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Horizon Call of The Mountain Gets New Trailer at Game Awards 2022



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Horizon Call of the Mountain is an upcoming VR experience based in the Horizon universe. This sees players playing as Aloy and hunting down various robotic monsters. This hopes to put players even closer to the action than ever before. Through the power of VR technology, the fights of the game will appear more visceral than ever. Players that have been looking forward to the newest release from Guerilla Games will be glad to know that this keeps the same level of quality as the mainline games.

 A New Trailer Debuts

A new trailer debuted at the Game Awards 2022 showing off new locations in the game. This included a large machine bird that was looming over a snowy mountain. This game is an entirely VR experience, and it will be working with the PSVR2. The game is confirmed to be launching on Febuary 22, 2023. It will only be available on the PlayStation 5, and won't be a full game like Horizon Forbidden West.

Players shall note that this game won't revolve around Aloy. You will be playing an entirely new character for this adventure. You will also be visiting new locations as the game is supposed to push the boundaries of what current-gen hardware can do.

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