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Stray Wins Best Debut Indie at The Game Awards 2022

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Stray has received the Best Debut Indie award at The Game Awards 2022.

Video games and cats go together like coffee and cream. Seriously, our long night's button-mashing and yelling at our screens wouldn't be complete without our furry companions curled up next to us. That's why it's only fitting Stray won Best Debut Indie at The Game Awards 2022.

To many people's surprise, Stray is in fact an indie game, that was developed by BlueTwelveStudio. Stray went up against Tunic, Norco, Vampire Survivors, and Neon White – All honorable nominees for the Debut Indie Award. However, with Stray purring its way so close to our hearts with its original idea, it's only fitting the game won. Evidently, if it didn't fans and their cats most likely would have rioted.

Now, all we can hope for is Stray 2. And considering the original game just won Best Debut Indie at the Game Awards 2022, it only seems fitting they shoot for more awards next year with a sequel. However, only time will tell.

STRAY | Launch Trailer

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