that was available since the game launcher. He is a Hydro sword user who can cause off-filed elemental application. This is thanks to his ability to summon Hydro swords that attack enemies alongside the on-field character. While this may not seem as incredible as some of the other supports on the list, it allows for high damage Hydro reactions. Best of all, he's a four-star character and has been given away for free multiple times.

Xingqiu is also a famous book writer and comes from an affluent family. He is well-versed in both business and martial arts. Despite his age, he proves to be a great help the to Traveler on multiple occasions. He is also close with Chongyun, his best friend, that he tends to pick on whenever possible.


So, what’s your take on DPS characters in Genshin Impact? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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