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Genshin Impact Wins Players Voice Award at The 2022 Game Awards



The Players Voice Award seeks to give the players more of a say regarding The Game Awards. The massively popular CRPG has garnered much praise for its vast amount of content and the depth of its world. If you aren't familiar with the game, players play as The Traveler and go throughout the world of Teyvat, encountering some of the best-written storylines we have seen in quite some time.  This year, the game took players to the new region of Sumeru and introduced the Dendro element, which changed the core gameplay of teams. This, coupled with other additions like a new TCG game, helps Genshin to stay popular.

Genshin Impact Wins The Heart of Players

Earlier this week Genshin Impact was in a tight race against Sonic for the Players Choice Game of The Year. Genshin triumphed and took the 2023 title, although it was only nominated in other categories without winning. Clearly, Genshin Impact is still a popular franchise, and it looks to only grow in player base and quality in the future. Earlier in the night, HoYoverse even debuted a look at a new character named YaoYao.

Genshin Impact just launched version 3.3, which introduced the long-awaited character Scaramouche to the fray. In addition, a new permanent feature Genius Invokation TCG was released. This is the third year in a row that Genshin Impact has taken home an award from the Game Awards. The past two years, it has claimed the title of best mobile game but lost this year to Marvel Snap.

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