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Genshin Impact’s YaoYao Officially Shown Off at The Game Awards

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Genshin Impact is a huge game, so it's not surprising that it's recognized on a global scale. Traditionally, announcements are only made during the games live streams, but tonight was an exception. During a trailer that was worked into what seemed to be an ad segment for the 2022 Game Awards, we have seen a character that had long since seemingly been forgotten by the game. This surprised many players around the world, and there is a lot to learn from the short clip that was shown.

YaoYao Comes Home

YaoYao was first shown off in an older bit of Genshin Impact artwork. Since then, the character has gone quiet. She was one of the first characters revealed to have a Dendro vision, making her release a confusing one. Now that Sumeru and the Dendro element are officially in the game, though, HoYoverse has decided to revisit her. The short clip showed YaoYao at what appeared to be the game's Lantern Rite festival, heavily hinting that we will be seeing YaoYao debut in the next update.

YaoYao is said to be a four-star Dendro catalyst user, and if trends keep up, she will be available for free during the 2023 Lantern Rite Festival. Drip marketing for version 3.4 will be available in a few days to reveal whether or not YaoYae will be making her official in-game debut.

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